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Die Knuipe

Apple and Cherry Blossom Time

Posted by Mervi on March 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut photo by Hartmuth

Dear friends! I hope the apple and cherry blossoms will cheer you up even during sad and bad times. I'm sure our magic bear will help you, too!

I have made a little Easter story for you - just couldn't resist .....

Fiete's Easter Adventure / Fietes österliches Abenteuer

Knuti's Weekly Magazine


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Reply Chris
2:22 AM on April 15, 2016 

We have rain here - the plants enjoy it.
When I look outside, I have the "green
hell" back in my garden. I love the fresh
green leaves and the smell of wet soil. :)

Mervi - Johns underwater pics are spectacular! :)
Mr. President Aphun has a lot of fun with pink ball.
Lili greets https://flic.kr/p/FmfxVs from HB to Alaska.

I have an interesting "near view" to Saturns rings.
********** http://tinyurl.com/h5jr8xh **********
The little gap between the rings is 5000 km wide.
How small is mother earth compared to that giant.

Wishing everybody a short working day and a good
start to the coming (cool and wet) weekend. I am
happy, that I enjoyed the sun yesterday. :)

Mervi - is your blood pressure normal, or
has the "Reisefieber" already started ? ;)
Reply Mervi
4:48 PM on April 14, 2016 
Ludmila - I can hardly wait to hear the band playing! :D

Chris - Swans are very protective and also very determined. It's no good to upset them! - You had a wonderful day by the river. Let's hope we will see many 'grimme ellinger' later on.

Inspired by the cat band Uncle Sergej made us a Meowito! :D
Reply Chris
4:13 PM on April 14, 2016 

We had a very nice afternoon and evening, no wind and warm sun.
At first I met the old lady at the river and had some nice talking. :)

Then I was on birding tour on the other side of the river.
The nightingales sang, first swallows are visible and
the swans are breeding. Daddy swan chased an :)
other pair away - they were to close to the nest.
Inbetween a couple of days all trees are green.
After sunset you hear a great bird concert! :)

Ludmila - the grey tomcat was here again.
This time Lea noticed him at the front porch.
But there was no interest on both sides. ;)
I think, Mr. Tomcat prefers younger girls.

Mervi - first apple trees try to bloom.
I think, next week they are ready. :)

Sarsam - belated birthday wishes to Lloyd.
I didn´t know, that he had his "Wiegenfest".
I hope, my article about Delaware finds your
interest - what do you think about the case?
By the way, I´ve found a third swan nest, but
they only have one egg - maybe more are on
the way? :) I need a strong drink from U.S.
- I am a bit tired now.
Reply Ludmila
3:29 PM on April 14, 2016 
A kiss of Beau is surely sweet :)
I think Katharina has a nice time now. She surely writes in the afternoon :) She has a black cat as a visitor.
I am sending the best wishes to Lloyd. :)
Uwe let Wasja out in the afternoon. I was curious why Ferdi was sitting under the tree, I found out that Wasja was on the tree. He started crying as I came to the tree. Now Ferdi and Wasja are inside. Minka does not let me to touch her. Sydney likes to stay outside now.
Yesterday we had no time for the party for Fatou. Annemarie and her breakfast team found a wonderful band for tomorrow. I think we will have fun :)
Reply Mervi
3:04 PM on April 14, 2016 
Dumba - I just realized I've already walked with you. :D - The 'graffiti' on the old door looks very nice!

Bärgit - My boots are made for walking but I'm not quite sure which coat to wear. According to the weather forecast it's going to be sunny but not so warm. Maybe my duffel coat would be the best choice. It would be so much easier if we had a natural fur!! :D
Reply Bärgit
2:34 PM on April 14, 2016 
Hello Dear Alle!

Mervi, Ralph - I wish I could put on my traveling boots, also.
Have fun meeting the cubbies and their parents!

Dumba - Thank you for your special links.
A very first glance at the album made me recognise quite some places.
You sure know how to keep my Berlin fever going.
Before having a closer look, Tommili likes to take me out, and then the deskman is going to call me in to spend some time exclusively with him.
And Ms Iron is waiting in line, too :D

Ludmila - Katharina knows how to connect 'das Angenehme mit dem Nützlichen'.
Wishing her all the best for her doctoral thesis!

Leti - Gentle hugs to you.
Reply Dumba
2:03 PM on April 14, 2016 

A most unpleasant dark day finally comes to an end.
But who were we did we not see still something positive!?
Did you ever see a more friendly odd old wooden door before?


That's my today's joy. If you want, please join me! ;) :)
Reply Mervi
2:02 PM on April 14, 2016 
Patricia - Congratulations for being number 500! Your glorious prize is a mega big jar of majonnaise - of course, delivered by Uncle Sergej followed by sweet Beau meowing his favourite song for you. Who could possibly hope for more?! :D

Sarsam - This really is a great season for KWM! :D

Christine - I'm sure your husband saw lots of exotic birds in Costa Rica.
Reply Sarsam
1:56 PM on April 14, 2016 
Greetings from sunny Massachusetts! Gardening weather :-) Hope to do some this weekend.

Mervi -- KWM is full of great articles -- thank you!

Dumba and Mervi -- Lloyd thanks you very much for your best wishes!

Leti -- Very good to hear from you again!

Patricia -- You and Beau seem to be having a love affair :-) :-)

Ralph -- Fantastic that you are going to Hamburg and Bremerhaven. Wishing you good weather and a wonderful time.

Ludmila -- Hmmm, I hope Katharina will be able to concentrate on her writing in such a great place :-) I agree with Knuti-Judy that you must be very proud of your daughter.
Minka definitely has "Minkatude" -- you could write a book about her hilarious antics!

Paw waves to all......................................Semper Knut!
Reply patricia roberts
12:35 PM on April 14, 2016 
Yes, I DO!!! and Mervi, what is my special reward for that???? Most probably, a big kiss of little Beau and I know in advance that I am going to love that kissie.
Thank you for publishing and sharing so mach articles with us.
Reply patricia roberts
12:33 PM on April 14, 2016 
Kuckuck, do I have 500 now?
Reply Christine Chinni
12:28 PM on April 14, 2016 
Hello, and happy Thursday, dear alle!

Tonight, my knusband returns from 11 days in Costa Rica on a birding trip!
Reply Mervi
11:06 AM on April 14, 2016 
In KWM you'll find now wonderful photos of MS PRESIDENT AHPUN in Alaska.
Reply Mervi
10:58 AM on April 14, 2016 
Ludmila - Let's hope Minka has forgotten the 'treatment' yesterday. :D

Chris - Oh bear, what amount of stars! I hope my comment in your blog isn't yellow this time .... :D - Hmmm, the distance between Malmö and Lycksele is about 1400 km so I don't think it's very likely we will visit the zoo. There are three little brownies in Copenhagen which is much closer to us. :D

Knuti-Judi - Even though we've decided to see even other animals than polar bears I guess we'll be spending most of the time with Fiete. :D
Reply Chris
9:32 AM on April 14, 2016 
Reply Chris
8:55 AM on April 14, 2016 

The sun is back in Frankfurt - so it looks like a nice afternoon. :)

Mervi - maybe the brown fur balls are your next destination after Rostock? ;)

Leti - I am glad, that you are back. The first year of grieve is always difficult.
Your mother was a beloved person, so it was good, to have all her
friends and relatives together at your place now. :)

Ralph - how nice, that you will visit the birthtown of my mother!
Reply knuti-judi
8:54 AM on April 14, 2016 
Hallo, dears on this ☀️☀️
Thursday morning....

Happy Birthday, Mafame Fatou!

Hugs to you, Leti and Patricia

I am excited for you!
I remember the Buben
as the first cubbies I saw...

I will have to look into
that author.

Your trip will be a joy!
Reply Ludmila
8:39 AM on April 14, 2016 
It is a hard time for you. I am very sorry about your loss.
It is great that you will visit Hamburg and Bremerhaven. I will be happy to see your pictures :)
I wish you a nice time with your friends of UNICEF
I read a book of John Katzenbach "Hart's war". It is interesting
It was surelly thrilling. I missed a first outing
Minka has the first ticks this year. We bought the drops against the ticks and the fleas. Yesterday I managed to treat 4 cats. Minka sat outside and wanted inside. I asked Uwe to make the drops ready for Minka. I opened the door, Minka came inside and said something very unfriendly to me, then she run away and hid under my bed. In the night she came to me and purred next to me. In the morning she vanished again :)
Reply ralph
6:49 AM on April 14, 2016 
Dear Leti

Your remembering your mother reminds me that I am also thinking of Mother Ursula as it
is already 4 months since she passed away. Of course the house is full of her and my father and it is very much as if they are still there. I like to think that she is enjoying the Polar Bears.
Reply Mervi
5:41 AM on April 14, 2016 
Oh bear, the small brownies first outing was wonderful to see! First the keepers carried the cubs to the enclosure. They had a vet check and 'chipping' before they came out. After a while mama bear Sissi came out, too, and hurried to take care of her cubs - one boy and three girls. It's still possible to see them ....

Ralph - It's very wise to have a 'flexible' plan since we never know what the weather conditions will be. We can't even be sure to see what we want to see ..... I wish you a great time in Germany and hope you will meet Lili, Valeska and Lloyd. I'm looking forward to your report. KWM is a magazine where the written reports are as much appreciated as the photos! However, a couple of pics would be great. Don't worry about the quality!

Leti - I'm sure you had a nice memorial service for your mother. It was good to have so many friends and relatives with you on that special day.