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Die Knuipe

Nine years with Knutitours

Posted by Mervi on January 18, 2017 at 9:35 AM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Gina

Dear friends! Welcome to this anniversary thread! Nine years really is a respectable age for a blog! Thank you for being passengers of the thrilling Knutitours! How long will the journey be going on? That remains to be seen ......

It started with a love affair

Knuti's Weekly Magazine


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Reply Britta-Gudrun
10:26 AM on January 26, 2017 
FELLE, das ist doch ueberhaupt kein Name.
Wir koennen nur versuchen, bis Montag immer wieder neu abzustimmen, das geht nach einer laengeren Pause naemlich.

Danke Chris, in Karlsruhe haben wir keine Reporter vor Ort ?
Reply Mervi
9:35 AM on January 26, 2017 
I just checked the name standings in Berliner Kurier - 'Felle' is leading ..... I don't like it at all!

Chris - We can't visit all the cubbies so we have to choose ....
Reply Chris
8:27 AM on January 26, 2017 
MERVI - das dachte ich mir beinahe. Ihr könnt Station bei den Verwandten machen.
Und nach Berlin kommst Du auf jeden Fall im Laufe des Sommers, das ist einfach. :)
Reply Mervi
7:33 AM on January 26, 2017 
Ralph - I hope your hand will soon be OK again. Please, don't overdo the typing but let the hand rest. - Thank you for the kind words!

Chris - I totally agree, Atze is much worse than Fiete. It would be better to let the keepers choose the name. - The ocelot kitten is lovely! Who wouldn't want to take care of him/her?! - Ranua is, of course, now our first priority! At the same time we can visit our relatives, too. :D

Ludmila - I hope the name will be one of the Russian names although I like Mischa best.
Reply Ludmila
7:20 AM on January 26, 2017 
Hello friends at coffee time!
Ocelot kittens are lovely. They could live in our garden :)
All the best for your hand.
Wir haben einen wunderbaren Tag mit Sonnenschein, aber es ist kalt und windig.
Does Al support you at work?
I hope Minka and Sydney arrived to you. Sydney can be very determined at speaking. She wanted to say her opinion to Gandy. I hope Minka is treating your leg.
How is DeeDee doing? Minka and Sydney want to speak with your cats about the bad time at the bad weather, as your cats had to wait for you and Lloyd.
How are you doing?
I hope Tonya's kid will get a nice name.
Reply Chris
7:00 AM on January 26, 2017 
Wer möchte hier nicht Pfleger sein?
Reply Chris
6:54 AM on January 26, 2017 
MERVI - Du wirst sicher nach Berlin fahren, Aalborg ist schon geplant,
aber werdet ihr vielleicht auch die weite Reise nach Ranua antreten? :)

Ich bin etwas an der frischen Luft - wir sehen uns wieder zur Tee Zeit!
Reply Chris
6:21 AM on January 26, 2017 

Wir hatten die erste frostfreie Nacht und jetzt scheint wieder die Sonne.
Es ist nicht mehr so eisig kalt und das Eis ist vom Main verschwunden. :)

BRITTA GUDRUN - Nika & Larissa leben zusammen mit Vitus in Karlsruhe.
Es sind sozusagen die einzigen badischen Bären. :) Sie müssen im Sommer
einiges aushalten. Karlsruhe gehört zu den heißesten Städten in Deutschland.

LUDMILA, MERVI - Atze wäre noch schlimmer als Fiete, nennen wir ihn doch
gleich Bolle. Was die Leute für einen Geschmack haben - ohne Worte! :roll:

RALPH - gute Besserung für deine Hand! :)

TBM - https://flic.kr/p/RiM8Fy ;)
Reply ralph
5:46 AM on January 26, 2017 
I am in the Library today but have hurt my right hand doing too much typing and other things, so I cannot write so much.
Congratulations Mervi on the Knuipe and Knutis Weekly. As I wrote just now in KWM we need them more than ever to keep the spirit of Knut in these troubled times.
Naming Polar Bears is difficult, for example "Nobby" in English can have a rude meaning rather like the English word Mist for Nebel.. Atze is similar to the English word "Mate" meaning Kumpel rather than Partner.
I would love to know what the keepers are calling the little one
Reply Mervi
5:07 AM on January 26, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - now we're in the 10th year with Knutitours. Let's hope it will be a good year!

Bärgit - Thank you so much for the lovely poem! I will save it and cherish it!!!

Chris - The photo of Nika and Larissa is ever so sweet!

Sarsam - Oh goose, Gandy must have been in a very bad mood. I hope your leg is healing properly - otherwise go and show it to a doctor. - Thank you for your kind words!

Yeo - The breakfast looks great! Danke, Danke, Danke!!! :D

Dumba - How can anybody suggest such an awful name as Atze? I certainly hope the cute bear boy won't get this stupid name! It sounds like somebody's sneezing. - My suggestion Juri is on the list but I voted for Mischa because I think it's a very 'beary' name. I was surprised to see names like Flocke, Fiete and Nanuk on the list. There's only one Flocke and one Fiete and we have already enough Nanuks. Thank God they didn't suggest Knut! That would have been really outrageous! - I think the photo not only expresses a 'Monday horror' but also the dislike of the name Atze ..... :D

Ludmila - I voted the same as you before reading your comment. Let's keep our fingers crossed. :D

Britta-Gudrun - I also hope Tonja's baby boy will have a Russian name. The name should have some association to the parents.

I inserted the video of Venus and her cubbie in KWM for those who haven't seen it yet. I wish everybody a very pleasant TDT!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
4:46 AM on January 26, 2017 
Guten Morgen!

Vor 2 Tagen dachte ich, dass die Kaelte nachlassen wuerde, aber nein, es ist immer noch eisig kalt und passt auch zum Januar.

Wie gut, dass die kleinen Baerchen es gemuetlich warm im Fell ihrer Muetter haben.
Dumba, ich waehle Kolja, weil ich fuer einen russischen Namen bin.

Dass Gandy in Ungnade gefallen ist, kann ich gut verstehen. Fuer dieses Missgeschick ist bestimmt die lange Abwesenheit der Grund, wenn es denn ueberhaupt eine Entschuldigung fuer sein Verhalten gibt. Sarsam, ich wuensche schnelle Besserung!

Baergit, das ist ein huebsches Gedicht fuer Mervi.

Chris, wo lebt das Baerenpaar?
Reply Ludmila
3:15 AM on January 26, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
I am very sorry about Gandy's behavior. I hope you visited a doctor and got help for your leg.
Minka said that Gandy told her about some troubles, but did not say that he bit you. Now Minka and Sydney packed all salves and other aids for your leg and are on the way to you. Sydney will speak with Gandy.
A picture of Nika and Larissa is lovely
Herkules is ready
I find "Mischa" very good :)
Reply Dumba
2:49 AM on January 26, 2017 

Hope nobody of the 'arbeitende Bevoelkerung' had such a BAD DREAM ;)

Strange list of names. Please do me a favor and DON't chose 'ATZE' (simply affreux!!)
I have to admit I am a bit disappointed that my suggestion ('ANDI') even didn't make it
to the list - nor all the Scandivanian names I did suggest in addition - mainly those of classical musicians - and also 'VESA' - It's pronounced at least with a 'W' like WOLODJA - consequently would have made some sense! :) )


BAERGIT - Ich liebe solche 'Schuettelreime' und Du hast Dir Nettes dabei gedacht.
VIELEN DANK, da ja auch wir lesen und geniessen duerfen. Wie viel Muehe sich
doch immer wieder welche machen (meist die Gleichen . . .). Bist a ganz liabs 'Maderl' und
machst uns allen immer wieder Freude, auch wenn wir gerade nicht die Angesprochenen sind.

SARSAM - I am sorry for all the mishaps you did face lately. Sending you a very
CAREFUL SOFT 'KNUTi HUG' and best wishes for speedy and FULL recovery - bodily and mentally!
I can imagine very well(!) how disappointing it is if one cares a lot for somebody
and then get even a bite that leads to bad injuries. GOOD LUCK! in any respect!

GANDY - I don't want to blame you, as I don't know what's going on inside of
you but PLEASE BE A GOOD BOY and NEVER EVER again bite the one who
is your best friend and cares such a lot of you and every other being - human and fauna . .
Anyway: wing greetings and a soft but WARNING honk. Please give a VERY SOFT HUG to
darling DeeDEE!

Whatever it will bring, ENJOY your day to the fullest!
Reply Yeo
1:51 AM on January 26, 2017 
Good morning, dear Knuipians!

I wish you all a good morning and a pleasant Thursday!

Here is a little breakast. Enjoy your meal!
Reply Sarsam
8:29 PM on January 25, 2017 
Congratulations Dear Mervi on the occasion of the 9th Anniversary of Knutitours! Thank you so much for this beautiful and peaceful place. Your hard work is very much appreciated! By the way, your collages keep getting better and better (if that is possible) -- they are positively lyrical..........

Please forgive me for not joining the party earlier. We have had car trouble, icy roads where we were not able to get home one night and, last but not least, a goose problem. The car problem has been fixed and we finally made it home the next day where the cats were anxiously waiting for us. Goose problem: Gandy flogged and bit me -- my leg swelled up to almost twice its normal size -- needless to say, I am not very happy with him.....

Ludmila -- Gandy did give Lloyd Minka's message -- he gave it to Lloyd because I am not speaking to Gandy at the moment!

Paw waves and best wishes to all..............................................Semper Knut!
Reply Chris
6:48 PM on January 25, 2017 
Reply knuti-judi
6:39 PM on January 25, 2017 
Hurrah‼️Three cheers‼️🎉🎊🌟‼️
Reply Bärgit
5:53 PM on January 25, 2017 
Dumba - Ach Goddle, ist der süß!

Gute Nacht, sweet dreams, Dear Alle!

Schon wieder ist ein Jahr vorbei
Wir haben viel zu danken
Mervi hielt uns mit Lust die Treu
Wir winken mit den Pranken

Und geht's auch manchmal leiser zu
so ist doch eines klar,
Wir wünschen uns noch keine Ruh
denn Knutis Lieb ist da

Jetzt hör ich mit dem Reimen auf
Vielleicht findet ihr's ja blöd
Doch ich, ich bin von Herzen froh
Dass es weiter geht.

Schlaft gut, bis morgen küsst
Der Traumbär uns alle wieder wach
Und schaut mal nach, ob nicht vielleicht
Ein kesser Glücksprinz euch anlacht!
Reply Mervi
5:23 PM on January 25, 2017 
Dumba - That's the most beautiful Betthüpferl! I'm sure it will make us have sweet dreams!

Britta-Gudrun, Chris - I'll have a glas of 'skumpa' before hitting the mulch. See you tomorrow!
Reply Dumba
5:16 PM on January 25, 2017 
Before hitting the 'Mulch' I'd like to join you for a sip of something,
Champagne or orange juice - everything is appreciated.
CHEERS! to another succesful year in KNUTITOURs' 'Die KNUIPE' and 'KWM'
under the direction and 'hard work/lots of efforts' of our honored editor in chief, MERVI!