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Die Knuipe

10 years is a respectable age for a blog!

Posted by Mervi on January 24, 2018 at 11:55 AM

Dear friends! So much has happened on the stage of the Knutitours during it's existance. Ten years is a long time although sometimes I feel it was only yesterday the journey started. It's time to remember .... and it's time to look forward!

Memories from the Knuipe

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Chris
7:47 AM on January 25, 2018 
MERVI - maybe you can make a copy from Facebook, because many of us are not there.
Vielleicht haben wir Glück und es gibt später noch ein Foto oder ein kurzes Video !? :D
Reply Mervi
7:44 AM on January 25, 2018 
Chris - It really is a relief to know Hope has arrived safely. The weather conditions have been rather bad in Dalarna lately. According to a short notice in FB Hope is already happily playing in the snow. :D
Reply Chris
7:34 AM on January 25, 2018 

I am reliefed, that Hope has arrived safely in Orsa Grönklitt ! :)
Flocke also will be happy, if she hear, that her daughter is in
snowland now - she has enough time to see the white stuff.
and make experiences, you can´t have in an ice grotto ! :D

We have the pouring rain today, its warm but wet. :roll:
How good, that I´ve made my excursion yesterday.

I heard they have problems at the Danube too. :roll:
All the water from the alps comes down the little
rivers - rain plus melting snow in the mountains
is not the best combination. :roll:

Lets have a tea together! :)
Reply Mervi
7:17 AM on January 25, 2018 
I just received a short message from Orsa: HOPE HAS ARRIVED SAFELY! She's now exploring her new home - or at least a part of it. I hope I can tell you more soon.

Dumba - Thank you for the champagne! It's after noon now so I guess I can have a sip. :D I'm glad to hear you like the small cover photo in KWM!
Reply Dumba
6:24 AM on January 25, 2018 
You are so right, dear MERVI: that's indeed a respectable age for a
one-women-ran blog! CONGRATULATIONS!

When I entered through the backdoor - as usually when signing in -
I saw the lovely new 'KWM'-cover-pic of KNUTi.
You did make a wonderful 'find' again.
The photo and Collage is most lovely! . . .

I didn't read/watch anything more so far . . .
First I wanted to congratulate, to bring a virtual biiiiig KNUTi-style-hug to
EVERYONE active or just in the background, loud or more silent etc.,
and to add a virtual good early-in-the-day-sip of Champagne:

CHERS, DEARs! . . .

ENJOY 'KNUTITOURS! - ENJOY your personal a n d OUR day !
Reply Mervi
5:19 AM on January 25, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - today I have all the reason to thank you for having been and being there to inspire me and everybody else in our Knuipe. Your spirit keeps us going year after year after year ....

Dear friends! I can only say 'Oh, bear' today. :D Knutitours has been going 10 years! The journey has been filled with all possible happenings and feelings. It's really fantastic we can share all the memories. Trying to explain the 'Knut phenomena' to an 'outsider' is simply a mission impossible! I tried to present the Knuipe in KWM but I guess only the regular visitors understand what I was talking about. :D

Teddybärenmutti - Congratulations for being number one on this special thread! It was very suitable because you've been an excellent story teller during the years. We had so much fun making the stories together, too. Unfortunately our romantic plans didn't always match with the reality. :D - Your glorious prize is cook book with a pink cover. Flocke has made it especially for you and it only contains recipes without fat, butter and other ingredients that you can't have in your meals. Isn't that great!! :D

Dumba, Patricia, Ludmila, Ralph - Thank you so much for your excellent contributions to the KWM anniversary special. I love to read about your memories over and over again!

Chris - Thank you for your memories in the comment field in KWM! Very much appreciated!

Britta-Gudrun - The story of Tweetie is one of the most touching and beautiful stories in KWM so, of course, I wanted to mention it.

Thank you all for your kind wishes and encouriging comments! Uncle Sergej and Madame Nini are very busy preparing drinks and snacks for the big party tonight. The Tyrolean Mighty Bears Orchestra and our choir 'Ortopädische Strümpfe' are rehearsing ..... Please, remember, the cotton wool for your ears is as usual in the blue cupboard. :D

I wish everybody a very pleasant TDT that this time also is the anniversary day of Knutitours!
Reply patricia roberts
5:14 AM on January 25, 2018 
PSSSST; Ralph, lolifantje = little elephant.
Reply ralph
4:58 AM on January 25, 2018 
Dear Mervi and Vesa
I have just been reading the special edition on KWM and will begin saving the January Knuipe and KWM threads already.
January can be a very dark month, so it is especially important to have the Knuipe as a place to come to.
I know that the task of keeping all this going is a very demanding one. I can only hope that the new generation of Polar Bears, notably Sisu, Qintana and Hope will encourage you to keep travelling on the road for us.
Reply Ludmila
2:20 AM on January 25, 2018 
Dear Mervi!
Congratulation to 10 Years Knutitours and KWM!
Thank you for this nice place!

Tonight I thought on our trip to Nuremberg. It was a great day.
Reply patricia roberts
11:39 PM on January 24, 2018 
Dear Mervi, Congratulations with 10 YEARS Knutitours, The Knuipe and KWM.
Reply Chris
11:02 PM on January 24, 2018 

Ich kann mich Britta nur anschließen,
eine längere Würdigung findest Du
unter deinem Lead-Artikel in KWM.
Wir werden sicher noch Zeit haben,
das im Laufe des Tages gebührend
zu begießen! :D

P.S: das Knut-Bild mit den Vögelchen
in der rechten oberen Ecke von KWM
ist ganz entzückend ! :)

Natürlich ist das Trio auf dem roten
Platz auch der Knaller ! ;)

Danke für deine Geduld mit uns
verrückter Bande in all den Jahren!
Auch wenn es manchmal knirscht
im Getriebe - verglichen mit anderen
Plattformen ist Knutitours ein sehr
friedlicher und entspannter Platz.
So soll es bleiben...
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:00 PM on January 24, 2018 
Liebe Mervi,

meinen aller-,allerherzlichsten Glueckwunsch zu deinem 10-jaehrigen Blog-Jubilaeum in Knutitours und Knuti Weekly Magazine!
Obwohl ich erst im August 2014 als letzte neue Leserin hinzugekommen bin und manche Geschichten und vielfaeltige Themen der vielen Jahre davor gar nicht alle kenne, moechte ich mich den Worten von Patricia anschließen, die es in ihrer Laudatio in KWM so treffend formuliert hat.....Show me another blog where such result was ever achieved!!!!
Du kannst mit Stolz auf dieses Jahrzehnt zurueckblicken, in dem es dir gelungen ist, aus einem anfaenglichen Hype um den niedlichen Knut eine wundervolle Gemeinschaft zusammenzuhalten, langjaehrige Freundschaften gebildet und vor allen Dingen erhalten zu haben!.
Dass ich mit Tweetie sogar in deine Chronik eingegangen bin, ruehrt mich ganz besonders. Auch hier moechte ich mich fuer die liebevollen Jubilaeums Beitraege im KWM von Dumba, Ludmila, Patricia und Ralph ganz herzlich bedanken!
Herzliche Gruesse und vielen Dank - und ja, ohne deine Knuipe und KMW wuerde mir etwas fehlen, und deshalb hoffe ich, dass wir hier noch lange zusammenbleiben koennen !!!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
6:52 PM on January 24, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Dein Blog ist 10 jahre alt. Lebe noch 100 Jahre!


Onkel Sergej ist fertig mit Sekt.