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Die Knuipe

Welcome cool - but not chilly - Fall!

Posted by Mervi on August 29, 2016 at 6:55 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Doris Webb

Dear friends! As you all know by now I love the Fall and I'm happy to welcome this season again! Even our white fluffy friends are enjoying the cooler days while they're waiting for their favourite season - the Winter! :-) Fiete sent me lovely greetings which I want to share with you:

A cool Fall with Fiete and his friends

Knuti's Weekly Magazine


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Reply Ludmila
12:38 AM on September 21, 2016 
Happy Name Day!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
10:25 PM on September 20, 2016 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Nach dem finnischen kalender ist es heute Mervi´s Namenstag.
Viel Gleuck und alles Gute liebe MERVI!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
5:14 PM on September 20, 2016 
Dear Fatou - All the best.

OS - Bitte etwas beruhigendes am Theke.
Reply Its_a_Shame
5:14 PM on September 20, 2016 
Reply Inge aus Cph
5:13 PM on September 20, 2016 
Evening greetings from Copenhagen from Inge and cats
Reply Chris
4:34 PM on September 20, 2016 
Mmmh - und wie kommt nun so ein Gerücht in Umlauf ?
What a relief, to hear that Fatou is alive! :)
Reply Mervi
3:46 PM on September 20, 2016 
Sarsam - I hope Gandy is satisfied with his 'new clothes'. He should be - after all he has designed them himself. :D

Chris - Finland hasn't a very good team this time but, of course, Sweden is always a challenge they want to win. :D

Ludmila - Thank you for the good news! I hope you're having good meetings with your collegues ... and later this week you will meet the polar bears and bring them the present.
Reply Ludmila
3:22 PM on September 20, 2016 
Hello friends!
I read the posting of Dumba and asked UliS to check on Fatou. Fatou is alive.
Hugs to all
Reply Chris
2:01 PM on September 20, 2016 

Du hast noch so schöne Bilder von Fatou gemacht.
Es war ja irgendwann zu befürchten... :(

Yeo - auch schade um die Elefantenkuh im Tierpark...

tonight the "Knaller" between Finnland and Sweden !
I am curious who will win the game? :)
Reply Sarsam
1:54 PM on September 20, 2016 
Greetings from warm Massachusetts -- 29 C today and humid :-( Oh well, fall is to return later this week.

Annemarie and Yeo -- Thank you so much for the lovely postcard! Good to see you enjoying yourselves!

Mervi -- Gandy is almost finished with his re-feathering -- now instead of little feathers everywhere, there are feather casings :-)

Ralph -- Thank you for your most enjoyable reports!

Ludmila -- Glad to see you arrived safely in Moscow.

Paw waves and hugs to all..............................Semper Knut!
Reply Mervi
1:33 PM on September 20, 2016 
Yeo - It's sad that Dashi has left us but she reached a respectable age and I'm sure she had a good life in the Tierpark. - I wish you a relaxing evening after all the work in your garden.

Bärgit - I hope the tea from Uncle Sergej's samovar gave you lots of energy which most probably is needed walking two huskies with minds of their own. :D
Reply Bärgit
11:45 AM on September 20, 2016 
Hello Dear Alle!

Dumba - You put my on alert mode, but I couldn't find any discomforting news on Fatou either.
I watched her on your pics and I can easily understand the news struck you like a lightning from a bright sky.

Oh my, now it's more than one..... Paws crossed you'll manage to get rid of them.

Mervi - Thank you very much for the timid sun rays you sent down to my home :D

Ralph - I enjoyed your report a lot.
Short but vivid - an excellent briefing. Thank you.
Have your new bears already made themselves feel at home in our place?

The tea in Raspi's Samowar is a good way to get motivated for taking the 'boys' out later on. I can almost hear them howling at our friend's place :D
Reply Yeo
11:36 AM on September 20, 2016 
Hello, dear all!

A little peekaboo. :)

@ Ralph
I wish you pleasant days in Berlin! Thank you for your report!

Heute ist es in Berlin deutlich kühler - der Herbst ist nun wirklich da. Ich habe heute einiges im Garten gemacht: Verblühte Blumen abgeschnitten, Sträucher beschnitten, Zweige geschreddert und natürlich Laub geharkt. Nun kann ich mit gutem Gewissen hier ´reinschauen.

Eben habe ich gelesen, dass die afrikanische Elefantenkuh Dashi aus dem Berliner Tierpark gestorben ist. Sie ist ca. 48 Jahre alt geworden.

RIP Dashi

I wish you all a pleasant evening!
Reply Mervi
11:04 AM on September 20, 2016 
Ralph - Thank you for the further reports from Berlin and Bremerhaven! It's always great to hear your impressions.

Dumba - I haven't found anything either so I hope our old lady Fatou is still going strong. - I'll try the new link soon. - Already six years have gone since Mr Opitz passing ..... - Good luck with the 'mouse project'. I hope there will be a happy end for both of you.

Knuti-Judi, Teddybärenmutti - Are you ready for the afternoon tea or coffee?
Reply Teddybärenmutti
9:30 AM on September 20, 2016 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Hier gibt´s so viel Nachrichten.
R.I.P. liebe Fatou.
Dumba - Du arme mit Maus/Ratte Familie. Hoffentlich bekommst Du bald Hilfe.

Ralph - Danke fuer Eisbärraport. Sehr imposant..

Hier ist sehr warm, sonnig. aber Nächte sind schon kalte.
Reply knuti-judi
8:48 AM on September 20, 2016 
Hallo, dears.....

Looks like the ☀️ is returning
here this morning...

Thanks for filling us in on
the highlights of your trip!
Enjoy your upcoming week!

Glad to hear you arrived safely!

Happy Autumn all!🍁🍂🌽🎃🍁
Reply Dumba
7:46 AM on September 20, 2016 
RALPH - Thank you very much for the LILI-VALESKA-report.
Also short reports - even without pics - are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!
KATJUSCHA's rubbing her beautiful head against the visitors' window
right in front of you was - of course - a real GIFT. Wasn't it!?

MERVI - Just made a check because of the comment-function.
First it worked - then when I tried to make another comment
the necesssary window didn't pop-up.
That's why I made another time the link.
With this new link, which is effectively made of the same signs as those before
it worked - at least when I made a test:


Good luck! - and thanks for the three comments you made so far :)

BITTA-GUDRUN - Diese Aufzieh-EULE mit dem witzigen Titel 'OWL you need is love' ist so suess!
Danke fuer den Link.
'Die Jagd auf die HausMAUS(?) scheint sich schwieriger zu gestalten als gedacht.
'Das Biest' will nicht in den Eimer klettern. Ausserdem sind's inzwischen schon mindestens 2 (!!)
und ausserdem halte ich es inzwischen tatsaechlich fuer moeglich, dass es sich auch um kleine Ratten handeln koennte. . . Meine Versuche an 'Lebend-Maeuse-Fallen' zu kommen, waren bis jetzt alle erfolglos. Weder 'DM', noch 'McGeiz' (an die ich verwiesen worden war) haben welche und zwei ZooGeschaefte, auf die ich gehofft hatte, haben inzwischen 'Dicht gemacht'. Meine Hoffnung sind nun zwei Nachbarinnen, die eventuell noch etwas in ihrem Bestand finden koennten. . . . Hoffentlich findet bis dahin nicht die wundersame Maeuse-/Ratten-Vermehrung statt. . . Meine Hausverwaltung hat sich, trotz sofortiger Meldung, ueberhaupt nocht nicht gemeldet! . . . Jetzt muss ich dauernd jede Tuer hinter mir schliessen, um wenigstens zu verhindern, dass sich die (eine eventuelle Maues-/Ratten-)Schar nicht in meiner ganzen Wohnung ausbreitet. . . Aber die sind ja so schlau, dass es mich gar nicht wundern wuerde, wenn da schon ueberall welche hocken und sich ins Faeustchen lachen wuerden . . . ;)

- - -

Some minutes ago I got near to a shock. Somebody told
me FATOU had passed away (or was put down).
I made a search, as I couldn't believe it as she looked so well on Sunday.
I am near to sure that this was a mix up:
Making the search, headlines popped up concerning the death
of GIGI (FATOU's friend) some years ago. I believe this is
in connection with 'the remembrance day of Mr. OPITZ'
who did die already 6 years ago (!?)
Reply ralph
7:28 AM on September 20, 2016 
to see if she would come out.
Sunday was Bremerhaven (after a long bus and train journey there and back which saved on two nights in a hotel)
Lili could not swim when I went there in April. Now she was hardly ever out of the water. She was determined to get something that was under the cliff and spent the whole day diving again and again. The only worrying development is that she has the occasional head turn that Vilma also has. It seems to be a reaction to being frustrated, especially by closed doors.
Mother Valeska is quite happy to wrestle with Lili, which seems to be a good beginning to a long and leisurely feed.
I also saw for the first time, Lloyd swimming past the glass viewing screen. He also demonstrated how he communicates with his keeper, Herr Grunert.
A great day.
I am not sure how I will do a report but will be back in the Library on Thursday.
Reply ralph
6:35 AM on September 20, 2016 
Just got time to add a bit more.
Of course Kati was my favourite bear as usual but there were some other great moments.
Tonja is a really happy large Polar Bear (thinking Momma Cass!). But at 330 on Saturday when the bears were going in, Aika tried to follow her into her door. Tonja turned and made the longest sweetest Klageruf I have ever heard. Not a growl, just a heartfelt warning. Aika realised this and simply backed off without growling.
Wolodja just loves his Mulchbett. But he also loves Tonja and kept checking out her door
Reply Mervi
6:10 AM on September 20, 2016 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - it looks like the Fall is finally here. I have nothing against it! :D

Chris - Draisaitl did it again - he scored in overtime and the Team Europe won the game! I'm really impressed by the Europeans and you must be proud of your guys. :D

Ralph - Doris gave me a crystal cube with Knut and it's, of course, a dear treasure for me. - Thank you for the report from Berlin. Oh bear, you can look forward a real polar bear marathon now! I'm sure seeing Kati so close to you was the highlight of your visit.

Britta-Gudrun - Owl you need is love! How cute! :D

Inge - Our okapi lady keeps us waiting .... let's hope she will soon give birth to a healthy baby.

In Hellabrunn Giovanna and Yoghi are living a peaceful life. You can read and see more in KWM in Anita's report. I wish everybody a very pleasant Tuesday!