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Welcome, colourful August! It's harvest time!

Posted by Mervi on August 2, 2017 at 12:20 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut & TD by Barbara

Dear friends! Although August is a Summer month we can soon see signs of the approaching Autumn. Now the berries are ripe to be picked and the fruit trees offer us goodies filled with vitamines. Even the moon looks special in August!

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Reply Teddybärenmutti
8:48 AM on August 4, 2017 
How terrible in Orsa.
Poor keeper´s family and the stuff in Orsa.
Reply Dumba
8:18 AM on August 4, 2017 
MERVI - Oh, no - I only read now the information about the
tragic occurrances in ORSA. So sorry. My condolences to
the family of the keeper, and also to EVERYBODY in ORSA,
including all the bear lovers worldwide . . .
Reply Dumba
8:13 AM on August 4, 2017 

Even though it's only the 4th of the month,
there are already a lot of potpourri-pics for
AUGUST, inclusive of Vegetable Soup for
teethless tigers, Plum-Cake for 'Kaffeeklatsch-
Liebhaber', blue skies and summer maddows
for the summer-addicts, and signs of autumn
for the autumn-lovers . . . and 'Hotel BERLIN, BERLIN'
for TBM and TBV, and a lovely dog - of course!:


I personally am a special autumn-lover but I would
love summer near to equally, did I not have so many
health difficulties in the hot period of the year . . .

Hope you will spend a pleasant afternoon in
anticipation of the weekend (which is said to be
rather chilly in the CCC (? ? ?) )
Reply Mervi
8:12 AM on August 4, 2017 
Unfortunately the young keeper died. How the bear managed to get into the enclosure is not clear. I have only read news in the papers and as we know they're not Always so reliable. There will be a press conference during the afternoon. The park is closed while the investigation of how the accident could happen is going on.
Reply Ludmila
7:38 AM on August 4, 2017 
Hello friends at coffee time!
It is tragic. I keep my fingers cross for the keeper.
Surely, poor bear.
In diesem Jahr haben wir keine Äpfel und keine Birnen. Kein Geruch nach den reifen Obst.
In diesem Jahr ist bei uns alles grün.Meistens im August ist Rasen teilweise braun und von der Sonne verbrannt. In diesem Jahr müssen wir jede Woche den Rasen mähen.
I wish you a nice day in the garden.
Reply Chris
7:28 AM on August 4, 2017 
MERVI - I wonder, that it is possible to dig under the fence.
Normaly the fence has to be protected with a fundament. :roll:
Poor bear.
Reply Mervi
7:06 AM on August 4, 2017 
I just read that there's been a tragic accident in Orsa. A brown bear had managed to dig it's way under the hence and attacked a keeper who was cleaning the enclosure. The keeper is seriously injured and the bear had to be shot. Let's hope the keeper will make it!

Chris - Thank you for the happy news from Hagenbeck! The tiger babies are adorable!
Reply Chris
7:05 AM on August 4, 2017 
noch mehr Tiger
hübsche Fotoserie :)
Reply Chris
5:44 AM on August 4, 2017 
Reply Mervi
5:42 AM on August 4, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - the previous thread reached the 'goal' 1000 comments but, of course, it took several weeks. Let's see how this one will be! I also hope for more activity in KWM!

Annemarie - Congratulations! You're the first in the Knuipe history to be both number 1000 and number one! Nalle will send you a king size jar of cloudberry jam and also a big bottle of cloudberry liquer which is very yammy to a cup of strong Herkules.

Dumba - All the Summer lovers can't understand my enthusiasm about the Fall but baby bear don't care! :D

Chris - August is a very interesting month with one foot in the Summer and the other in the Autumn. A nice mix. - You've been busy already!

Yeo - I wish you a very pleasant weekend! - Thank you for the lovely card from the Zoo!

Teddybärenmutti - I hope the results will be good!

Ludmila - Thank you for the report in KWM! Since I had to take care of some household stuff this morning I was glad to be 'free' from editing. :D

Britta-Gudrun - I hope your new 'equipment' is working fine.

I wish everybody a pleasant Friday and a relaxing weekend! Even though I've been a Freiherrin for many years now the weekends still feel special. :D
Reply Chris
5:06 AM on August 4, 2017 

We have a nice warm day again.
I was shopping and at the river.
Now I have to do some things in
the house. :) I wish everybody a
pleasant start to the weekend !
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:28 AM on August 4, 2017 
Guten Morgen allerseits!

Hier ist schon richtig viel Betrieb, obwohl wir gestern beim Endspurt fuer die 1000 ziemlich ausser Atem geraten sind.

Yeo, ich wuensche dir ein entspanntes und dennoch feierliches Wochenende!

Also, bis Mitte August kann man noch Sommer erwarten, aber danach sind die
herbstlichen Zeichen unuebersehbar.
Die beiden herbstlichen Gaertner in der Collage sind jedenfalls sehr farbenfroh.

Mervi, deine Lieblingsjahreszeiten sind nicht mehr weit!

Sarsam, Ballspielende Gaense gibt es bestimmt nur in Amerika.
Reply Ludmila
3:13 AM on August 4, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Dear Mervi
We have still summer. Everything is very green because of the wet weather in July.
We will get autumn soon enough. I want to enjoy the summer till the end.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:25 AM on August 4, 2017 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Annemarie - Auch Nummer eins. Es bedeutet sicher viel Glueck.

Mervi - Danke fuer so schönes und liebevolles Titelblatt. Traumpaar pflegt zusammen Knuti´s Garten.

Yeo, Dumba - Winke, winke nach Berlin.

Ich fahre nun ins Laboratorium.
Also später.
Allen einen schönen Freitag!
Reply Yeo
11:49 PM on August 3, 2017 
Good morning dear all!

@ Mervi
Dear Mervi, thank your for the new thread! I love the autumn.

@ Annemarie

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur 1000.!
Sie soll dir ganz viel Glück bringen.

Endlich Wochenende! Ihave on this Weekend vacation. On Sunday is my husbands birtday.
I hope that I find in the next week more time to write here.
I wish you all a pleasant Weekend!
Reply Chris
6:54 PM on August 3, 2017 
Nein, bitte nicht herbstlich - ich bestehe darauf, dass wir noch Sommer haben!
Erntezeit ja, und Zeit der schweren Gerüche nach reifem Obst. Aber ich hoffe
doch auf viele warme Tage und Wochen, dann darf der Herbst kommen... :)

Danke für das schöne Titelblatt, die Collagen sind immer sehr fantasievoll! :)
Reply Dumba
6:48 PM on August 3, 2017 
OMG - Automn is on its way.

MERVI - Thanks for the new thread with the lovely cover-collage.
It's true: when I had a longer bus ride today to Charité I saw several
autumn-like colored trees already!

ANNEMARIE-BERTA - Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zur 1000 und hier dazu,
nachweislich DIE NUMMER EINS zu sein! . . . Moege das tatsaechlich ein
gutes Omen fuer Deine naehere und weitere Zukunft sein!

BRITTA-GUDRUN - Moege fuer Dich die '999' auch ein echtes GluecksSymbol
dargestellt haben - jedenfalls war's bestimmt eine kleine Freude. Das ist ja auch
schon was - z.B. fuer die nicht so Aberglauebischen ;)

SARSAM - I am impressed that GANDY is playing with balls
while sweet DeeDee is content with her lettuce.
Funny couple your two geese. How are all the other besties?
Did your poor leg heal completely in the meantime?

Wishing ANYBODY of you KNUT-friends lovely dreams
and deep and uninterrupted sleep phases!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:06 PM on August 3, 2017 
Annemarie, du bist die Tausendste und jetzt die Erste, das muss ein gutes Zeichen fuer morgen sein - viel Glueck!

Mervi, auf einen farbenfrohen und kommentarreichen neuen Thread!
Reply Annemarie Berta
4:20 PM on August 3, 2017 
OHA! Wir haben ein neues Kapitel und es wird herbstlich. Danke Mervi!