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Die Knuipe

Green, green grass of home

Posted by Mervi on April 12, 2012 at 10:05 AM

Photo by Sylvia Micky

Dear friends! The Easter holidays is yesterday now and we can hopefully start waiting for the Summer. The Spring has been very strange this year but let's hope we won't be having more snow.... There's no new story this time but I think you will love to walk on the memory lane and remember our sweet gardener Knuti. He was a white bear with 'green paws'!

The green grass was Knuti's playmate

Knuti's Weekly Magazine

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Reply Sarsam
2:35 PM on April 13, 2012 
Caren -- Hihihi......he and Gandy shared the carrots :-))))

TBM -- I like your "B" names!

Mervi -- I checked on Shadow too. Sure hope she is alive and well.......
Reply caren
2:07 PM on April 13, 2012 
Mervi - showing the finger is even more expensive, it's on the photo and they have your car registration number.
I told the knusband about my mishap in the tunnel his anser was:
"main thing you had fun, usually you are in the traffic jam there"
This morning, there was no traffic jam, unfortunately ....
Reply Mervi
1:54 PM on April 13, 2012 
Caren - I'm really proud of you - you never forget the good manners! :D I would have shown the finger....
Reply caren
1:45 PM on April 13, 2012 
Teddybärenmutti - I am awaiting the bill. I do not know yet, grrrrr. I haven't been stopped, but saw the red flash light and said "Cheeeese" :(

Mervi - the old lady (which is younger than we are!!!) had a good appetite. :D

Sarsam - Did it mean you ate the cake and your knusband got the carrots? :D

Dumba - finally , I made it! What a nice walk in spring. Thanks

Ludmila - how is your travelling fever "improving" ?
Reply Teddybärenmutti
1:29 PM on April 13, 2012 
Hier die Namen Vorschläge

Olga - Ottilia - Ofelia


Birgit, Bärgit. Bea
Reply Teddybärenmutti
1:26 PM on April 13, 2012 
Caren -how much?
Reply Sarsam
12:35 PM on April 13, 2012 
Dumba -- I made a mistake in typing the numbers of the photos of the tree: should be #97 and 98.
Reply Mervi
12:34 PM on April 13, 2012 
Crissi - Christina's video is wonderful. It was the perfect way to start an 'after nap' :D

Caren - I'm really glad to know Fatou's birthday was properly celebrated. The grand old lady deserves it!

Knuti-Judi - It was really touching to see how the chimpanzees - and even the people - said farewell to the dead friend. It made me think of the elephants in Hellabrunn....

Ralph - All the best to you and mother Ursula. By the way - Velvet suggested the name Orsalina to one of the Tripsdrill cubs. Maybe you can give that name to one your polars? - I'll keep on looking for you in the streets of Oxford. :D

Sarsam - Moderation sure isn't a suitable word on a birthday! :D

Oh boy, the cubbies rule this year! We've seen the wonderful photos of Anori and now there are a couple of new pics and videos of Venus and her cub in KWM ..... and there are more cub videos coming but I'm trying really hard not to publish everything at the same time. The cubs deserve their 15 minutes of fame each!! :D
Reply Sarsam
11:19 AM on April 13, 2012 

Happy birthday to DAVE's mother!!

My knusband asked me to thank you for all your super birthday greetings! And thank you for the carrot cakes :-)) Moderation is definitely not for today!!

Knuti-Judi -- Your cake is not for eating--can't eat a cute goose! It will be saved.

Knuti-Judi -- Wow, that is a wonderful photo--as you say, beautiful and sad at the same time. I think another thing I like about the photo is how respectfully and lovingly the woman is handling the body. The humans there are showing great sensitivity in having the funeral.

Mervi -- Thank you for this new thread and the new photo of our cute Knut!

Dumba -- I enjoyed your latest album very much. Photos #87 and 98 are of a tree--with odd or missing bark at the bottom--do you know what happened to that tree? The lady sitting on the bench is quite beautiful.....
Mia is a beautiful dog -- we wish her all the best!

Ludmila -- "crowd of friends" -- agreed! Have a great time with Vilma, Anori and Lars and please give them my love and respects.

Annemarie -- I agree with the others, you need OS to come and help you with your boss!

Inge -- Any news on Wapiti? Sending positive vibes and soft hugs.

Paw waves and hugs to all.....................Semper Knut!
Reply caren
10:35 AM on April 13, 2012 
Good Afternoon, Dear Alle!

Ludmila - while you have good weather, we again have rain and rather cold temperatures. Most important is that during the weekend the sun shows up in Wuppertal. I wish you and all Knutitis friends a wonderful time in Wuppertal with Anori and her parents.

Mervi - I wished Fatou had invited us for her cake party. She was spoilt today, nene brought these lovely pics

Crissi - well I had a mishap today when being caught by the radar. I think the reason was not Friday 13th, but my own fault being always in a hurry ... :(

Ralph - I am sending kind weekend greetings to you and your mother Ursula
Reply knuti-judi
9:55 AM on April 13, 2012 
So cute!
Reply Chris
9:50 AM on April 13, 2012 
:) Happy Birthday to Sarsams Husband and Daves Mother! :)
Reply knuti-judi
9:38 AM on April 13, 2012 
Reply Chris
9:37 AM on April 13, 2012 
ich stelle die kleinen Holländer nochmal hier rein ;)

Na, ist euch schon ein Mißgeschick passiert - hoffentlich nicht? ;)

Mervi - Leenas Fotos mit dem gärtnernden Knut sind bezaubernd! :)

:) Ich wünsche allen einen guten Start ins Wochenende. :)

Bärgit - Tripsdrills Bä, Ba, Be - Trio ist so süß!
Reply knuti-judi
9:26 AM on April 13, 2012 
Hallo, dear bearboy angel...

Hallo, dears...

Thank you for the new thread and
the wonderful photos of Knuti the
gardener....oh, yes....and thanks
for the spring flowers that I shall
pick :)

I look forward to your latest photos
from CCC... Mia is a beauty! I
wish her well....

Yes, the photo reminded me of
Lola, too....it is haunting, isn't it....

Enjoy your visit to Anori! Please
send her hugs from me and also
say hallo to papa Lars....

xo k-j
Reply Bärgit
8:32 AM on April 13, 2012 
Mervi - I had hoped so, too.
Considering that Bärbel is only the short and more familiar form of Barbara.....
Well, the three bearers of the names will make them something special, I sure.

Ludmila - RB just got up and sang a tune for me - or was it rather for a suirrel?
Well, his Caruso times are over. He's not on stage anymore but I am a grateful listener of his arias nevertheless :D

Ralph - Thank you for pointing out the gardening skills once more.

Mervi - Stupid me, didn't see the new article. It was still Little Epke when I opened the page.
Just had a quick glance at great pictures. I'll enjoy them later on.
Now I need to fulfill my duties in the kitchen, Rasband will be here for lunch soon.
Sorry Mr. E.S.Say :D
Reply ralph
8:05 AM on April 13, 2012 
What a lovely new thread and a wonderful visit report from Wuppertal. I bought a German magazine in Oxford today with a page devoted to Vilma and Anori (Neue Post I think it is called).
The story about Knut and the grass brought back the wonderful evenings I spent at the end of the day watching him in peace as the sun came down. Usually there was hardky anyone around and Knut's ears showed only slight movement.
Mother Ursula hates thunder and I had to stay home with her yesterday as she was a bit nervous like Knut. As it happened we didnt get any but some is due at the weekend.
All the best from England
ps I often walk down the same streets as Lewis and Hathaway but have not seen them filming.
Reply Mervi
7:59 AM on April 13, 2012 
Dumba - Even if my hip protested I couldn't resist taking a walk with you in our CCC! :D The photos are wonderful and again I'm feeling homesickness..... Luckily I don't need pills for that, I just watch your pics again! With your help I also discovered a new favourite hangout for us:


Fräulein Flocke must have modelled for that sign!
Reply Mervi
7:43 AM on April 13, 2012 
Bärgit - Thank you for telling us the names of the cub trio. I had hoped for something more 'original' but at least these names are easy to pronounce! :D - Thank you for the lovely gifts - to the birthday children and me!

Ludmila - Sammyline's story and great photos is wonderfully hilarious! I recommend it to everybody!

Annemarie - Is the job bear harrassing you again? Just let me know and I send Uncle Sergej to organize something..... As you know he was very successful in Denmark!

Caren - I don't know how many times I've watched the pics of Anori. I just have to go back and watch them all over again....

I wish you all a great afternoon and hope the next few hours will pass very quickly.
Reply Ludmila
7:21 AM on April 13, 2012 
Hello friends at coffee time!
Thank you for the coffee!
Schön, dass endlich Freitag ist. Warum lädst Du nicht OS zu Dir auf Arbeit ein? Er würde mit Deinem Chef sprechen und für die Ruhe sorgen :)
What is new about RB and his friends?
What did you cook at last time?
I will blow all you kisses to Anori, Vilma and Lars. Did you read the new story of Sammyline?
Uwe is working on our time table for the trip. I will send it to you soon :)
I wish you the great time today and tomorrow with your knusband.
Today we have very nice weather. I want to mow our lawn in the afternoon. I hope it would not take very long time, the grass is not very high.