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Last of the 'Glühwein'

Posted by Mervi on February 21, 2018 at 5:30 AM

Dear friends! We can soon wave goodbye to Old Man Winter although some of us never met him. Let's enjoy the last of the 'Glühwein' before we want cold drinks! :D


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Reply Annemarie Berta
1:27 PM on March 26, 2018 
Dumba: Gruesse von 'Freiherrin' Annemarie! Das Rentner-Dasein hat seine Vor- und Nachteile, natuerlich mehr Vorteile. Ich mache unter den gegebenen Umstaenden das Beste draus.

TBM und Knutilda: Gute Besserung fuer Eure Muetter.

Yeo: Dein Weisheitszahn ist jetzt raus, gut dass Du mit dem Zahn-Daktari zufrieden warst. Und auf diese fehlende 'Weisheit' kann man gut verzichten.

Britta-Gudrun: Hast Du Dich heute ein wenig geschont? Ich bin zurzeit leicht fruehjahrsmuede, auch ohne viel Hausarbeit etc.

Onkel Sergej hat mir einen Eierlikoer serviert. Den trinke ich auch sehr gern.
Reply Chris
1:23 PM on March 26, 2018 

Ich hatte eine Eingebung und bin abends nochmal zum Main gefahren.
Der Trip wurde belohnt - ich sah zwei Rotmilane, die ersten in diesem Jahr. :)
Die eleganten Raubvögel sind leider sehr selten geworden - ein Glücksmoment !

MERVI - how about an evening drink - has Uncle Sergej a special offer for us ? :)
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:05 PM on March 26, 2018 
Dumba, vielen Dank fuer die beiden Katzengeschichten zur Preisverleihung.
Man kann Hundefreund u n d Katzenfreund sein. Beide haben ganz spezielle Verhaltensweisen, die unvergleichbar sind und deshalb einzigartig fuer die jeweilige Spezies. Nur Leute, die ihre Katzen baden (es sei denn aus medizinischer Notwendigkeit) sind mir suspekt.
Ja, das Fotos ist großartig.

Chris, das sind zwei schoene Videos von Antonia und Kap.
Reply Dumba
12:57 PM on March 26, 2018 
If it can be seen HERE:
Isn't that super-cute and a real masterpiece of photograph!

WONDER whether you will be able to see those images here . . .
Reply knuti-judi
12:19 PM on March 26, 2018 
Hallo, dears...

☀️Monday here....

I am sorry to hear about your
mother. I'm sending soft hugs
to all...

Welcome back!

Hugs all around...🌻
Reply Chris
11:01 AM on March 26, 2018 

RALPH - here is a present for you:
https://tinyurl.com/y83hxgrg :)
Manuela visited ANTONIA !
Ich freue mich immer, die
kleine Bärin zu sehen. :)

And you are right about the trains
in Munich - they are a catastrophe.
There was a long article in SZ about
the problems with the S-Bahn in M. :roll:
Reply Chris
10:57 AM on March 26, 2018 
NIKA und KAP machen einen sehr relaxten Eindruck
Reply Chris
10:57 AM on March 26, 2018 
We were lucky. :)
After shopping the sun came out.
So a one hour trip to the boat house
was on the schedule. Now the clouds
are back, but baby bear don´t care. :)

MERVI - the shopping went smoothly.
I hope, its the same tomorrow ! :)

Reply Dumba
10:15 AM on March 26, 2018 
Here's a little story for you:

[ additional: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elwBFxegISg ]

Reply Mervi
10:01 AM on March 26, 2018 
Yeo - The dentists always seem nicer after the visit! :D

Chris - We plan to do our shopping tomorrow to avoid the crowds on Wednesday and Thursday. I hope noboby else have the same idea!! :D The cheetah kittens are very cute.

Britta-Gudrun - Mimmi is a very round prima ballerina but she doesn't care - she keeps dancing. :D

Ralph - I wish it would be as easy to go everywhere as it is for us to visit Berlin or Rostock! Even Orsa is quite easy. It's a long way to drive but we don't have to use buses, trains or taxis. And we don't have to care about the luggage.
Reply ralph
9:40 AM on March 26, 2018 
The problem with the Munich S Bahn is that it is slow and crowded, much like the one to Heathrow on the Piccadilly line. After the journey I made last year I said I would only
go to Munich again by train.
I intended to to do that this year but with the limits of time I have chosen Gelsenkirchen instead to follow on from my April Berlin visit. I might even risk an overnight bus like the one I am taking to Scotland in May. Though coach travel in Germany has safety issues.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:07 AM on March 26, 2018 
Yeo, ich wuensche schnelle Heilung und wenn du Nichtraucherin bist, gibt es eh kaum Probleme nach einer Extraktion.

TBM, ich denke viel an dich.

Mervi, viele Gruesse an Miss Pavlova von dem Traumtaenzer Django und den Preis von Dumba teilen wir redlich.
Reply Chris
7:54 AM on March 26, 2018 
:) Ich lass euch noch
zwei HEARTMELTER da :)
Reply Chris
7:50 AM on March 26, 2018 

LUDMILA - bei uns ist es grau aber trocken.
Es soll wohl Mitte der Woche sehr schlechtes
Wetter geben mit Regen, Sturm und Kälte. :roll:

Ich werde heute und morgen meine Ostereinkäufe
tätigen, dann hat die Seele ruh. Donnerstag und
Samstag ist es sicher voll. ;)

MERVI - I´ll check KWM after my shopping tour .

DAVE and RALPH - good, to have you back! :)

YEO - du hattest Glück. :)
Reply Yeo
7:41 AM on March 26, 2018 
Hallo, ich bin wieder da und der Weisheitszahn ist raus. Wenn nicht noch etwas nach kommt, kann ich sagen, der Zahnarzt ist einfach großartig. :D
Reply Ludmila
7:32 AM on March 26, 2018 
Hello friends at coffee time!
Nice to read that you had a good journey.
The airport in Munich is away from the city, but it is easy accessible with S-Bahn.
Wir haben einen sonnigen Tag :)
It is always interesting how easy the cats jump :)
Reply Mervi
5:37 AM on March 26, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - I have surprised the whole family by doing some 'Frühjarhputz'. Well, in my case it means very light cleaning of the flat but I'm still very proud of myself! :D

Chris - I'm keeping my fingers crossed both for the foxes and the lynx.

Ludmila - Mimmi is very agile despite of her handicap. When she has visited the litter box she comes running and jumps on the easy chair very gracefully. It almost looks like she was dancing. That's why we sometimes call her Miss Pavlova. :D

Knutilda - I wish your mother a speedy recovery! Please, forward my best greetings to her. I met your parents a couple of times in Berlin.

Dave - I can understand you're tired after all that work. I hope you can soon lean back with a glass of ice cold Knutsteiner and just relax. - There are many lovely animals in the Toronto Zoo even after the panda's departure. The black-and-white giants usually are just a 'loan'.

Dumba - My wild guess is that it was Annemarie's last working day .....

Britta-Gudrun - Hmm, I noticed you thought the same. I'm sure we will get glorious prizes! :D

Yeo - Have a pleasant vacation! I hope your 'session' with the dentist went smoothly so you can start enjoying the free days.

Ralph - Welcome back! I saw you've already been busy commenting in KWM. :D - Hurray for Tegel! I can only agree! The Franz Josef Airport is very far away from the center of Munich. When we visited Munich we had a very early flight back home so we had to take a taxi and it wasn't cheap.

MoniK has visited FLOCKE AND RASPI in Antibes and you can read and see her report now in KWM. Oh bear, those Spring feelings can be exhausting .....

I wish everybody a good start of this Easter week!
Reply ralph
5:15 AM on March 26, 2018 
It is good to be back in the Library after a very pleasant week with friends.
I am now planning my next trip to Berlin in April to see Kati. I am hoping to come home via Gelsenkirchen, but there is no news yet on the cub coming out. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to go back to Munich as well. I am already making too many trips and Munich is quite awkward to get to as the airport is so far out of town. Thank goodness for Tegel!
Reply Yeo
5:00 AM on March 26, 2018 
Hello dear all!

Today is my first vacation-day.
And I'm sitting hete and wait for my date with the dentist.
Please, keep cross the Fingers...

I wish you all a good start in the new week.
Reply Dumba
4:32 AM on March 26, 2018 
Dank fuer den 'Herkules' an LUDMILA. Bezueglich Beantwortung der Frage von BRITTA-GUDRUN, muss ich mir noch was Sinnvolles ueberlegen ;) Bei Dir gehe ich davon aus, dass Du richtig 'liegst' :)

GREY showed to be the color of the day . . . :(