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Die Knuipe

A well nourished bear is a happy bear!

Posted by knutitours on November 6, 2008 at 4:53 PM

Originalphoto by Gina, Knuipe by Viktor


A growing bear needs lots to eat - it's a wellknown fact and our dear Waiter luckily has a very healthy appetite. That's why the theme of this week is food - plenty of food.

Teddyb?renmutti has written part III of Flocke's visit in Berlin and of course, here, too food plays a very central role!

Flocke besucht Knut - Teil III

Flocke visits Knut - Part III

The photo of the happy Knuti was taken by Viktor.

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Reply Marina
12:23 PM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">Hellooooo! <br>I'm home already in PJ's and cream on my face <img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
Reply Mervi
12:12 PM on November 12, 2008 
Gitta und Dusty, I knew you would have something yammy with you! No, dear Waiter, we don't have to cook the brown vegetables.... <br> <br>Luisa, Oh yes, the EU only deals with important matters! <br> <br>Sarah, I hope the knusband survived the visit at the vet. Maybe a Scotch on the rocks served by Gussie can make him feel better!
Reply Luisa
11:37 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:red;">MERVI - crooked cucumbers??? It is very important!!!<img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
Reply Sarah - London
11:36 AM on November 12, 2008 
Good afternoon dear Knuipians (with and without vegetables!) <br> <br>Must rush - tonight is "jab" night at the vet - who is the worst patient - yes the knusband (Marina - please don't hurt yourself laughing - I cannot be held responsible for this) - yes the knusband will be standing in the corner all shaking and upset! <br> <br>Hopefully we can check back in later for a restoring glass of something! <br> <br>Happy Hump Day! <br> <br>Best wishes to Patricia - take care and Bea - look after your hand! <br> <br>xxx from London
Reply Gitta und Dusty
11:30 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:darkred;">Croissants, croissants, croissants!!!!</span> <br> <br><span style="color:green;">Brown Belgian Vegetables, Brown Belgian Vegetables!!!</span> <br> <br><span style="color:orange;">Bier, Bier, Bier</span> <br> <br><span style="color:blue;">Servez-vous, mesdames et messieurs!! Il y en a assez!!!!!<img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
Reply Mervi
11:06 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:red;">Luisa, They will win!!!!</span> <img alt="big grin" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/biggrin.gif"
> <br> <br><span style="color:darkblue;">I just read some very good news (!!). EU is going to allow even crooked cucumbers! I'm so glad they are dealing with really important matters!!</span>
Reply Luisa
10:58 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:red;">MERVI - We (I mean the dream team) is 13,12% more and continues to rising ... <br>I also read Dumb and Yeo, they had an enviable time with Knut. </span>
Reply Mervi
10:40 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:darkred;">Finally home!!! Can you imagine - I had to work at my work today! That's outrageous!! Well, now I have the whole evening. Almost whole evening because I have to watch an icehockey game on TV. My team are playing in their brand new stadium for the first time. Unfortunately all the tickets were sold out in 15 minutes....</span> <br> <br><span style="color:darkblue;">Yeo, Luisa, Josefine, Danielle, Marina, Well done! I don't know how many times I've voted but last time I checked our Dream Team is ahead with about 10 % of all votes!</span> <br> <br><span style="color:green;">Gitta und Dusty, Are you back from Belgium? I guess you bougth lots of brownish Belgian vegetables!</span> <br> <br><span style="color:brown;">Josefine, Yet another Knuipian who speaks Finnish. Teddybärenmutti and I will soon be writing our stories only in Finnish! Isn't that good news???</span> <br> <br><span style="color:blue;">Knuti-Judi, My guess is that our Knuipe will soon be filled with all kinds of bags and suitcases....</span> <br> <br><span style="color:green;">Annemarie, Let's have a drink after a loooong day!</span> <br> <br><span style="color:darkblue;">Everybody, If you haven't read Yeo's and Dumba's (in Englis, too) zoo reports on Knuti's blog from yesterday - do it! Simply hilarious!</span>
Reply Luisa
10:35 AM on November 12, 2008 
MARINA - No siesta for me, too! Poor girls!<img alt="sad" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/sad.gif">
Reply Marina
9:43 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">Luisa - no siesta for me <img alt="sad" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/sad.gif">
<br>I'm pretending to work hihihi!!!</span>
Reply Annemarie
9:29 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:red;">Luisa:</span> My office time is over and I go home now. <br>Till later for a drink or two. <br>Bear Hugs, Annemarie
Reply Luisa
8:58 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">MARINA - Everybody is doing the siesta? I'm green ... of envy and hunger!<img alt="dry" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/dry.gif">
Reply Marina
8:16 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:green;">Luisa - the Waiter is having a siesta <img alt="tongue" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/tongue.gif"&
Reply Marina
8:14 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:blue;">Luisa - soy aqui <img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
Reply knuti-judi
7:56 AM on November 12, 2008 
Good morning, Waiter! Guess what? In just three weeks from today I will be seeing you in person (in bear?) in the fur! Oh, joy....coffee for everyone, please....and the usual crumbs to go with.... <br> <br>Happy Hump Day and keep voting for the dreamteam! xo k-j
Reply Luisa
7:52 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="font-size:18px"><span style="color:indigo;">WAITER, WAITER , WHERE ARE YOU? <br> <br>WHERE ARE EVERYBODY?</span></span>
Reply Marina
5:33 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:darkblue;">Ola Luisa! <br>The kilos do not want to be put on me <img alt="sad" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/sad.gif">
Reply Luisa
4:20 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="font-size:18px"><b><span style="color:orange;">Good morning </span></b></span> <br> <br><span style="color:indigo;">Waiter what you make soon with the ball? Ah.. you are workout! Do you want to get right the head of Mr. B.??? <img alt="oh my" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/ohmy.gif">
; and <img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
t;Oh! don't make that my dear, he will be furious and we don't want that, we just want him to be far! </span> <br><span style="color:indigo;">Give me a coffee and later become trained me to play also. </span> <br> <br><span style="color:darkred;">GITTA - Are you going shopping???? My God, the economy is again in danger!!!! </span> <img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
t; <br> <br><span style="color:red;">MERVI </span>and<span style="color:green;"> YEO </span>- I<span style="color:red;"> also have the aching pulse of voting and I am happy that our dream team is in the top. Until when will it go the voting?<img alt="?" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/question.gif
"></span> <br> <br><span style="color:darkblue;">SARAH - Does the gang already workout to attack inopportune visitors? Star hates plumber or any other stranger and she does like Miffie, hides below of the bed and meows so high that the visitor believes that I maintain a tiger at home!<img alt="big grin" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/biggrin.gif"
> </span> <br> <br><span style="color:green;">JOSEPHINE - How are Pipper? I send a Spanish Ola for her. </span> <br> <br><span style="color:olive;">MARINA - Why the kilos that I sent didn't diffuse still? I continue with them !!! <img alt="sad" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/sad.gif">
</span> <br> <br><span style="color:blue;">PATRICIA - All the thoughts with you today, remember I will be take your hands in thought</span>. <br> <span style="color:darkred;"> <br>BEA - Improvements to you. Rest enough! BH </span> <br> <br><span style="color:green;">EVA - I am missing! I have the crossed fingers so that its computer is soon OK. </span> <br> <br><span style="color:brown;">RETTA - How are you? I also miss. Great hug and wish of days with many cheer.</span> <br> <br><span style="color:blue;">VIKTOR - So you come back on time of a Knusteiner in Knuipe? </span> <br> <br><span style="color:olive;">ALLYSON - Como estás? E Oso é melhorado? BH</span> <br> <br><span style="color:indigo;">ANNEMARIE</span>, <span style="color:darkred;">DORO II</span>, <span style="color:darkblue;">KNUTI-JUDY</span>, <span style="color:orange;"><b>DETA</b></span>, <span style="color:green;">LEAF OMABA LEAF</span>,<b><span style="color:violet;"> ROSEMARY, </span></b>T<span style="color:red;">EDDYBARENMUTTI</span>, <b><span style="color:cyan;">DANIELLE</span></b>,<span style="color:blue;">AFRODITI</span>, <span style="color:olive;">ERIKA</span> - <span style="font-size:18px"><span style="color:indigo;">great hug to you and have a nice and very good day. </span></span>
Reply Marina
4:07 AM on November 12, 2008 
<span style="color:indigo;">Hello Knuipians <img alt="smile" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/smile.gif"&g
t; <br> <br>Patricia - I hope you're OK. We think of you. All fingers ands paws crossed. Give some news as soon as you're back home. <br> <br>Gitta - always on the road! Dusty must be overjoyed to go for a trip with Mum! Have a good day! <br> <br>My lovely Waiter - yes I know only crumbs left <img alt="lol" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/laugh.gif"&g
t; Give me a big hug, it's rainy and chilly <img alt="sad" src="http://images.freewebs.com/Images/Smilies/Round/sad.gif">
and a big mug with very black coffee please.</span>
Reply Danielle
3:54 AM on November 12, 2008 
Good morgning, Knuipians! <br>Good morning, Waiter! <br> <br>Did you all read that our waiter is a great ball-player? Yesterday he won against at least four <a href="mailto: girls! <br> <br>@ ">girls! <br> <br>@ </a>Patricia - I cross my fingers for <a href="mailto: you! <br> <br>@ ">you! <br> <br>@ </a>Alle - have a nice day. <br> <br>Hugs, Danielle