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Newborn cubbies, welcome to our world!

Posted by Mervi on January 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Dear friends! Time for the first thread of the year 2013 and what could be more suitable than to dedicate it to all the sweet cubbies born during this 'cubbie season'! Let's give the lovelies a warm welcome and wish them all a healthy and happy life!

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Reply Ludmila
7:34 AM on January 11, 2013 
Hello folks at coffee time!
We will start a birthday party for Willy in the evening here. I hope Yoghi and Raspi will bring enough Rotkäppchen for us all :)
I wish you a nice free day
We cannot see the sun behind the clouds, but we have no rain today. It is cold, about -1°C.
Sydney decided that it is no need to go out. She is since 2 days at home. Minka and Ferdi were outside in the night. Muffin was with me :)
Ferdi's fur is not better, but no worse. I try with the powder now. I gave a bit powder in Minka's fur too. She got crazy with me. Sydney did not notice that she got powder in the fur. She likes to be peted. Speedy is no more very hungry. She eats only one kind of food.
Caren, Mervi
Are you here for a pot of hot Herkules?
Reply WarningTooSad
6:31 AM on January 11, 2013 

Don't watch the video "LIFE on DISPLAY" today

but keep the link in order to watch it later . . .
Reply MoreWILLY
6:24 AM on January 11, 2013 
VIDEOs of WILLY by "ucumari" :


Like when he puffs and blows :-))
Reply BirthdayGift
6:04 AM on January 11, 2013 
Willy - Willie - Wilhelm . . .


Reply Mervi
4:53 AM on January 11, 2013 
LuLu - My belated happy birthday wishes to you. I hope you enjoyed your special day.

Caren - Silly Walk is the latest trend in the fashion world so let's go for it! :D

Dumba - I think Frank Vigh-Larsen looks 'deliriously happy' in the video and no wonder - two cubbies! - Did you notice that there has always been a smaller version of the thread photo in the left upper corner of this site?

Ludmila - I believe Nalle and Mimmi are much more helpful than any doctor or nurse. When they come and warm my knee it immediately feels better. Unfortunately I couldn't take them with me to the work.

Teddybärenmutti - Shall we send Ranzo some water colours so he can start painting, too? :D
Reply Teddybärenmutti
4:40 AM on January 11, 2013 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Guten Morgen!

Mervi - das neue Titelblatt ist fein. Danke schön.

Annemari und Yoghi - Danke fuer Fruehstueck. Vitaminen sind sehr wichtige.

Dave - Fantastic paintings.

Willy - Happy birthday!

Lulu - Happy birthday!

Caren und Mervi - Hoffentlich sind Fuss Problemen bald vorbei.

Allen - TGIF
Reply Ludmila
4:25 AM on January 11, 2013 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
It is very interesting story with Ganuk and painting. :)
I am here for Herkules.
Mervi and Caren
I wish you speed recovery with foot and knee
The video from Kolind is interesting. I hope we will see more about the cubs soon.
Happy Birthday, Dear Willy!
With 28 years Willy is 2 years younger as my sons :)
Du warst wirklich fleißig. Danke
Reply Dumba
4:23 AM on January 11, 2013 
MERVI - You found again a super-cute "awwww"-photo
of 'our' KNUT-darling for the cover side of your Knuipe-
Thank you for this latest thread/posting. . . . Right, it's the FIRST of 2013 :-) !

KNUDY and CRISSI - may I suggest you set your last links of the previous thread
again into this one, PLEASE. I don't want to make it myself, because it looks like my
wanting to adorn myself with borrowed plumes . . .

Isn't FRANK, Mr Director of "Skandinavisk Dyrepark Djursland" in Kolind/DENMARK a friendly man !?

ANNEMARIE - Da hast Du mal wieder eine sehr pfiffige Food-Safe-Code-Frage gefunden!
Ich bin schwer am hin und her schwanken zwischen Managua und Tegucigalpa
- oder ist es eventuell doch Mata Hari ? ? ? ;-)) . . .

Oh, "ich bin heute AM tun" - HEILIGE GRAMMATIK! - sehr verraeterisch - das kann nur jemand bringen, der sich mal laengere, um nicht zu sagen sehr lange Zeit in NRW aufgehalten hat ;-) -
Grammatik zu verpfuschen schaffen naemlich, Du magst Dich wundern, liebe CAREN, laengst nicht nur die Bayern/Sueddeutschen ;-)))))

I like to join in celebrating 'our' big soft hero WILLY (Asheboro/NC*);
however, I thought his birthday was only on Saturday, the 12th!!??

Here we go!

♥ʕ´ᴥ`ʔ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest playful, being full of antics WILLY*! ♥ʕ´ᴥ`ʔ♥

Bear's face = copyright KNUDY!!! :-)))

*also called "Wilhelm", "Willie" . . . from Asheboro Zoo/NC,
living in "Milwaukee County Zoo" in Wisconsin at the moment
while his enclosure in his home-zoo is modernized.

Here is a piece of his story, showing how much he is loved in his home zoo - and everywhere, of course!


Thanks for all your links which I will enjoy later in the day.

Have a pleasant TGIF-day everyone.
Reply caren
3:59 AM on January 11, 2013 
Good Morning, Dear All!

Start your day with a smile!

Mervi - Thank you so much for the new cubbie thread and -
thanks for the first laugh of the day "Ministry of Silly Walk" and the reminder on" Monty Python scetch" made my office morning today.
I am still limping, too. Fortunately I am able to reach the roof for smoking.

Annemarie - the vitamines for Yoghi and for us are most appreciated. Thank you especially for the Hercules :)

Dave - So I understand we are having another polar bear lady in the late denning period :)

Ludmila - Are you here for a Hercules! I hope today will be a better day for you than it was yesterday.

:D Happy Birthday, Dear Willy :D

I wish you all a great Friday.....
Reply Annemarie
3:40 AM on January 11, 2013 
Happy Birthday, dear Willy! You are great!

For all: http://tinyurl.com/Drink-Herkules
Reply Mervi
3:24 AM on January 11, 2013 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - TGIF! Do I need to say more....


Dave - Congratulations for being first on this thread. Your reward is an ice bomb filled with yammy things such as cod liver oil, herrings and sliced salmon. :D - Oh boy, what an artist Ganuk is! I'm truly impressed. I wonder what kind of master pieces our Hudson will paint when he grows a bit older.

Annemarie - I wonder if our Hungarian friends could send even me a Salami-Care-Package? :D - I'm glad to hear Herr Yoghi has got his vitamines - a young bear needs lots of them. - I wish you a 'peaceful' day in the office - if that's possible.

Knuti-Judi - I'm surprised, too, seeing the two little cubbies in Kolind already fooling around with each other. I bet Ilka will have her paws more than full when they grow! :D I insert the link to Jyllands TV since I guess not everybody saw it on the previous thread.


Caren - How's your foot today? I'm still limping and I'm really happy that we have an elevator in the building where I work. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to go out for a smoke! - By the way, I don't think we would look funnier on the cat walk than the models. Do they walk naturally? If somebody walked like that 'in private' people would believe she was from the Ministry of Silly Walk. Do you remember that Monty Python scetch? :D

I wish everybody a pleasant Friday and hope the working hours will pass quickly. Then the time can run like a snail - a very slow snail! :D
Reply Annemarie
2:25 AM on January 11, 2013 

Mervi: Vielen Dank fuer das neue Blatt und das Foto von unserem fluffigen Engel, als er noch so klein war. Ganz suess! Herzlich willkommen sind alle 'Frischlinge', ich meine natuerlich die Eisbaren-Babies der Saison!

Herkules ist fertig, Tee brodelt auf dem Samovar. Yoghi hat alles geprueft, d.h. Croissants und Schnittchen, diesmal mit Kaese, sind im Food Safe verstaut. Auch Yoghis Rucksack platzte aus allen Naehte, denn seine ungarischen Freunde vom Budapester Grossmarkt haben ihm wieder ein Salami-Care-Paket direkt in die Knuipe geschickt.

Hier die Frage zum 2stelligen Code fuer den FS:
Wie heisst die Hausptstadt von Nicaragua? A) Managua/Code 10 oder b) Matagalpa/Code 100

Nach dem Fruehstuecks-Service haben Yoghi und ich fuer Morgen die laengst faellige Obstbestellung getaetigt, denn Yoghis blaue Tonne steht bereits ein paar Tage leer und verwaist in der QC-Kueche. Ich hatte schon ein schlechtes Gewissen, denn ein junger Eisbaerenmann braucht doch auch seine Extraportion Vitamine. Nun ist er froh und zufrieden wieder auf dem Heimweg.

Trinke jetzt einen Raspi-Mug unseres Herkules und traeume ein wenig vom baldigen Feierabend!

Liebe Freitagsgruesse an alle!
Reply DAVE
2:13 AM on January 11, 2013 
Good Morning

I read an article about St. Felicien Zoo in Quebec a few weeks ago. The female polar bear, Aisaqvaq, was said to be denning. I have not been able to find an update. If she had cubs I'm sure someone in our circle of friends would have heard any news by now. Maybe she is imitating Giovanna.

An interesting article about Hudson's half brother, Ganuk, who lives in Cochrane's Polar Bear Habitat.