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Die Knuipe

A well nourished bear is a happy bear!

Posted by knutitours on November 6, 2008 at 4:53 PM

Originalphoto by Gina, Knuipe by Viktor


A growing bear needs lots to eat - it's a wellknown fact and our dear Waiter luckily has a very healthy appetite. That's why the theme of this week is food - plenty of food.

Teddyb?renmutti has written part III of Flocke's visit in Berlin and of course, here, too food plays a very central role!

Flocke besucht Knut - Teil III

Flocke visits Knut - Part III

The photo of the happy Knuti was taken by Viktor.

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Reply Gitta und Dusty
11:22 AM on November 11, 2008 
Of course, I have voted for TD and Dusty too. <br> <br>Mervi, please put the link into rbb blog!!
Reply Luisa
11:20 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">SARAH - I also can not believe that has one person more loved that the Dream Team. <br>Unfortunately slimming tea is not tasty as wine. It is made of 21 herbal tea, I'm taking is 5 days, but I don´t know if slim but I am attending the bathroom many times a day! hihihi</span><img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
Reply Mervi
11:18 AM on November 11, 2008 
Sarah, Marina, Luisa, I knew you woul vote immediately! Well, the plumber came and our Fearless Viking hid under the bed just as I guessed - but meowed very loud and clear that he didn't like it! Sarah, I like your slimming tea!
Reply Sarah - London
11:16 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:indigo;">Marina - Oh yes - it's a working day here - just the two minute silence at 11am which I observed (the phone did ring but I just glared at it!). Are you sure the Knusband cannot help with your Knuputor .... he has a fast bike and could be with you quickly ........ it could be broken by dinner time!</span>
Reply Marina
11:10 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">Vote sent too! <br> <br>Hello Sarah - working on Poppy Day?</span>
Reply Luisa
11:07 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:red;">MERVI - You put the vote on other blogs? We need to show everyone that Knut is the face of Berlin! I vote too!</span>
Reply Sarah - London
10:59 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:indigo;">Good afternoon dear Knuipians! <br> <br>I have been voting for dear TD - who is this Harald chap who has more votes than TD and our Knuti - it is not possible!! <br> <br>Loved reading the blog today - nothing better than being in PJs and eating (food does not count when you are in PJs) - (same as being on holiday - food and alcohol units do not count) - also liked all the kilos floating around the atmosphere! Hope that they all landed up in the right places! <br> <br>Luisa - what is slimming tea - is that like a nice cool glass of white wine - I will assume so! <br> <br>Mervi - I hope that the plumber came eventually and that he did not upset King Miffe. When the man came to read our electricity meter he used to have a note on his computer saying "Beware of the big black cat under the stairs" as George used to hide there and then scare the man. Oh well, it won't be long until there is a new note on their computer! <br> <br>Happy Tuesday to all. <br> <br>love Sarah xx</span>
Reply Mervi
10:19 AM on November 11, 2008 
Hello again! In Bild.de you can vote for the most legendary Berliner - among of the candidates you'll find Thomas Dörflein and Knuti. You can vote here: <br> <br><a href="http://www.bild.de/BTO/1bto-elemente/bildervoting/111108-di
e-legendaersten-berliner/voting.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><b>The most legendary Berliner</b></a> <br> <br>
Reply knuti-judi
7:55 AM on November 11, 2008 
Good morning, Waiter...yes, coffee would be fine! And a hug would be finer! <br> <br>Hallo, alle...it is sunny and very cool here this morning...I have enjoyed reading all the postings from all of you this a.m....very cute...altho' I read them backward...that was fun, too... <br> <br>Hope you all are having a pleasant day...an idealic day for me would be just as you say....I would remain in my pajamas (pink with panda bears), drink coffee and eat cake and read (books & blogs)....I would like that today...but, alas, I must get ready for work....see you all later! xo k-j <br> <br>
Reply Marina
5:03 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">Kilos sending over. 10 are OK. If more, I would begin to be a bit plumpy <img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
Reply Teddybärenmutti
4:49 AM on November 11, 2008 
Marina! How many kilos You want? I want sent soon today. But at first many kilos hugs to all especially our dear waiter and his so sear girlfriend!
Reply Mervi
4:45 AM on November 11, 2008 
Marina, I want to donate you lots of kilos!! Unfortunately I think - just like our Knuti - that inner beauty means full stomach! <img alt="tongue" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/tongue.gif"&
gt; <br> <br>Luisa, Hello there! We don't need any slimming tea - we send our extra kilos to Marina! <img alt="big grin" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/biggrin.gif"
> <br> <br>Gitta und Dusty, I agree - it's most difficult to say no to yammy things when it's cold outside and it's so warm and cosy to sit in one's favourite chair, read a good book and EAT!!! <img alt="wink" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/wink.gif">
; <br> <br>Teddybärenmutti, Cheer up! It will be Friday before you even notice it! <img alt="big grin" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/biggrin.gif"
Reply Marina
4:38 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">Luisa and Gitta - ok send 10 kilos to me </span><img alt="big grin" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/biggrin.gif"
Reply Gitta und Dusty
4:16 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:orange;"><b>Luisa</b>, yes, five kilos from me too.<img alt="big grin" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/biggrin.gif"
></span> <br><span style="color:green;">Now the sun is shining again; it is like in April. <br>Have a nice day, everybody! Til later!</span>
Reply Luisa
4:11 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:orange;">Good morning </span> <br> <br><span style="color:olive;">MARINA - I am among computer, to take coffee, bathing, to dress, everything at the same time, and nor I lose this weight... I would give happy 5 kilos for you! </span> <br> <br><span style="color:indigo;">Waiter I can have a coffee I don't tolerate more slimming tea!!!!</span>
Reply Marina
3:57 AM on November 11, 2008 
<span style="color:red;">Oops! too fast! <br> <br>Luisa - are you awake?</span>