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Die Knuipe

.... and the show goes on.....

Posted by Mervi on October 18, 2012 at 3:05 AM

Photo by LeenaP

Dear friends! The show must go on and that's exactly what our show is doing! Of course, the editorial stuff of KWM would prefer a show with less work backstage but at the moment we just have to accept facts. It would be inspiring if even the silent readers dropped a comment every now and then! All encouragement is certainly needed!

However, we have at least more time to restore the pages thanks to a certain gentleman in Holland. Teddybärenmutti has a new member in her big bear family - guess what he's called!

You'll find the answer here

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Dumba
1:32 AM on November 9, 2012 

Wishing all of you an as relaxed day as to be seen here:


Please see:


Photos of VILMA and ANORI aus WUPPERTAL from UliS.
MERVI has published them already this morning or very late last night
with even some accompanying words of herself!

Thank you very much, dear MERVI.
This was better than breakfast! :-)))))))


MERVI and CAREN . . . . .not to forget LUDMILA with her share:

You are "Kaepsele" and everybody knows that, is aware of it,
and appreciate everything you do
for keeping alive KNUTITOURS a n d KWM.

But I do second DAVE's words in full:

Before it's too late and you are both fed up with everything:

Please, TAKE a BREAK ! ! !

Reply DAVE
9:44 PM on November 8, 2012 
Good Evening Everyone

It seems to have been a long day for many of us today.

caren - I tried your latest test link to KWM. Everything seems to work fine on this end and it looks great.

Mervi, Caren, Ludmila - I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if there is no real deadline to get the archiving finished, please relax a little more. Life is too short to put so much unnecessary stress on yourselves. I know that you want to get it all finished as soon as possible, but at what cost?

I, and I'm sure many others, appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

Have a Good Knight Alle.

Reply Sarsam
9:13 PM on November 8, 2012 
Caren -- I finally had a chance to use the boss's computer -- your archive article indeed looks great! Thank you for all your efforts!!

Ludmila -- No, I have not heard from Susan today--I hope it is because her computer is giving her trouble -- not the snow!

Knuti-Judi -- Oh my, you just got done with work? Have a great rest of the evening! Keeping fingers crossed that your roof leak will be found quickly!
Reply knuti-judi
8:25 PM on November 8, 2012 
Hallo, dears.....

Phew....a long day......

Mervi & caren,
I am sorry to read that you are upset.
No doubt you (including Ludmila) have
worked your asses off....and we are
grateful.....I wish the virtual flowers I
sent to you this morning were real....
caren, the archive article looks great!

As for TBM's offer, I had thanked her
right away and planned to email her
this weekend when I had a moment
to think straight.....

Hugs to all....xo k-j
Reply Chris
7:38 PM on November 8, 2012 
Ich gehöre wirklich zu den fleissigsten Kommentatoren in KWM.
Seit Wochen beschäftigen wir uns damit, dass ihr diese Arbeit habt.
Ihr tut das doch nicht nur für uns - es sind eure Erinnerungen, eure Artikel.
Jeden Tag fragen wir, wie geht es voran, loben euch und unterstützen euch mental.
Nachmittags war kaum jemand in der Knuipe, der sich hätte melden können.
Wenn euch das Ganze zu viel wird, laßt es sein, ihr hättet mein vollstes Verständnis.
Reply Dumba
6:45 PM on November 8, 2012 
Even more sins of omission !

TEDDYBAERENMUTTI - Nett, dass Du im Namen aller Blumen besorgen und sie "In die Kisseln" ans Grab von TD und an die Gedenkstätte fuer KNUTi bringen willst. Danke. Ich beteilige mich gerne an den Kosten, werde aber keine Karte dazu schreiben und moechte auch nicht, dass mein Name dort erscheint. Dir, TBM und ANNEMARIE wuensche ich heute schon einen schoenen Aufenthalt an diesem besonderen 'Plaetzchen'. Die Stelle zwischen all' den Baeumen und mit trotzdem viel Platz darum herum sowie in der Nachbarschaft des grossen SteinEngels ist wirklich sehr schoen. Vielleicht seht Ihr sogar Eichhoernchen und die wunderschoenen Eichelhaeer - es lohnt sich, danach etwas Ausschau zu halten!

INGE aus Cph - Vielen Dank fuer Deinen kleinen Kopenhagen-Zoo-Report.
Habe ich da auch schon einmal wieder etwas ueberlesen? Haben NOEL und BORIS schon ihr neues Gehege bezogen und hast Du davon schon einmal irgendwo Fotos gezeigt? Wenn ja, muss ich gestehen, dass ich das ueberlesen/-sehen habe oder etwas nur schon wieder vergessen . . .? // Dass in Deinem Garten ein Baum gefaellt werden musste finde ich sehr schade und dass Du derzeit nun mit einem unschoenen Loch im Garten leben musst. Hingegen freut es mich, dass es Deinem Pfauen nach wie vor gut geht. :-)
Reply Dumba
6:12 PM on November 8, 2012 
CAREN - I can understand your frustration,
and I am convinced you were not ONLY A BIT frustrated but a lot !
Please excuse me I didn't react immediately.
Of course, you have made a great 'job' and everything looks PERFECT!

Toll gemacht und sicher eine "Sau"Arbeit!

Many, many thanks to YOU and to MERVi, and to everybody else, e.g. LUDMILA,
working on saving the precious 'old' reports and pictures in order
to keep them visible for ALL of US !

Unfortunately it's often like this:
Things are read, watched, estimated, admired . . .
but one isn't aware in this moment that the creators
don't know this without a feedback . . . !

I assure you once more - and everybody else contributing and spending generously lots of time that usually everything is welcomed and most appreciated - unfortunately one doesn't read always everything, or sometimes not properly enough . . .

A soft and tender KNUTi-style hug to YOU and everybody who feels sometimes not appreciated enough. Everybody concerned is certainly right, and I can understand your feelings but, PLEASE TRY to never take it personal !

ALL/e - Please have a look AND comment:

Re: CAREN - 10:03 AM on November 08, 2012
. . . .CAREN - 08:24 PM on November 08, 2012

" Giovanna&Yoghi et al ? How to Manage the Heat "
- 25.08.2011 (D/E)pdf/Picasa -


Reply Inge aus Cph
6:07 PM on November 8, 2012 
Thank you, the operaevening was very good.

I had a little walk through the Zoo to-day in the nice weather. Boris and Noel were not to be seen. I think they were in the background in their new area. They have to get used to it. The brownbearcubs were in their box (winterrelaxing) and the birds were eating the lunch. Motherbear was walking around, and the father was sleeping.

My little garden looks awfull after the big three has been "killed" and moved away. Now I have a hole in the garden and lots of earth everywhere. Well sooner or later it shall be nice again.
The peacock is doing well, and that is very important.

Teddybärenmutti. it is a good idea to take a taxi to the churchyard. But it is also possible to reach it by S-bahn and bus.
The Christmax-market in Spandow is also nice like the markets in the middle of Berlin.
Reply Ludmila
5:47 PM on November 8, 2012 
I added the nice Christmas cards to my article about our action in Wuppertal :)
Good night!
Reply Ludmila
5:09 PM on November 8, 2012 
Thank you! :)
Reply caren
5:03 PM on November 8, 2012 
Ludmila - Did you find the addresses?
Reply Ludmila
4:57 PM on November 8, 2012 
Thank you for the mail I am a bit puzzled now :)
I have a huge respect for the work you done in the KWM. I was busy with our action and I am not ready with my part. As I wrote, nothing will be lost.
I am very sorry that you worked very hard last weeks. I am sending many hugs to you.
You have so much problems in the last time. I am glad you manage to be here each day. I wish you luck with inspection tomorrow.
Do you know how is Susan doing. I think the snow storm met her area.
How are you doing today?
I am ready for night drink :)
Ich hoffe ihr Hotel ist gut. Wir kommen nur am 8.12. und fahren dann spät am Abend nach Hause
Where are you?
Reply Annemarie
4:43 PM on November 8, 2012 
Sarsam: Good luck for the inspection tomorrow. Will Gandy help you? ;-).

TBM: Zum Friedhof komme ich gern mit, dann muesstest Du mir nur noch mitteilen, wo und wann ich hinkommen muss. Dann koennen wir zusammen die Blumen dorthin bringen. Mit dem Taxi ist das doch bequem, nach Spandau zu fahren. Ich war schon mehrmals dort, kenne aber auch nicht das Knut-'Denkmal'.
Reply caren
4:39 PM on November 8, 2012 
Sarsam - I wish you all success needed for your inspection.
BTW: we had one today ;)

Alex - I am ready for a nightcup
Reply Sarsam
4:32 PM on November 8, 2012 
Oh, and I forgot to add that we have an inspection tomorrow and we are preparing for that too--so please forgive me for being tardy in reading everything here and in KWM....
Reply Sarsam
4:27 PM on November 8, 2012 
Caren and Mervi -- I did respond to TBM's gracious offer, thanking her right away. As to Caren's link -- the computer I use for the blog is older and I cannot open pdf files on it. I have to use my boss's computer and he has been very busy with his computer. Your efforts are much appreciated as I have indicated many times. As soon as the boss takes a break tonight, I will check out Caren's link :-)
Reply Teddybärenmutti
4:21 PM on November 8, 2012 
Annemarie- Kommst Du mit uns in Friedhof in Kisslen? Wir nehmen ein Taxi, Taxis sind sehr guenstig in Berlin ob man denkt was Taxis kosteten hier. Es ist auch einfacher. Es wäre sehr schön zusammen Knuipes Blumen dorthin bringen, die Kerzen zuenden. Ich will auch Knut´s "Denkmal" da sehen.
Reply Alex
4:12 PM on November 8, 2012 
Good evening all!

Who is ready for a nightcap =D
Reply Annemarie
4:05 PM on November 8, 2012 
TBM: Bin ab 5.12. in Berlin.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
3:53 PM on November 8, 2012 
Liebe Annemarie!

Beim Schreibem brauche ick keine Hilfe. Danke vielmals. Bist Du schon am 5.12 in Berlin?

Caren- Ich werde Dir auch Morgen oder Uebermorgen emailen.

Ich habe heute etwas uebrige Arbeit mit meinen ausländischen Schueler. Meine Mutter braucht immer mehr Hilfe usw.

Wir haben einige Problemen mit Uebernachtungen in Berlin. Nöö, nöö wir sollen nicht im Zelt auf der Strasse wohnen. Zu der Zeit ( 4.12.-10.12.) ist Berlin uebergevölkt. Wir haben Hotelreservierung im Hotel Berlin Berlin. Also wir haben Dach auf dem Kopf. Es ist ein Standard Zimmer. Aber wir sind dort 6 Nächte und wir wollten nur ein bisschen mehr Comfort. Wenigstens zwei Lehnstuehle. Auf Bettstrand wollen wir nicht sitzen. Hahhaa.
Unsere vertraute Reisebuero sucht und ich surfe im Internet.
Eigentlich dies ist ein Comfort-Probleme.