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Die Knuipe

The polar bear season is here!

Posted by Mervi on November 3, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Gudrun

Dear friends! The end of the previous thread was very sad - let's hope November will bring us also good and happy news. The Winter is - if not already here - around the corner .... It will be thrilling to see from which zoo we receive the first news of a furry baby bear.

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Reply DAVE
6:33 PM on November 26, 2016 
Good Evening.

I'm back from my side job. The lady(Sandi) that I was working for has a white husky named Misha, who stays at the kennels occasionally. When Misha saw me she started howling and was jumping up and down. Sandi said that she never does that for anyone else.

Thanks to Uncle Sergej for the two Knutsteiners. There was no chance for them to get warm.

It is raining now and the temp. is cold. My knee is not happy. Now to the BBQ and preparing dinner.

Have a Good Knight alle.
Reply Ludmila
4:06 PM on November 26, 2016 
We were outside. My feet got very cold :)
Reply Bärgit
2:52 PM on November 26, 2016 
Ludmila - I shall have the pleasure on Wednesday - but inside the little house, offering goodies that have come all the way from my beloved Pays Basque.

Mervi - Found your note and sent you one, too.

Yes, Dumba is right. Your collage Knuti with the lantern is a precious work of art.
Reply Ludmila
2:43 PM on November 26, 2016 
Hello friends!
I am sorry about Ilka's twins. I hope Malik's kids will survive.
A baby gorilla is cute

We were at the Christmas market today, It was great
Reply Chris
2:12 PM on November 26, 2016 
Reply Mervi
12:29 PM on November 26, 2016 
Dumba - Elke's relatives are very cute! :D - Thank you for your kind words about the new 'cover'. I like it myself, too. :D
Reply Dumba
12:00 PM on November 26, 2016 
MERVI - Just discovered the new cover-photo/-collage in 'KWM'.
How very charming and sweet KNUt is as 'kleiner Nachtwaechter' :)
mit Laterne und Birdies. Vielen Dank fuer diesen Seele schmeichelnden
Reply Mervi
11:57 AM on November 26, 2016 
Chris - Severin Freund won the ski jumping competition in Ruka, Finland. Congratulations! :D

Dave - Uncle Sergej will be waiting for you with a Knutsteiner! :D
Reply DAVE
11:23 AM on November 26, 2016 
Good Day.

TBM - Best wishes to you and TBV.

knuti-judi - I'm glad to hear that Juan was able to make it home for Thanksgiving. I hope that you and your buben had a nice dinner.

Last weekend I stayed with my friend and his family on Manitoulin Island. Friday was a beautiful day with sun and 20C temperatures, but Saturday it got colder and snowed. The past week has been grey and hovering around -5C.

This weekend will be filled with chores. Today I am off to a plumbing/electrical job and then tomorrow I have to get outdoor work done before Old Man Winter shows his ugly head.

I'll be back later for an ice cold Knutsteiner.

Have a nice Saturday.
Reply Mervi
11:11 AM on November 26, 2016 
Bärgit - Our suitcases are still in the cupboard but Mimmi and Nalle suspect something's going on. :D

Chris - It would be so wonderful if Malik's baby will make it. I've been watching the webcam several times but Malik is 'hiding' the baby or babies. It's possible there are two of them according to the Aalborg Zoo.
Reply Charming_BABIRUSA
11:10 AM on November 26, 2016 
Aren't they sweet!? - Some of ELKE's relatives (do you remember
ELKE the blue-eyed 'HirschEber-Dame in Zoo Berlin?


Reply Chris
11:04 AM on November 26, 2016 

Mervi - ich drücke Malik und Lars die Daumen für das Baby.
Schade, dass es Ilkas Babies nicht geschafft haben.

Its getting cooler now - seems, we are heading a frost period.
I think, we need the Eskimo outfit in the next days...
Reply Bärgit
9:51 AM on November 26, 2016 
Hello Dear Alle!

Mervi - Have your furry partners already been watching over the suitcases?

TBM & TBV - Besonders liebe Grüße und Gedanken zu euch in den hohen Norden!

knuti-judi - You've been having exciting times lately.
I'm glad to read Juan is doing better every day.
How come you're giving up your office space?

All Birthday Bears and Newborns - Best wishes and keep having a good time!
Reply Mervi
9:51 AM on November 26, 2016 
Knuti-Judi - Let's pray Malik's and Lars' baby (or babies) will make it! - I'm glad to hear Juan is doing fine!

I guess everybody's making preparations for the 1st Advent because it's very quiet here .... I hope you will come in later to enjoy a glass of Glühwein! :D
Reply knuti-judi
9:11 AM on November 26, 2016 
So many polar bear cubbies❣

Oh, joy❗️
Reply knuti-judi
9:10 AM on November 26, 2016 
Hallo, dears.....

Juan continues to do well....
Lots of rest to heal.....

I am sending you and TBV
many soft hugs....💛💛
Reply Mervi
6:16 AM on November 26, 2016 
You can follow Malik and her baby (Babies?) in Zoo Aalborg's webcam - camera 2:

Reply Mervi
4:57 AM on November 26, 2016 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - new baby bears are born in many zoos and, of course, in the wild. Please, watch over them!

Happy birthday wishes to Ewa, Lloyd, Hope, Nika and all the others having birthday today!

Ludmila - Ilka's twins didn't make it but Malik in Aalborg has given birth to at least one cub. I only saw a couple of photos in FB with not so much information ....

Bärgit - Thank you for the email. I'll answer it later today!

Chris - The 'puggle' is ever so cute! :D

Inge - The baby hippo is lovely! What a great, wonderful surprise for the keepers! - I hope Wapiti and Rose has eaten their breakfast by now. :D

Dumba - Because I hate shopping the Black Friday has a different meaning to me compared to many others. :D - Thanks for the hearty breakfast!

In KWM you can find Anita's report from Hellabrunn - this time it's all about the elephants. Now I wish everybody a nice Saturday!
Reply Ludmila
4:08 AM on November 26, 2016 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
It looks like Malik gave a birth to a baby. Lars is a father again :)
I keep my fingers cross for the baby
Reply Dumba
11:41 PM on November 25, 2016 
INGE aus Cph - Thank you very much for your charming announcemnet of the surprising birth of a hippo baby in your home zoo in Copenhagen. Not everybody will agree but as to my opinion hippos (babies and adults) are lovable creatures and when I saw the pictures and video I felt the longing to hug and cuddle mother and baby right away. Crazy!, no!?
I am so sorry for your friend (and in the same time for you!). Wishing everybody involved in the long forthcoming period of the healing process good nerves and much success. ALL THE BEST!

TEDDYBAERENMUTTI - I am so sorry to hear/read that TBV doesn't feel well.
I do cross my fingers for the both of you that you will be able to overcome this very hard time without lasting damages in body and soul! Sending you once more soft KNUTi-style hugs.

KNUDY - Hope your office removal actions went well and without remaining damages to your backs and furniture!

BAERGIT - Greetings back to the 'Ansbach'-gang ;)

Here is a light but YUMMY Saturday morning breakfast for you:

Enjoy and have an as pleasant Saturday as possible.
Hope nobody does feel 'shopaholic' (as MERVI did put it yesterday)
rather relaxed and fully at ease!

Thinking of HOPE and EWA today :)