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March - the month giving us mixed feelings

Posted by Mervi on March 14, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut and Fritz by Monika aus Berlin and Tierpark Berlin

Dear friends! March has become a month of night mares but it also offers some happy moments. We're sad thinking of the loss of two lovely polar bears - Knut and Fritz. However, at the same time we can also be happy about the baby bears that have now come out with their mothers in many zoos. We just have to learn to walk hand in hand with our sadness and our happiness!

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Reply Dumba
7:26 PM on April 10, 2017 
A hearty breakfast for you, DEARs,
on a simple Tuesday morning. Dig in:
and enjoy the rest of your day to the fullest :)

TEDDBAERENMUTTI - I cannot believe you are now even in hospital yourself.
Hope people take good care of you there and your heart soon will jump again with joy!
Hope you and TBV soon can say: "bye-bye troubles and sorrows!"

CHRISTINE CHINNI - Wishing you and your KNubby a pleasant
journey to Paris and an even more pleasant stay there - with lots of sunshine
and a right FRANCE-feeling as it used to be in the youth :)
Did you get a nice puppy-sitter for your latest doggie?
Wishing also a good time for him with lots of extra treats
as comfort for being obliged to miss you . . .
Reply Bärgit
6:13 PM on April 10, 2017 
Mervi, Chris, Ludmila - Auf Teddybärenmuttis Wohl!
Reply Chris
6:09 PM on April 10, 2017 
MERVI - alles Gute für Teddybärenmutti!

Mein Computer läuft immer noch sehr
langsam - PC Doktor kommt bald. :)
Reply Mervi
6:00 PM on April 10, 2017 
Bärgit - Jolly Moon Walker sounds like a yammy drink! :D Of course, I will forward even your greetings to Mutti. Let's drink for her speedy recovery!
Reply Bärgit
5:20 PM on April 10, 2017 
Mervi - Please take along my greetings to Teddybärenmutti, too.
Paws crossed she will be home by Thursday.

Ludmila - We just got home from a long night walk. The (almost?) full moon lit the way for us. Now I'm tired and I guess Tommi is happy :D

Let's have a drink. I suggest a Jolly Moon Walker :D
Reply Mervi
5:05 PM on April 10, 2017 
Patricia, Ludmila, Christine - I will forward your greetings to Mutti tomorrow.
Reply Christine Chinni
4:39 PM on April 10, 2017 
Mervi, please let Mutti know that my thoughts are with her.
Reply Ludmila
3:13 PM on April 10, 2017 
I am sending the best wishes to Teddybärenmutti.
Marco was a very old bear. Good that he had some good years in the Gnadenhof.
Versuch mit der Selbsthilfedruppe. Vielleicht wird Dir in der Geselschaft besser gehen.
How is Tommi doing?
Reply patricia roberts
1:55 PM on April 10, 2017 
Dear Mervi, when you ever have Mutti again on the phone, please bring her my best wishes for a speedy recovery. It is actually no big surprise that she and Vatti are paying the price for all the stress of the last years. I was so glad to read that she loved her new bed (to be shared with Vatti and all bears) and now this. It is just so unfair.
Reply Mervi
1:32 PM on April 10, 2017 
Dear friends! I just received a phone call from Teddybärenmutti. She's in hospital because of heart problems. However, she was optimistic and hoped she can be back home again after 2-3 days. She asked me to forward her best greetings to you all.
Reply Mervi
12:05 PM on April 10, 2017 
Bärgit - Marco certainly reached a very respectable age. I'm glad he could go peacefully.

In KWM you'll find a new video of MALIK and her CUBBIES.
Reply Bärgit
11:50 AM on April 10, 2017 
So Marco was a real bear methusalem.
May he find peace of mind and green grass under his paws beyond rainbow bridge.

Christine - You and your knubby seem to have a liking for Paris.
Enjoy your stay in Good Ol'Europe!

Filomena - Viel Spaß auf deiner Fahrt Richtung Osten.
I'm very fond of MeckPom and Dresden myself.

Britta-Gudrun - Ach wenn es doch etwas gäbe, dir zu helfen!
Kopf hoch, meine Gute. Denk an Tweetie - er/sie bekam auch wieder Luft unter seine Schwingen dank deiner selbstlosen Hilfe. Dir wird bestimmt Hilfe zuteil werden!
Reply Mervi
11:14 AM on April 10, 2017 
I just read in the Gnadenhof's magazine Brennpunkte that brown bear Marco has crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 41. He passed peacefully sleeping in his den.

Ludmila - It's a very good sign of the Spring that your cats want to stay outdoors. - Obviously they know the black cat isn't a 'rival'. :D

Filomena - Have a good time in Dresden and Mecklenburg!

Bärgit - Thank you for the yammy treats!

Britta-Gudrun - I hope the 'Selbsthilfegruppe' will help you to get into better mood. It's always good to talk with others with same kind of problems.

Christine - April in Paris is said to be something very special! Enjoy your trip!
Reply Christine Chinni
10:36 AM on April 10, 2017 
Hello, dear alle! Just 3 days until John and I leave for Paris!

Lovely weather today in Connecticut
Reply Britta-Gudrun
9:29 AM on April 10, 2017 
Good Afternoon nach einem sehr faulen Montag bisher.
Mein Tatendrang haelt sich zurzeit sehr in Grenzen, da kommt mir
das leckere Angebot von dir, Filomena, sehr gelegen.

Dumba, vielen Dank für die vielen tollen Bilder aus dem Zoo.
Fein, dass du und Monika euch mit Ralph treffen konntet.

Mervi, eine "Selbsthilfegruppe" besteht aus Menschen mit derselben Erkrankung z.B. COPD, die sich ueber Erfahrungen, neue Hilfsmoeglichkeiten oder Therapien austauschen. Es gibt im ganzen Saarland nur 2 Gruppen und ich habe das Glueck, dass die eine nur ca 20 km weit weg ist von mir. Wir treffen uns einmal im Monat. Zurzeit ist mein Allgemeinzustand sehr schlecht, das macht mich so mutlos...
Reply Ludmila
9:03 AM on April 10, 2017 
Thank you for the chocolate cake :)
Maybe you will find the time to with the bear park. It is a nice place.
Reply Bärgit
8:43 AM on April 10, 2017 
Hallo Ihr Lieben!

Hope asked me to surprise you all with a gateau au chocolate / chocolate cake / Schokokuchen knowing it's not pink but it's very yammy and it's the proper treat for our most loved and missed Schokokeks-Knuti on KWM front page.
It is waiting for you right at our very special table and there's fresh Herkules to empower you to make it through this Lazy (?) Monday Afternoon.
Reply Filomena
8:23 AM on April 10, 2017 
Mervi and dear Alle I wish you a good Monday
the clouds are coming now
Dumba vielen Dank fuer das gute Fruehstueck
Ludmila danke schoen fuer die schoenen Bilder, ja auch meine Katzen sind jetzt oft auch nachts sehr lange draussen
I will travel with a friend first tomorrow to Dresden and then to Mecklenburg Vorpommern, I am looking forward to see that nice area again, the weather will not be the best so the weatherforecast, but no problem
so I wish you all already now a peaceful good Easter, have all a good time
dear greetings
my cats will not be amused when they see me packing
Reply Ludmila
7:31 AM on April 10, 2017 
Hello friends at coffee time!
Our cats ignore the new black cat :) Yesterday in the evening Minka stayed outside. She came in the night with Micha home. We have now the summer procedure, if it is not rainy, the cats want to stay outside.
How was your week end? We have a long week end at Easter. We have a lot to do in the garden. I hope it would not be rainy.
I am sending the best wishes to you. I hope Gandy behaves.
I think your cats stay outside now too :)
Reply Mervi
5:36 AM on April 10, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - Most of the shopping for the Easter is done now so we can avoid the crowds later this week! :D

Dumba - Thank you for taking your time to deliver such nice breakfast to us!

Bärgit - Patience is our middle name so I'm sure the room will look fantastic - little by little. :D

Ludmila - How do your cats like the new black cat? :D

Annemarie - I hope you're doing fine and your hand will soon be as good as new!

I think MoniK's second report from the Marineland is a perfect start of the Easter week. Meeting Flocke, Hope and Raspi certainly will put us in a good mood! Have a great Monday!