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Die Knuipe

Snow in Ranua - green leaves in Berlin

Posted by Mervi on April 12, 2017 at 12:35 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! It's Spring now although it doesn't look the same everywhere. We can for example compare photos from Berlin and Ranua and see the big difference. No matter what kind of Spring you're having - it's again Easter! Of course, I have made a little story for this thread.

Polar bear cubs' first Easter

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Chris
3:59 PM on April 26, 2017 
Ich habe mich heute geärgert.
Mein Lieblingssupermarkt zieht
um und wird demnächst doppelt
so weit weg sein. Die Tankstelle
macht ganz dicht (war billig). Ich
hasse diese Zentralisierung an der
Peripherie. In unserem Viertel gibt
es nicht mal mehr einen Bäcker. :roll:

MERVI - ein norwegischer Film und lustig. :)

BÄRGIT - das Wetter kann nur besser werden.
Ich zähle auf den Wonnemonat. ;)

INGE - hoffe, Enzo geht es bald besser.

LUDMILA - schönen Urlaub! :)
Reply Bärgit
3:53 PM on April 26, 2017 
Mervi - It's almost time to undress again. Where did this day go?
Rasband has started his packing activities and Tommi is watching whether I join him....

Dumba - Just found your first-day-at-school-pic.
You look so proud of being a first grader now and you are most beautiful. Couldn't believe when I saw the year.....Where did time go?

Chris - Lucky you, it was cold, windy, rainy, ugly except for the 20 minutes the sun was struggling through.
Good luck with the knuputor also.

Let's have a Packing Helper for a change - cheers!
Reply Mervi
2:10 PM on April 26, 2017 
Chris - I hope the movie was to your liking!

I have just added a SHORT BUT FUNNY VIDEO OF NALLE in KWM in the article Hide and Seek in Ranua! Enjoy!
Reply Chris
2:04 PM on April 26, 2017 

Wir hatten Glück und die Sonne schien.
Nur abends ist es dann ziemlich kühl.
Kein Tropfen Ragen bis jetzt.
Ich musste heute gießen.
Starker Pollenflug. :roll:

Melde mich später ausführlicher,
da jetzt ein Film kommt, den ich
sehen will. Habe mich an der Bar
kurz bei Uncle Sergej gestärkt. :)

Reply Mervi
12:40 PM on April 26, 2017 
Ludmila - I'm sure the weather will soon turn into a more 'Springish' mode. :D

Dumba - We are all wishing Enzo a speedy recovery. I remember him so well from my visits in the zoo.

Filomena - Has it been snowing in your part of Germany? I've seen videos from southern Germany and it's really amazing it's snowing so heavily.

Knuti-Judi - The time is running much faster now than it did before!! :D

Britta-Gudrun - Have you the adress of the weather gods? Maybe we should advice them to take a look at their calenders ..... :D

In KWM you'll find a new report from Hellabrunn by Anita with nice photos and even two videos!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
11:12 AM on April 26, 2017 
Guten Tag,
heute ist es kalt und truebe, aber immer noch besser
als Schneefall wie im Sueden Deutschlands.
Ein verruecktes Wetter ist das in diesem Frühjahr,
aber bald kommt ja der Wonnemonat Mai.
Ich wuensche einen schoenen Feierabend!
Reply knuti-judi
9:47 AM on April 26, 2017 
Hallo, dears....

Didn't I just wish you a
Happy 🐪🐪🐪 Day?
How time flies!

Thank you for the link!
It will be exciting to have
2 Pandas in the zoo.

The same to you!

Hugs all around...💛💜💚💛
Reply Dumba
8:33 AM on April 26, 2017 
FILOMENA - FAST haetten wir einen Pasch geschafft.
Herzliche Gruesse !
Reply Filomena
8:29 AM on April 26, 2017 
Mervi and dear Alle I wish you a good Wednesday
here we have a bit sunshine and many clouds
Annemarie schoen, dass Kati so freundlich in deine Kamera geschaut hat
Dumba vielen Dank fuer die gute Versorgung, sieht lecker aus
alles Gute fuer Enzo
dear greetings to all
Reply Dumba
8:28 AM on April 26, 2017 
Seems PANDA-fiever starts right now in the CCC

INGE aus Cph + MERVI - I am very sad to learn from your conversation
that sealion bull ENZO is NOT doing fine.
I made immediately a search in the net but didn't find any news from
ZOO BERLIN; however, I found this article from middle of last year
(I didn't know the content so far!):
Reply Ludmila
7:26 AM on April 26, 2017 
Hello friends at coffee time!
I am waiting for the news about Enzo
We have 6 weeks holday in summer, then 2 weeks in autumn, a week at Christmas and 2 weeks at Eastern. I think we have no more as 30 dance-Wednesdays in year :)
I wish you a happy Humpday :)
It is great to have the friends from the childhood :)
How is your leg doing?
There is no development in our work with Speedy's pond because of the cold weather. On 17th May we will fly to Gran Canaria on holiday. I hope it will be warm and Speedy will be able to move out. Micha has the problems with feeding inside. Speedy waits for me. Outside Speedy finds a lot of food in the water: earthworms
Reply Mervi
5:29 AM on April 26, 2017 
Inge - Almost Pasch! - I'm sorry to hear Enzo isn't doing well. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the sweetie's speedy recovery.
Reply Mervi
5:28 AM on April 26, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - we managed to take the morning walk between the rain showers so we came home with dry feet. :D

Dumba - The breakfast was again most enjoyable!

Chris - Oh bear, the earth certainly looks small in the photo! :D

Annemarie - I wish you and your friends a great time in the evening!

Ludmila - I wish your tomato plants and the fruit trees best of luck. Hopefully the weather gods will soon realize it's Spring!

Bärgit - I hope you're 'well dressed' now and can meet the day with warm feet. :D - Has Tommi started packing yet? I guess he'll be travelling light and lets you carry the luggage? :D

In KWM you'll find a 'letter' from our friend Fiete. I hope he will soon have reporting visitors ..... I wish everybody a happy Hump Day!
Reply Inge aus Cph
5:27 AM on April 26, 2017 
Hello from Copenhagen. Oh, Mervi, where is the spring. We have rain, and it is cold and grey,

I have just read that Enzo in Berlin Zoo not is doing well. Sorry to read that !

Dumba, sweet schoolpicture. I am going to the birthday party in a few minutes. And I go together with my childhoodfriend (we met 3 years old - the other little girl next door, and we were the new ones to live there). So we have lots of 70-years birthday this year.

And now off to the party !
Reply Bärgit
4:52 AM on April 26, 2017 
Ludmila - That means more than 50 times a year!

Dumba - Thank you for the French-style breakfast.
Now that the first tour at the desk is done I'm ready for another bite and sip to get myself in the mood for walking in the cold rain :D
Reply Ludmila
4:25 AM on April 26, 2017 
We go to the dancing club each Wednesday despite of the school holidays.
Reply Bärgit
4:05 AM on April 26, 2017 
Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben!

Mervi - So many good news and cute faces and paws in KWM.
I just looked at the front page and hurried on to Knuipe for an early morning Hello.

Much less pleasant was to look at snowflakes coming down! So we altered our plans. Rasband will be taking the train and the two of us will follow a couple of days later. Hotels are no fun with a shaking wet doggie :D

Ludmila - Wie war das Tanzen?
Unser Kurs 2017 ist seit Sonntag Vergangenheit.
Now it's remembering, arguing, experimenting, laughing at the non-stored movements :D

I'll be enjoying the shared news later on. My feet are getting cold. I need to get dressed to meet the day :D
Reply Ludmila
3:30 AM on April 26, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Viel Spass beim Griechen :) Wir wollen heute Abend auch zum Griechen gehen nach dem Tanzen.
We had a cold night again. I planted the tomatoes in the green house. We put yesterday the cundles in the green house, it looked a bit strange in the night. Our apple tree starts to bloom too despite of the cold weather.
I am waiting with Herkules for you
Reply Annemarie Berta
3:18 AM on April 26, 2017 

Mervi: Ich gehe heute Nachmittag/Abend mit netten Kollegen 'zum Griechen' und habe nur wenig gefruehstueckt, dennoch vielen Dank speziell an Dumba fuer das leckere Angebot in der Knuipe. Auch Herkules und Tee stehen bereit fuer uns.

Chris: Der Punkt ist ja winzig, dennoch gut zu sehen.

Ralph: Es freut mich sehr, dass Dir mein Foto von Kati (usw.) gefallen hat. Im Mai werde ich nun ein wenig meine Wohnung renovieren lassen und habe vor, erst Ende Mai/Anfang Juni wieder nach Berlin zu fahren, dann werde ich Kati erneut ablichten. Versprochen!

Liebe Mittwochsgruesse an alle!
Reply Chris
11:08 PM on April 25, 2017 
Today CASSINI will dive through the rings of Saturn
here you can watch our earth through the rings :)