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Die Knuipe

Happy polar bear year 2017!

Posted by Mervi on December 28, 2016 at 8:10 AM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Frans

Dear friends! It's time again to wave our paws - goodbye year 2016, welcome 2017!

I want to thank you all for the year that's gone and I hope you'll be here with me even next yer! Lots of things happened during the year and I made a short summary with a couple of flashbacks.

Some flashbacks to the year 2016

Knuti's Weekly Magazine


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Reply Mervi
5:12 AM on January 23, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - How annoying that the avatars are still invisible. Well, let's be happy about the open door anyway!

Bärgit - I'm sure it's difficult to find a suitable holiday resort when you want to take Tommi with you. What luck there are places where dogs are welcome, too!

Ludmila - Have a pleasant business trip in Berlin!

Chris - A cold, sunny weather is better than a grey, foggy day we have here even today.

Britta-Gudrun - Yes, the door has been open now but I'm knocking on wood when I write this. :D

In KWM you can meet a Berliner snow queen. Can you guess who it is? :D I wish everybody a very pleasant Monday and a good start of this new week!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:37 AM on January 23, 2017 
Guten Morgen!
Ich mutiere nicht zur Fruehaufsteherin bei dem tollen Wetter, sondern habe auswaertige Erledigungen.

Baergit, Urlaub ohne Hund geht gar nicht. Zu den Buechern: Wir koennen hier ein Antiquariat eroeffnen.

Patricia, gute Besserung! Was macht der Anti Raucher Status? Erkaeltungen erleichtern die Abstinenz.

Allen einen guten Start in die Woche!

Mervi, seit zwei Tagen gibt es keine Probleme mit dem Server - das ist fein.
Reply Chris
3:00 AM on January 23, 2017 

Another sunny day - but it was very cold.
About -10°C at 7.00 in the morning ! :D

LUDMILA - gute Reise to the CCC !

Today shopping and some other
errands are on the schedule. :)

I wish everybody a good
start to the new week. :)
Reply Ludmila
2:05 AM on January 23, 2017 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
I am on the way to Berlin. This is a business trip.
Atlantic shores in southern France are great!
Reply Bärgit
7:12 PM on January 22, 2017 
Mervi, Inge, Ludmila, Patricia - It seems we are all good book-keepers :D

Patricia - I hope you'll get rid of the cold soon.
I understand perfectly that there are days when reading is much easier than writing - but it's important to remember silent minutes for eating, as well.

Oh bear, I spent quite some hours finding a proper place for us to spend the summer vacation this year. Whatever was reasonably priced was either not looking inviting enough or didn't open the doors for Tommi. Well, the Atlantic shores in southern France will have the pleasure to greet us this summer.

Good night, now I'm ready for a mulch time break.
Sweet dreams to all of you!
Reply Chris
6:32 PM on January 22, 2017 
ich nehme noch einen
Schlaftrunk CHEERS :)

INGE - wenn wir schon graue
Haare haben, macht das auch
nichts mehr - nein, Spaß beiseite.

Habt ihr wieder Deutsch die Woche?
Reply Ludmila
5:52 PM on January 22, 2017 
I drink a glass with you
Reply Mervi
5:45 PM on January 22, 2017 
Chris - I'm very late for a Betthüpferl. I wonder if there's anybody here ....

Ludmila - Minka is optimistic and hopes the weather will be fine when she goes out. :D

Inge - I'm glad to meet you here again. Congratulations to 700! :D The door to our Knuipe has stayed open the whole day so let's hope it will stay that way. Yes, modern technics often makes our hair turn grey - luckily it doesn't make it fall off! :D

I wish everybody a very good night!
Reply Inge aus Cph
5:11 PM on January 22, 2017 
I mean of course 700, and yes I made it. Sleep well.
Reply Inge aus Cph
5:10 PM on January 22, 2017 
I try to get number 300
Reply Inge aus Cph
5:08 PM on January 22, 2017 
Mervi, I am glad to see, that my posting went "through" yesterday. Here it was impossible to see. Nothing moved. Oh, modern tecnich gives me more grey hairs. Thanks for your block and stories through the years.
To-day it was grey and a bit rainy. I went to the churchyard to check, that everything was ok on my familys grave. There is of course decorated for the winter. I normally check twice a month.

Patricia, speedy recovery.

Dave, I feel the same as you and others here about old books. I more or less live in a library. And when I throw a book away I have a bad conscience.

Ludmila, Sydney is sweet.

Dumba, wonderful to see sun over CCC.

Chris, yes, that is a good picture of a birdhead.

The cats are doing well. They have had their late food. I feel like them. I am also hungry, but no, no more food for me this evening.

All the best for the new week from Copenhagen. Pawwaves from the ever starving.
Reply Ludmila
4:01 PM on January 22, 2017 
Ich würde gern Schlittschuhe laufen, aber bei uns ist das Eis noch nicht fest.
Reply Chris
3:45 PM on January 22, 2017 
Ludmila - 696 is also an interesting number. ;)
Wir haben die ganze Woche Dauerfrost. Auf
dem See liegt etwas Schnee, so das man gut
laufen kann, ohne zu rutschen. Aber es laufen
auch welche mit Schlittschuhen, das geht gut!

Meine Katzen gehen gar nicht raus. Sie sitzen
auf der Fensterbank und beobachten die Vögel.
Reply Ludmila
3:16 PM on January 22, 2017 
The time runs very fast. We are now 9 years together. Thank you for this wonderful place.
It is not easy for me to get up in winter in the morning too. In the Spring the things are better :)
Our Wasja is round too and he has a lot of energy.Minka finds him annoying. She wants to eat at the other place.
I do not like to throw the books away.
Unser Teich ist fest gefroren. Der kleine See auf meiner Rennstrecke ist auch gefroren, aber wir haben nur einen leichten Frost. Die großen Seen sind noch nicht freigegeben.
Wir hatten heute sehr viel Vögel am Futterhäuschen. Es war nebelig und kalt, trotzdem sehr schön zu laufen.
Today at running I met many people with the dogs :)
We is your week end?
How are you doing? Minka was many times out today. I think she forgets again and again that it is cold outside. I let her out and check after 5 minutes, She is mostly at the door :)
Reply Chris
3:11 PM on January 22, 2017 
MERVI - has Uncle Sergej a special sunday offer?
I hear Alban Bergs Woyzeck from Zurich in TV.
A very interesting modern opera ! :)
Reply Mervi
2:02 PM on January 22, 2017 
Dave - What a pity you couldn't find a new owner for the book set. It doesn't feel so good to leave good books for recycling but it's better than just throw them in a waste bin.

Bärgit - Thank you so much for the simsalabim! :D I'm sitting in a most comfortable chair sipping a good drink - what a cosy feeling! :D

Chris - There are moments when I really wonder why I keep running Knutitours but luckily there are many faithful friends still around. :D - You were lucky having such a lovely day. Here it was very dull and foggy all day.

Britta-Gudrun - I watched biathlon and nordic skiing. When the Finns have no chance to win I usually cheer the Germans. Maybe it helped the German team to win the women's relay? Just a joke - I guess Germany could have two teams capable to win!

Patricia - I hope you will soon be fully recovered from the cold. - I can understand sweet Beau wants some action in the house even if it may cost a vase or two ..... I bet you can't get really angry at him! :D - Take care of the lunch breaks! It's really important to have enough time to eat a proper lunch!
Reply patricia roberts
1:33 PM on January 22, 2017 
Good evening Dear All,, from a very cold Leuven.
It is now for an entire week that it has been freezing day and night. OK, I know that this is Winter time but believe me, it is not soo pleasant early in the morning to leave a warm and cosy bed. Luckily, all days have been very sunny with a blue sky. And that is making me happy too. At least, even though it is very cold, we have the light. During the last week, I had again the pleasure of having a third (!!!) cold within a time span of 12 weeks. O JEE!!! But now, it is becoming better.
Dave, when I was reading your posting of ?re-organizing your basement?, I was definitely impressed. Actually, I have to do the same, but my excuse (at this moment) is: it is way too cold down there in the basement. Tja, I know, it is a cheap one because another few favorites for not doing it are: it is too dark there, it is now too hot, I want to enjoy the sun, my cats need my attention (so far, my best one). And just like you (and glad to read that there are apparently others sharing the feeling): I can never decide on throwing a book away.
But Bärgit, what a good thing to read: here in our street (and actually, there are many places in Leuven), we also do have ?the open book shelves?. And it is a success. Na ja, I must confess that so far, I only brought 3 books there that I once got (years ago but I never read them, was never interested to read them ? OUTSCH, I know, that doesn?t sound very nice). But hey, my other books are my treasures!!!
Yesterday, I made ?couscous royal? and the neighbours liked it and I put a good portion aside for my colleague.
Today, belly bolly baby Beau (he is becoming roundish, I am afraid) is having tons of energy and because it is too cold to play outside (according to him), he needs to get rid of his energy here in the house. HOPPELLA, so far, he didn?t break anything, but in all honesty, I hope that he will be more quiet during the night.
And Mervi, you know that I love the Knuipe and KWM. You can be proud of your creations.
I know that very often I am not responding to postings and stories of you all, but believe me, I am reading them and I do like them. But very often, in the evening, I do not have the energy to reply. Years ago, when my workload was less, I could read and write here and there during the day or have a little chat with a colleague or so. But since 2 years, I have to take care for having a decent lunch time. Luckily, as from November, I managed to have at least 25 minutes to eat and it is doing me good.
Wishing you all a good night.
Reply Chris
1:05 PM on January 22, 2017 
Ich hatte aber gestern von meinem Spaziergang auf dem Eis berichtet,
ob freigegeben, oder nicht. Der See wird nicht offiziell freigegeben...
Auch in meinem Mittagsposting auf englisch erwähnte ich den
Spaziergang auf dem See - man muss es nur lesen. ;)

Im übrigen bezog sich mein Posting gar nicht auf dich speziell,
sondern ich erlebe es ja oft, dass Postings ignoriert werden.
Davon nehme ich Mervi, Ludmila und andere aus. Die
entsprechenden Leute wissen schon, wen ich meine. :roll:

Die Beteiligung könnte wirklich besser sein, sonst macht
Mervi hier irgendwann dicht, das sehe ich schon kommen.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
12:43 PM on January 22, 2017 
Chris, sei bitte nicht immer so empfindlich.
Ich hatte wohl von den Skatern auf dem Eis gelesen, aber nichts
darueber, dass die Eisfläche offiziell freigegeben war. Damit tun sich die
Verantwortlichen naemlich ziemlich schwer, wie ich aus unserer Gegend
weiß. Deshalb habe ich ja nach deinem Eistest gefragt.
Hier kommen die Enten jetzt von den zugefrorenen Weihern an den Weiher vom Kraftwerk, weil dort durch die Abwaerme immer ein Teil des Weihers frei bleibt.

Mervi, bei dem schoenen Wetter gehen viele spazieren, vielleicht waermen sie sich heute Abend an der Bar auf fuer den beruehmten Jagertee?
Bist du zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen im Wintersport?
Ich selbst konnte nur Langlauf, das aber mit sehr viel Freude und ohne Verletzungsgefahr.
Reply Chris
12:09 PM on January 22, 2017 
MERVI - ich würde mir auch wünschen, dass hier wieder etwas mehr los ist !
Aber herbeizaubern kann ich die Leute leider nicht. Ausserdem würde ich
mir wünschen, dass mehr Leute die Postings überhaupt lesen. Egal
ob ich englisch oder deutsch schreibe - ich stelle immer wieder
fest, dass Postings, in die man Mühe und Zeit gesteckt hat,
einfach nicht gelesen oder ignoriert werden. Ich kann
deine Frustration also sehr gut verstehen. Mein
Blog läuft zur Zeit gut, da kann ich mich nicht
beklagen, aber mit einer ganz anderen
Leserschaft - ist wohl auch besser...

Auf dem See war heute noch mehr los.
Erwachsene, Kinder und auch ein paar Hunde,
die der eisigen Pracht nicht so recht trauen wollten.
Heute bin ich bis zur Insel gelaufen, da kommt man sonst
gar nicht hin - die kalte, frische Luft und die Sonne taten gut! :)