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Die Knuipe

Advent time is here

Posted by Mervi on November 7, 2016 at 11:25 AM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Doris Webb

Dear friends! The Christmas time is here again! We have already got some early gifts - small polar bear babies. Even though we know not all of them will make it let's hope for the best!

Of course, there's also a little Advent story to go with this thread:

Fiete's first Advent in Hungary

Knuti's Weekly Magazine


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Reply Chris
5:55 PM on December 23, 2016 

Ich würde mir vor allem etwas mehr Frieden in der Welt wünschen.
Das wäre das größte Geschenk für mich - sonst habe ich alles...
Reply Ludmila
5:49 PM on December 23, 2016 
I have more wishes as the health for my whole family and the cats and tortoise :)
On the other hand I am happy to get something nice from Uwe and from the children.
I hope that the cats do not bring the mice :)
Reply Inge aus Cph
5:33 PM on December 23, 2016 
Merry Christmas to you all from Copenhagen.

Wonderful Cards Mervi. And thanks a lot for the greetings.

Patricia, thanks a lot for the card, that arrived yesterday. Paw waves from here from the ever starving cats.
Reply Mervi
5:25 PM on December 23, 2016 
Bärgit - Sometimes the kids really take us by surprise. What a sweet story!
Reply Chris
5:11 PM on December 23, 2016 
gut gemacht, Bärgit! ;)

that needs another strong drink!

Der Junge war klug für sein Alter. :)
Reply Bärgit
5:11 PM on December 23, 2016 
Ludmila - You and Sidney did a good job.
The tree looks very nice.

Mervi, Ludmila, Chris - Cheers and jubilee!
Reply Bärgit
5:10 PM on December 23, 2016 
Cheers! Mission accomplished.
The tree is waiting for Christmas Eve :D

Today I met a little boy. Three fingers up, so he was three. He approached Tommi, fearless. Tommi liked him too and felt like giving him a kiss. The boy wasn't afraid. I asked him if he was looking forward to the Christkind to come (a term which implies the presents he'd be given). He said yes and asked me: What are you looking forward to on Christmas?
I was baffled. I had never been asked by a kid that age I had never met before abour MY Christmas expectations.
I answered him: Well, with grown-up people it's a bit different. We are happy if we stay healthy and sound. His mum smiled and so did the boy.
Reply Chris
5:04 PM on December 23, 2016 
Egg nogg sounds good.
Reply Ludmila
4:59 PM on December 23, 2016 
Reply Mervi
4:56 PM on December 23, 2016 
Ludmila - the tree looks very nice. You and Sydney have done a great job!

I think we all deserve an egg nog now! Cheers!
Reply Ludmila
4:53 PM on December 23, 2016 
Lass uns etwas zusammen trinken!
Reply Chris
4:42 PM on December 23, 2016 
LUDMILA - Sidney hat das fein gemacht! :D
Das Goldkätzchen mit den blauen Augen
gefällt mir gut. :)
Reply Ludmila
3:53 PM on December 23, 2016 
Is your tree outside? I worked 2 hours at the tree under Sydney's eyes.
Your Christmas card is wonderful.
Muffin is excited about the tree :)
I am glad your cats are doing well

Reply Leaf
2:26 PM on December 23, 2016 
Merry Christmas to all Knupians, and a Happy New Year.
Just peeking in to leave some season's greetings and a peck on a cheek for angel Knute pie.

Knugs, Leaf
Reply Chris
2:00 PM on December 23, 2016 
Mervi - wir könnten für die Katzen kleine
Thunfischbällchen in den Baum hängen. :D

Ich trinke einen Rumsky mit - CHEERS. :)
Reply Mervi
1:49 PM on December 23, 2016 
Chris - Nanu is a lovely bear! :D

Bärgit - The letter is changed - thank you! :D I think Rumsky sounds great so Uncle Sergej will bring it to you as soon as possible. - I can understand Tommi is disappointed. Who could possibly eat the boring balls? :D
Reply Bärgit
1:37 PM on December 23, 2016 
Lady Pepper - Good to meet you again! Thank you for your greetings.
Merry Christmas to you and your dears on other end of the leish!

Happy Howls!
Reply Bärgit
1:36 PM on December 23, 2016 
Mervi - Thank you for your lovely surprise; there's a reply in your mailbox concerning the change of a letter :D

Uncle Sergej - What about a steaming hot Rumsky?
I'm freezing my hands off putting the balls on the Christmas tree.

Tommi refused to participate since I'm not hanging any salami, hot dogs or other kind of Würstle on the tree :D
Reply Chris
12:55 PM on December 23, 2016 
NANU https://flic.kr/p/Nftx7s
wünscht auch Frohe Weihnacht.
Ganz schöne Beißerchen... ;)

TONJAs Kleines sieht super aus -
auch Eisbärinnen sind verschieden.
Tonja läuft zwar viel, aber sie versorgt
ihr Kind einwandfrei: das ist die Hauptsache!
Reply Mervi
12:45 PM on December 23, 2016 
Chris - You were lucky to see so much 'action'! :D

Britta-Gudrun - Tonja's baby is growing and developing very well. Oh bear, it already looks very 'polar beary'.

I wanted to send personal Christmas greetings to everybody but, of course, I didn't make it. Some of you have already received this card via email but I insert the link here for those who haven't seen it.


And here's a Christmas card from Alex, Ralf and Lady Pepper: