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Die Knuipe

Last of the 'Glühwein'

Posted by Mervi on February 21, 2018 at 5:30 AM

Dear friends! We can soon wave goodbye to Old Man Winter although some of us never met him. Let's enjoy the last of the 'Glühwein' before we want cold drinks! :D


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Reply Chris
7:33 AM on February 23, 2018 
Katerchen ist müde ;)
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:29 AM on February 23, 2018 
Guten Tag!

Mervi, wer haette das gedacht, dass wir uns noch im Februar ueber den Weihnachtsgluehwein freuen. Danke fuer den neuen Thread und das zauberhafte Foto mit Knut.
Das sind tolle Nachrichten aus Gelsenkirchen und alle Daumen sind weiterhin gedrueckt fuer Mutter und Kind.Hoffentlich klaeren sich die Zugangsprobleme an der Kneipentuer bald.
Reply Mervi
6:01 AM on February 23, 2018 
Dumba - I had a lovely walk with you in the CCC. It was nice to meet so many birds and lovely doggies. :D

Patricia - Uncle Sergej has lots of Glühwein for us. He knows we're bound to freeze because we haven't got warm fur like he does. Well, the warm fur doesn't prevent him from enjoying warm toddies. :D

Ralph - There's no hurry - take your time!

Ludmila - We're also having a rather chilly day but it was great to breath in really fresh air during our walk.

I don't know why some of you have such difficulties writing and posting here. I guess the reason is the upgrading the gurus made some time ago. I had to 'fight' to publish this thread.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
5:28 AM on February 23, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Drei Tage habe ich hier zu Hause mit Serverfamilie gestreit.
Bis später, nun zum Mammuttshopping.
Reply Chris
3:33 AM on February 23, 2018 
Ja, ich habe neulich einen Film :)
über die Luchse im Harz gesehen.
Sehr erfreulich!

MERVI - I am very curious about the ´
concert at the river - a grear prize! :D

Die Spannung steigt - nachher ist das
Halbfinale - ich erwarte gar nichts und
bin dann nicht enttäuscht. Die Jungs
haben jetzt schon Großes erreicht! :)

ANNEMARIE wrote me a mail.
I hope, we can find a solution
for her and SARSAM. Es ist
sehr merkwürdig mit ihrer
Blockade in der Knuipe.?
Reply Dumba
3:13 AM on February 23, 2018 
Sweet collage! - tis may be how the next days will look like in our area!?
Good Luck with new thread and THANKS

Today: sun and fresh air!
Reply Ludmila
3:12 AM on February 23, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Thank you for the new thread. The picture is fitting my feelings :)
We have the same weather. Our cats want out because they see the sun, then they feehl the cold air and run inside :)
Es gibt wieder Luchse auch im Harz
Reply Mervi
2:43 AM on February 23, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - time to enjoy the last Winter days which will be rather cold - at least in many parts of Europe.

Chris - Congratulations for being number one, two and three on this thread! :D I've made an agreement with the birds by the river so next time you visit them they will sing a Winner's Song for you! Isn't that a great prize!! - I knew Eisbären Berlin has a Finnish goalie - Petri Vehanen and now I know there's a Finn trying to keep the Frankfurt team's goal empty! :D

I'll write more after our morning walk. In KWM you'll find news of Lara and her cubbie! I wish everybody a pleasant Friday!
Reply patricia roberts
2:42 AM on February 23, 2018 
Good morning Dear All, from a sunny but very cold Brussels (and the same for Leuven).
Mervi, make sure that there is some glühwein available for the coming week. We are awaiting the arrival of the polar vortex and according to the weather forecasts, this means: freezing days and nights. Winter is not over yet.
Reply Mervi
2:38 AM on February 23, 2018 


For the Eurovision Song Contest FANs!

See last 12 pics in the following link (TV: German competition for
'Unser Lied fuer LISABON' - Winner is: MIACHAEL SCHULTE
I personally like his song.- CONGRATULATIONS! (but also the other songs were quite good as to my taste)

You can see some links - e.g. for the lyrics of the winning song "YOU LET ME WALK ALONE": in the comment section of some of the 12 pics:




MERVI - aber im Sommer haben wir ja die Fußball WM (obwohl ich noch gar nicht weiß, ob ich dann schaue). Man sollte Russland eigentlich boykottieren. Ich hoffe ja immer noch, dass sie Quatar absagen..... Nicht zu vergessen, auch die Eishockey WM
kommt noch (wenn hier schon Sommer ist).

Es ist sehr merkwürdig mit der Server Family. Ich kam ja letzte Woche auch mal nicht rein. Es scheint sehr davon abzuhängen, welches Betriebssystem und/oder welchen Browser der Einzelne benutzt ! ?



Mervi I will not see any e mails till Saturday morning. Hope that is okay. I will be able to take any action then.
Reply Chris
9:34 PM on February 22, 2018 
MERVI - ich wollte dir mal unseren finnischen Goalie zeigen :)
Reply Chris
9:15 PM on February 22, 2018 
Das Foto ist zwar schon von
Oktober - aber es freut mich.
Ich war in der Gegend mal
wandern: es ist das Hafen -
lohrtal bei Lohr am Main. :)
Reply Chris
5:26 PM on February 22, 2018 
MERVI - its funny, that now,
where we´ve thought, the
winter is over, the coldest
days arrive in our region.

Thank you for the new thread!
The collage with Knut and the
little "Schneemann" is lovely !
I like the frozen willow trees.