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Die Knuipe

Heat wawe before the Autumn leaves start falling

Posted by Mervi on August 23, 2012 at 7:40 AM

Photo by LeenaP

Dear friends! Many of us have been cursing the cold and rainy weather this Summer but the last week we certainly had our fair share of heat!

Our fourlegged friends in the zoos seem instinctively know what to do - or rather what not to do when the heat is on. Especially the lady bears are very innovative..... you can read more about it in KWM.

Hot Babes in Berlin

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Reply AnotherSusan
5:23 PM on September 6, 2012 
Ludmila... Here I am! :)

A hectic day today; my cooking class was canceled, so I am going to stay a bit late at the office since I am off tomorrow and our evaluation begins Monday. I don't think my area will be under a lot of scrutiny, but everyone is a bit on edge and we're trying to make sure all i-s are dotted and all t-s are crossed!

Mervi... Glad to hear Vesa's surgery went OK; sending healing thoughts your way!

We have another bear with a Twitter account; yes, the Bedford Bear (who has been showing up in suburbs southeast of Cleveland this week) is now tweeting his exploits! :) I continue to root for the bear; I have named him Forrest in my mind, so I can say, "Run, Forrest! Run!!!" :)

Please have a good evening all... perhaps you will leave me a crumb or two at Table 5 along with one of OS's special concoctions? I might be by on the late side!
Reply Ludmila
4:42 PM on September 6, 2012 
Do you have the holiday soon?
I hope Miss Nellie is not really ill.
Susan, Knuti-judi
Where are you tonight?
Reply Bärgit
4:28 PM on September 6, 2012 
Ludmila - I know these kind of dreams, too.

The Berlin ladies are having a good time. Please send them my best greetings when you meet them this weekend.

Sarsam - She isn't as energetic, although she tried to chase a rabbit this morning, and her digestion is a bit messed up. Tomorrow we are seeing the vet because the CCs need their shots so we'll tell the symptoms and if indicated get an appointment for Ms Nellie also.
Reply Dumba
4:25 PM on September 6, 2012 


Perhaps you can open this link and read the article:


Reply caren
4:20 PM on September 6, 2012 
Mervi - how do manage to see me? :)

Dumba - I also hope that Anchali is healthy. The article doesn't show up.

Ludmila - I am "ripe" for a holiday. Monika wrote a short note in the comments page that she met Patricia, Luisa and Annemarie :)

TBM - thanks for your kind words; bernd is very proud :)

Crissi - although we had much rain this summer, the wine from Hessen might be of good qualtiy, you had a lot of sun these weeks.
The little red pandas are too cute.

I wish you all a good night!
Reply Mervi
4:08 PM on September 6, 2012 
Caren - I hope you're sitting comfortably sipping an orange juice and holding a pink fag elegantly between your fingers. :D

Dumba - I couldn't read the article but I'm glad to hear Anchali is 'kerngesund'!

Bärgit - It looks like C and C are keeping you busy! :D And I also understand you have nothing against being kept busy by those cutie pies.

Teddybärenmutti - I'm sure we'll be raising Bavarian sized beer glasses in December. :D

Crissi - I hope Patricia will be more lucky next time she visits Plaenckendal. The baby pandas are sweeter than sweet

Sarsam - Bai Yun keeps the den clean but I also think the baby must be the cleanest baby in the world. :D
Reply Ludmila
4:00 PM on September 6, 2012 
I am sending the best wishes to Miss Nellie
Reply Ludmila
3:59 PM on September 6, 2012 
We have a young teacher in our spinning course. Today she said she dreams about autumn holiday. :)
CC's bring life at your home :)
Some days are very hard. I am sending many soft hugs to you.
I got the news that Patricia, Luisa and Annemarie met in zoo and had a good time
Gandy knows how to deal with Silver.
I saw a small baby panda without her mother. A baby is cute :)
Reply Sarsam
3:58 PM on September 6, 2012 
Bargit -- Do you know what is wrong with Miss Nellie's tummy?
Reply Sarsam
3:57 PM on September 6, 2012 
Crissi -- Fantastic! I suppose it is time for the young ones to be moving out and looking for their own territories?
Reply Bärgit
3:56 PM on September 6, 2012 
Crissi - Bei uns fürchten sich die Winzer vor Trauben-Sonnenbrand.

Sarsam - Don't worry, the goldfish lived there before the waterlilies moved in.
Today the CCs led me to a dead mockingbird lady in the garden. But it hadn't been their fault.

Ms Nellie isn't back to normal so another meet-and-greet-date hasn't been on the agenda.
Reply Chris
3:53 PM on September 6, 2012 
Sarsam - today I have seen a beautiful young fox (with tail) :)
Reply Sarsam
3:50 PM on September 6, 2012 
Bargit -- Sounds like you are having a hectic but wonderful time with the CC's!! Did I understand your post right that the CC's did something with the goldfish? Have you had the meet and greet with them and Miss Nellie and Tyson?
Reply Chris
3:49 PM on September 6, 2012 
Hier sind die kleinen Cuties,
die sich vor Patricia noch versteckt haben:
http://tinyurl.com/92aftxo zu süß! :)
Reply Sarsam
3:47 PM on September 6, 2012 
Crissi -- Not only alone but we are getting a terrific close-up!! Not a speck of dirt in that nest or on the cub -- Bai Yun is indeed a verrry good mama!
Reply Chris
3:34 PM on September 6, 2012 
Panda Alarm!!!
das Kleine ist allein :)

Dumba - http://tinyurl.com/cvsd8sy
das sieht aus, als wenn der Kopp voll Rotwein läuft :D
Reply Chris
3:32 PM on September 6, 2012 
Bärgit - genieße die letzten freien Tage bei spätsommerlichem Wetter. :)
Ich kann mir vorstellen, wie C&C hin und her wetzen.....

TBM - ich werde O.S. Cocktail gleich probieren. ;)

Mervi - wie geht es Vesa, hat er noch Schmerzen?

Caren - wir sind wirklich bevorzugt, es ist fast schon zu trocken.
Die Winzer werden sich freuen - das wird ein guter Wein dies Jahr.

Sarsam - Mama Panda takes good care of her baby. :)
Reply Bärgit
3:19 PM on September 6, 2012 

Herzliches Mitgefühl zum Schulbeginn.
Ich habe noch bis Mittwoch Schonzeit.

Die CCs halten mich auf Trab - treppauf, treppab, im Garten hin und her, Futter bringen, streicheln, raufen, das ganze Programm. Es ist herrlich.
Und seit Rasband wieder da ist und die Frühaufstehergartentour macht, ist es noch besser. Ich kann ausschlafen, ohne ans Putzen zu denken :D
Reply Bärgit
3:07 PM on September 6, 2012 
Dumba, Dumba - Du hattest die 1.Priorität.
Aber meine mail-skills haben versagt.
maxima mea culpa - schäääm mich so.
Ist wenigstens der Text bei dir angekommen? Ich hatte es nicht über outlook, sondern direkt über den server als Anhang über dein/e im spam (!) gelandete/s Mail losflattern lassen.
Reply Dumba
3:02 PM on September 6, 2012 
BÄRGIT - What a pity you cannot use the water hose and take pictures of the CCs in the same time!

Jetzt binnich abber sowas von beleidigt, dass Du ausgerechnet mir als 'WestenTaschenPatin ohne Rechte und Pflichten' das Foto und die Info davon vorenthalten hast . . . Ich hoffe, Du 'schaemst Dich gebuehrend . . . ;-))