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Die Knuipe

School's out for Summer!

Posted by Mervi on June 12, 2022 at 8:35 AM

Even though the school days are over for us the first Summer days still feel the same. Do you agree? :-)

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Reply Eroxesy
3:42 PM on September 17, 2022 
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10:08 PM on September 16, 2022 
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1:04 AM on September 14, 2022 
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Reply Mervi
5:30 PM on September 7, 2022 
Reply Mervi
11:50 AM on September 7, 2022 
Patricia - Very nice to meet you here again! It's great you could combine the baby shower with the 1st birthday. - What a pity the window cleaning trick didn't fool Madame Esther! :D - Thank you for the email. I can't send my banking information via email so I'll send it in a letter later on. For the time being I'm trying to figure out how everything works in the new magazine. I got so used to do things in a special way and now many things are quite different. Well, I hope I can still learn something ....

Chris - The world has gone totally mad. It's almost impossible to look back to the 'good old days' because they suddenly feel so unreal.
Reply Chris
11:28 AM on September 7, 2022 
PATRICIA - you are right about the world, it always wasn t good.
Club of Rome in 1972 warned exactly of the problems we are
facing now - but nobody heard them, or wanted to hear the
warnings. Now the population of the world nearly doubled
and is rising. We only have one planet, but mankind
seems to think, that we have two or three of them.
The problems now and in the future are worst,
and I think prayers alone will not help.
Aber "dein Wort in Gottes Ohr",
wie ein deutsches Sprich-
wort sagt ! Allein mir
fehlt der Glaube...
Reply Ludmila
11:25 AM on September 7, 2022 
It is great to meet you here again. I am glad you had a nice time with your family at the baby shower of Scott. It would be great if the bad occasions will end good.
Reply patricia roberts
9:56 AM on September 7, 2022 
Good afternoon Dear All,
Finally, temperatures have dropped to a reasonable degree (albeit sometimes still too warm for me, especially during the night).
Last week, I was so desperate to wishing to have rain that I decided to clean the windows in the kitchen. According to my good old traditions, when I clean the windows, I have rain within the next 24 hours. But this time, nada, niks and noppes. So, on Monday, another attempt and yes, finally, at 10:00 p.m., we finally got rain (and how!!!!).
Needless to say that everybody (humans, animals, and plants) did enjoy this heavenly shower and the good news is that more is to come.
Speaking of a shower, two weeks ago, I went to the baby shower of Scott (second son of Ianto, eldest son of Ronald – OH MY, that sounds very medieval, isn’t it: the son of the son etc.). Actually, this baby shower should have taken place last November, but due to corona, it was postponed. Well, meanwhile Scott is now one year old (instead of a few months), so the event was well combined with his first birthday. It started with cava and then there was coffee, tea and all kind of pastries. OH OH, I am afraid that I have been eating more that afternoon than in a whole year.
Dear All, often we have the feeling that the world is changing, but actually, it has always been like that, to the good and to the worse. And I pray for the world that in most cases, it will turn out to be in the good.
Reply Chris
4:19 AM on September 7, 2022 
MERVI - I am very curious about the "new" magazine.
Ich finde es nicht schlimm, wenn nicht alles genauso
aussieht wie frueher. :)

Ich bin sehr besorgt wegen des Atomkraftwerks
in der Ukraine - ein Supergau wuerde uns jetzt
gerade noch fehlen in dem Schlamassel. :roll:
Reply Mervi
4:14 AM on September 7, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Chris - It's almost impossible to write about happy news because all the news these days are awful. - I'm glad to hear you've finally had some rain.

Ralph - I hope your front garden will remain nice and green.

Britta-Gudrun - Hopefully the rain made a big difference for the nature. Here in southern Sweden we've had rain occasionally and I hope it will come more during the next few days.

My work with the new magazine is getting closer the 'finish line' so maybe in the end of the week or in the beginning of next week you can see the result. The settings are always a hard nut for me - especially when I want the new version to look like the old one. Of course, there will not be so much stuff yet but at least something!

Have a happy Hump Day and take care!
Reply Ludmila
2:56 AM on September 7, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
We had no rain in the night. The clouds passed us by.. Maybe we will get some drops on day.
Hugs all around
Reply Chris
2:33 AM on September 7, 2022 
What a relief, to breathe the fresh, humid air in the morning.
I hope, that it helps the plants - for the trees we need much
more rain - now the sun is shining and it ll be a warm day.
Reply Chris
3:39 PM on September 6, 2022 
LUDMILA - bei uns sind die Brennnesseln vertrocknet.
Die Raupen haben kein Futter. Am Sommerflieder sind
keine Schmetterlinge zu sehen. Bei euch hat es immer
mal geregnet. Wir hatten seit der Heuernte Ende Juni
bis Anfang Juli keine Niederschläge mehr. Sowas gab
es noch nie. Es ist wirklich schlimm in unserer Region.
Auch die Meteorologen sagen das. In Bayern hat es
z.B. genug geregnet, auch teilweise an der Küste.
In Osthessen hatten sie ebenfalls Regen...
Reply ralph
3:27 PM on September 6, 2022 
August here has been far too dry and warm and the weather is still too warm for September though we do have some rain. My small front garden has plants and bushes that have remained green with no watering from me.
Reply Ludmila
2:07 PM on September 6, 2022 
Bei uns ist sehr trocken, aber wir haben viele Schmetterlinge im Garten. Sie haben sehr gern den Schmetterlingsbusch.
Im Wald gibt es die Schmetterlinge an der Brennnessel.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
12:55 PM on September 6, 2022 
Guten Abend!

Gestern Nacht hat es einen guten Gewitterregen gegeben,
aber die Schaeden in der Natur wie du, Chris, sie beschreibst,
sind hier genauso gravierend.

Ralpf, ist es mit der Trockenheit in England nicht so schlimm?
Du hast davon noch nichts berichtet.
Reply Chris
11:28 AM on September 6, 2022 
Its very hot and humid again, about 30C. :roll:
I hope for a thunderstorm in the evening, but
maybe it will pass us without rain again... :roll:

Greater Frankfurt is THE dry region in Hessen.
We have the most dry summer of all times here.
Its an absolute desaster and every day without
water, means more damage for the trees in the
woods and our groundwater. Edersee is com-
pletly empty now, with old towns on its ground.
Its a very depressing situation. I see the star-
ving trees every day, and you can do nothing.

Not forgetting all the animals, especially
the frogs, salamander, toads and so on.
The larvae of insects in the water have
died too, like our beautiful dragon-flies.
There will be no (or less) dragon-flies
in the following years.... :(

There are also nearly no butterflies, because they
have no food: no blossoms on the meadows. :roll:
Meadows look like dry weatfields with straw on it.

Sorry, that I can t post "happy" things in the moment.
Reply Mervi
6:30 AM on September 6, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Ralph - It isn't easy to be a Prime Minister in any country these days so it remains to be seen how well Liz Truss will do.

Ludmila - We have a sunny day, too, but the temperatures are falling and the first signs of the Autumn can be already seen.

I wish everybody a pleasant Tuesday! Take care!
Reply Ludmila
2:15 AM on September 6, 2022 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Today we have many clouds, but no rain. It is still very warm.
Hugs all around.
Reply ralph
3:57 PM on September 5, 2022 
Under the British system we vote for MPs by constituency not for the Prime.Minister. The MPs are free to choose any MP to be Prime Minister at any time in the life of a Parliament.
So Mr Brown took over from Mr.Blair because the Labour MPs voted for him. He did not have to hold an election till 2010.
The same would happen in the Bundestag if SPD members decided they wanted a different leader from Herr Scholz. There was no election in West Germany when Herr Brandt resigned.
As Chris is a biased left wing Socialist I assume she would prefer Mr Corbyn to still lead the Labour Party and be Prime Minister.
To answer Mervi.. I do not know very much about Ms Truss. She is likely to carry on most of the policies of the Johnson government. An election for the House of Commons must be held before December 2024.
The country is so divided that it is likely that no party will win a majority
The people who use public services the most pay the least taxes. The wealthy who pay most of the tax bill hardly use public services.
This is increasingly true in most developed economies and accounts for the inability to agree on domestic policies.