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Beary New Year 2016!

Posted by Mervi on December 28, 2015 at 10:55 AM


Dear friends! It's time to thank you all for the year 2015. It has again been a year with both sad and happy news - just like every previous year. I had planned to make a summary of what happened during the year but it proved to be a mission impossible. Instead I published some new year cards from our fluffy friends with just a few words .....

Time for 'thank yous' for the year 2015


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Reply Leti
4:16 AM on January 25, 2016 
Happy Birthday Knutitours.
Dear Mervi-Thanks for everything.
Reply patricia roberts
4:13 AM on January 25, 2016 
Dear Mervi, CONGRATULATIONS for the Anniversary of Knutitours. After all these years, still strong and young and this thanks to all your efforts.
Reply Dumba
11:19 PM on January 24, 2016 

Dear MERVI - here is your well deserved AWARD:

Even tough today it's a rather 'warm' and rainy day (at least in the CCC),
please make sure to keep yourself warm in order to avoid any signs of COLD !

Have a successful and mainly pleasant new week EVERYBODY
Reply Chris
6:29 PM on January 24, 2016 
LARSSON gratuliert
https://flic.kr/p/CtuATq :)
Tante MERVI zum Jubiläum!

Und ANTONIA wünscht
https://flic.kr/p/Daniw3 :)
allen eine gute Nacht...
Reply Ludmila
6:00 PM on January 24, 2016 
I am here for the chat and tea with honey
It was a long drive home. We managed to arrive on time for the new Barnaby :)
Reply knuti-judi
5:08 PM on January 24, 2016 
Good evening, dears...❤️

Not a snowflake on the ground
in my town...but if you drive a
short distance, one can find a
bit of the white stuff...we were

How about a cozy chat by the
fire at table 5? I've brought
some hot honeyed 🍯🍯 tea for
Patricia and Briita-Gudrun....
And anyone else, of course!
Reply Bärgit
4:49 PM on January 24, 2016 
Ludmila - Wow - Jena isn't that close to Nürnberg!
Distances shrink when Uwe and Ludmila are determined to meet Polar friends!
I'm bowing my head.
Reply Ludmila
4:17 PM on January 24, 2016 
Hello folks!
We visited Vera and Charlotte today.
I wish you a speed recovery
Reply Christine Chinni
2:54 PM on January 24, 2016 
Patricia, I am sure Uncle Sergei has a libation that will help you!

Dear Alle, I raise my glass to you!
Reply Dumba
2:53 PM on January 24, 2016 
PATRICIA NIGHTINGALE - wishing you hot dreams in order your cold will turn tail and flee ;)
Hope the Kersenpittenkussentje will do a good job in addition!
See once more the 'KIRSHCKERNKISSEN'
that were on display at my local pharmacie
during the Christmas season:

BRITTA-GUDRUN - Am besten pflueckst Du Dir auch welche der tierischen Kirschkernkissen aus dem Schaufenster und legst sie Dir angewaermt auf geeignete Koerperstellen :)

Gute Besserung Euch beiden und allen, die es sonst noch noetig haben!
Reply Chris
2:46 PM on January 24, 2016 
:) 666 :)
Reply Chris
2:46 PM on January 24, 2016 
Patricia und Britta Gudrun - gute Besserung!

Mervi - ich trinke heute mal einen IC mit. :)
Morgen ist großes Jubiläum von Knutitours.

TBM - gutes weiterschlummern... ;)
Reply Teddybärenmutti
2:38 PM on January 24, 2016 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Britta-Gudrun, Patricia - Baldige Besserung..

Ich bin fast ganzen Tag geschlafen. Schnell zurueck ins Mulch.
Reply Mervi
2:32 PM on January 24, 2016 
Britta-Gudrun - I hope you can rest - it's the best cure.

Patricia - Sorry to hear you've caught a cold, too. Hopefully the "kersenpittenkussentje" will make you sleep like a knuby. It's wise to consult a doctor because there's an influensa epidemy going on so the 'cold' may be a 'flu'. I wish you a speedy recovery!

Bärgit - I wonder if there's a recording of 'Shake your boomsie' available? It would certainly be right on the money. :D
Reply Bärgit
2:17 PM on January 24, 2016 
Mervi - Since it's CREA-Dance it's about time to come up with paws high up and turning jumps to the left ......
Wonder which music would fit?

Britta-Gudrun - I'm sending a messenger with a hot water bottle.
Reply patricia roberts
2:17 PM on January 24, 2016 
Good evening Dear All, who wants to have a little present from me??? A very nasty cold!!! ATSCH, I see: nobody wants it. AH well, who can blame you!!! I am the last person on earth to do so.
Yesterday morning, when I woke up, everything was still fine, so I started the cleaning job and the cooking plans. Later in the afternoon, I discovered that my favorite neighbour was suffering of a cold and therefore brought him home-made soup and half of my dinner. And 3 hours later, I was becoming sick too (and I did NOT kiss him!!!). So, tomorrow, I will call my doctor.
I hope that all is OK with Sarsam, Knuti-Judy and Christine.
And now, I will warm my "kersenpittenkussentje" and go to bed.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:43 PM on January 24, 2016 
Hi everyone,.
Thank you for your good wishes
I feel a little bit better, but I'm not fit yet, but baby don't care!
Reply Mervi
1:42 PM on January 24, 2016 
Christine - I guess the weather conditions are good since you're going out.

Bärgit - Maybe next Sunday you'll be dancing BEARtrot? :D

Chris - The stars are fantastic! - I'll have a large IC! :D
Reply Bärgit
12:43 PM on January 24, 2016 
Hi Chris - für mich bitte ohne!
Reply Chris
11:52 AM on January 24, 2016 

Ich war heute etwas draußen.
Es ist gar nicht mehr kalt.
Abends singen schon
die Vögelein. :)

Ich hoffe, alle hatten einen
gemütlichen Sonntag. :)

Um das Grau etwas aufzuhellen
http://tinyurl.com/h7m5s24 :)
hier noch ein paar Sternchen.

I need a strong tea with Schuß.