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Die Knuipe

Welcome Fall with rain!

Posted by Mervi on September 7, 2022 at 4:15 AM

Dear friends! This Summer has been extremely warm - or rather extremely hot. The nature is still suffering from the dry weather but let's hope the Fall will be more merciful!

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Reply Mervi
9:37 AM on November 19, 2022 
Reply Britta-Gudrun
7:56 AM on November 19, 2022 
Good day on the weekend!

Yesterday I made a small break here, because both the doctor and a friend was there.
At least there is nothing inflammatory on the lungs that would be a cause for the increased breathing problems....

Leti, wave to Greece. Unfortunately, the link does not tell you the location of the shelter, but their help is important in any case.

Ludmila, the odyssey of your suitcases was time consuming, but successful.

Mervi, good luck with the new laptop. My device is also weakening again and I do not know if Window 11 will not overload it and I am not eager for "unnecessary" updates and changes that I do not need. Congratulations on its independent installation. I thought Window 11 was already installed automatically on new devices?

Merivi & Ludmila, do you know who will come to the Knutmeeting on the fifth of December?

Have a nice weekend !
Reply Leti
7:21 AM on November 19, 2022 
The weather is very nice here. Sometimes it rains a bit but it is still warm.
Happy birthday Ranzo. Best wishes to you.

Arcturos is an organisation which protects brown bears, wolves, shepherd dogs and other animals. There is a bear shelter and a wolf shelter.
Reply Chris
8:12 AM on November 18, 2022 

We had rain in the morning, but now it looks good for a ride.
The sun came out, but its cooler today. :)
I heard something about snow in the north & east.

MERVI - Ranzo indeed is a special bear.
Some Zoos don t celebrate the birthdays.
Its the main thing, we know about it... :D

See you later in the evening after my tour.
Reply Mervi
6:10 AM on November 18, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Today I'm glad to wish our Finnis Viking Ranzo a very happy birthday. What a pity the Zoo Schönbrunn doesn't celebrate his birthdays. Ranzo is unique because he was the first polar bear cub ever born in Finland.

Chris - The installation itself wasn't difficult but all those bl..dy accounts and passwords which we, of course, had forgotten. It took a lot of time to get new but we managed it with not so many unprintable words. :D

Ludmila - Vesa's laptop is working fine!

In KM you can find Anke's report from the Berlin Zoo and this time she has even taken photos!

I wish everybear and everybody a most pleasant Friday. Take care!
Reply Ludmila
4:15 AM on November 18, 2022 
Happy Birthday, dear Ranzo!
Reply Ludmila
3:02 AM on November 18, 2022 
Good morning! GutenMorgen!
I hope Vesa is happy with his new laptop.

Today is cold and wet. Hugs all around.
Reply Ludmila
3:30 PM on November 17, 2022 
Es war kein Umweg. Der Flug ging dann weiter über Kanada und Grönland.
Reply Chris
1:02 PM on November 17, 2022 

MERVI - I was glad, that my computer-doctor installed windows 11.
If its working, all is fine. I have not the nerves, to install it myself. ;)

LUDMILA - I wonder, that you had a flight over Seattle and not
Chicago from Utah - das war ein ganz schoener Umweg... :D

BRITTA - ich hoffe, dein Hausarzt kann dir morgen helfen !

LETI - ich winke nach Suedosten ! :wave: :)

RALPH - I never was the big photographer.
Its nicer, to observe the animals in quiet.
I also make not many photos in holidays.
The pictures & views are in my mind. :D
Reply Mervi
11:07 AM on November 17, 2022 
Hello again! Vesa's laptop crashed this morning so we had to buy a new. I've spent hours installing it - Windows 11 is a devil's device!

Ludmila - It's annoying to loose a suitcase. It happened to us once when we came home from Berlin. However, after a couple of days' waiting a taxi from Copenhagen brought it to us. - I like to watch the falling leaves just like your cats. :D

Ralph - When I visit a zoo with polar bears I spend most of my time with them. I can take photos but also just admire the white giants. - I'm glad the YWP articles in KM have brought many new readers.

Britta-Gudrun - Thank you for your kind words about the article in KM.

Chris - We have a real November storm today. Even if I just had to take a few steps from the car to MediaMarkt I felt the wind was tearing off all my hair! :D

Leti - Hello to Thessaloniki!
Reply Leti
7:33 AM on November 17, 2022 
Happy birthday Skadi and Kaja. Best wishes to you.
Reply Chris
7:14 AM on November 17, 2022 

Indeed its stormy today, but still unusual warm for November.
I decided, to leave next week, because of the predicted drop
of the temperatures at the coming weekend. So its time, to
go the south. My sister will stay here at my house, so the
cats won t be alone and the property is safe, :)
I have to do several things before, so only a quick hello !
Reply Ludmila
7:06 AM on November 17, 2022 
We were very lucky that Katharinas bicycle arrived with her flight without delays. Our suitcases arrived without problems too. On the way home we flew first to Seattle and had only 1,5 hours time to the next flight. Our suitcases stayed in Seattle. The next flight of Condor from Seattle was 2 days latter. Then the transport from Frankfurt to us took about a week long :)
Reply Mervi
6:31 AM on November 17, 2022 
Good day! Guten Tag!

Just a quick 'hello' - I'm very busy today. I'll be back in the late afternoon! Have a pleasant TDT!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:52 AM on November 17, 2022 
Good Morning!

Mervi, yesterday I was not on the Internet and have therefore found your wonderful and terrific story about the bear contest only now, a great fun you have given us with it and Sheila's and Philip's photos so great in scene.
Thank you so much!!!

Chris, I wish you a good trip and a relaxing vacation with many great experiences. Two years ago I could have bought an automatic car for a good price, but unfortunately I found out too late and at the moment I even had to cancel my appointments, because I can't even make it to the cab...
Tomorrow my family doctor is coming for a home visit.

Ludmila, in spite of everything, you were still lucky with the suitcases.

Ralph, I agree with you that it is better to observe than to photograph. I often think that many people who see events only via smartphone camera, they actually miss the magic and intensity of the moment.
Reply Ludmila
3:36 AM on November 17, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Today we have the rain and the storm. In the morning our cats sat in the living room and watched the leaves flying outside.
Reply ralph
11:36 PM on November 16, 2022 
It is great for me to have the pictures from Pat, Sheila and Philip as well as Mervi's lovely commentary on the bears of Doncaster.
For many years when I visited Knut I never took photographs as there were so many brilliant photographers. I prefered to just sit and watch him.
Although since 2015 I have been able to take snaps and videos with my phone I still prefer to relax and watch the bears. Nothing is so relaxing as spending time with Polars.
There are some interesting facts I can bring from my recent visit to Doncaster and when time permits I will let Mervi have a report.
One new and exciting development is the growing confidence and activity of Indie and Yuma. Hamish in particular has been surprised by how big they are. Raspi's boys they are.
Reply Ludmila
3:29 PM on November 16, 2022 
Heute sind endlich unsere Koffer aus USA angekommen. Sie sind in Seattle hängen geblieben. Ich habe schon gedacht sie sind verschwunden.

Chris, Mervi
I am here for the night drink.
Reply Chris
7:42 AM on November 16, 2022 

Its grey but dry & unusual
warm for November.
A tour is possible. :)

MERVI - I switched over to the japanese cars
many years ago - Honda is my favorite brand.

LUDMILA - in winter my cats don t go out. :)

BRITTA - ich hoffe, es geht dir etwas besser?
Reply Mervi
6:29 AM on November 16, 2022 
Good day! Guten Tag! It's again noon until I could come in here.

Chris - It's good to have a sister taking care of your cats and even the birds. You don't have to worry about them while you're in the south. - We've had many Volvos since our beloved Peugeot.

Ludmila - I wish Minka sweet dreams in a warm house! :D

I made a little story 'Polarvision Song Contest 2022' starred by HAMISH AND LUKA with Sheila's and Philip's excellent photos. I hope it will put a smile on your faces. :D

Have a happy Hump Day and take care!