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Die Knuipe

May the year 2021 be a good year for us all!

Posted by Mervi on December 30, 2020 at 6:45 PM

Dear friends! The year 2020 hasn't been a very good year so let's hope 2021 will be better! One thing's for sure - our white fluffy friends will do their best to keep us in good spirits!

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Reply ralph
6:51 AM on June 3, 2021 
I am in the Library in Summertown. My local Charity shop in
Kidlington had found a lovely small Polar Bear metal papaerweight
that looks just like Victor in YWP
I enjoyed today's KWM though I write more about Giovanna than Nanook whio seems to be the new Princess there. I am not surprised at this after the way Lara brought her up.
A busy day out and about today so it may be tomorrow before I post again.
Although there have been problems in some inner city areas with the new variants of the Covid here, the majority of the country is relatively unaffected. So far all the vaccines we are using seem to be working
Reply Abgctouts
4:50 AM on April 1, 2021 
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Reply Annemarie Berta
9:30 AM on March 11, 2021 
Ich bin auch hier, Britta-Gudrun. Trinke gern einen Herkules mit. Heute ist uebrigens Donnerstag.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:12 AM on March 6, 2021 
Hallo, ist noch jemand hier?
Gestern waren nur zwei Besucher das, das ist sehr traurig.
Hoffentlich habt ihr am Wochenende mehr Zeit.
Ich serviere schon mal den Herkules und wuensche einen guten Start ins Wochenende!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
6:08 AM on March 5, 2021 
Mervi, ja, das mit den zusaetzlichen Nachnamen finde ich auch klasse, weil somit bei gleichen Vornamen doch eine bessere Identifizierung moeglich ist.

Ich wuensche einen erfolgreichen Freitag, bei was auch immer!
Reply Mervi
2:09 PM on March 4, 2021 
Leti - What luck the earth quake didn't cause any damage in your area.

Ralph - You had really cosy time with Uncle Sergej and his family. :D I'm sure Madame Nini is happy now that she can do her shopping in KaDeWe daytime. :D

Britta-Gudrun - I love the names the Alaska Zoo has given their animals.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
1:40 PM on March 4, 2021 
Sehr witzig, lieber Ralph. Auf Deutsch nennt man kleine Kinder auch liebevoll "Plagen"

Heute ist uebrigens Countdown Tag, wenn du das Datum aufzaehlst - kam eben im TV.

Leti, pass gut auf dich auf und auch in den betroffenen Regionen wuensche ich den Menschen viel Glueck.

Mervi, der Alaska Zoo hat einen schoenen Bericht gezeigt!
Reply ralph
11:41 AM on March 4, 2021 
It is now nearly two weeks since I had my first shot of the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine.. I am due to get my second in early May.
The regulatory authorities in the UK say that the first shot of both this this and the Pfizer vaccine already give a very high resistance against Covid. They hope that by the end of the Summer all adults in the UK will have been offered shots.
I am sitting in the Knuipe where Uncle Sergej has prepared me an English tea with thinly sliced cucumber sandwiches and scones with cream and strawberry jam. I asked him why he was so cheerful. He held a paw to his ear and said "Can you hear that?,"
Then I realised what he meant. I looked round the Knuipe at the various blue barrels and "Pylonen" all neatly piled in the corner.
"Where are they,?" Uncle Sergej huffed happily "Since the Lockdown Ninochka can go to KadeWe in the daytime. Normally we go at night because most two legs find Nanuqs scary. Today she has taken "the trouble" with her. I asked him jokingly "The trouble?" "Yes, it is the closest human word to what we Polar males call the little ones" Uncle Sergej bared his teeth. I was going to explain that we love these "little ones" so much but thought better of it as Uncle Sergej had begun singing his favourite David Bowie song.
Reply Leti
10:29 AM on March 4, 2021 
Britta-Gudrun-Hier haben wir etwas von dem Erdbeben bemerkt. Wir sind alle wohlauf. Danke.
Reply Mervi
4:47 AM on March 4, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Britta-Gudrun - No, we haven't got an invitation to take the vaccination. I guess it will take quite a while until it's our turn. There are not any clear 'rules' yet for in which order people will be vaccinated. Of course, the elderly people and people with severe diseases should be on the front line.

Ludmila - Thanks to our friends in Novosibirsk I can still enjoy the Winter in their photos. :D

Today I can offer you something different in KWM. Some keepers in the Alaska Zoo have taken photos of their animals - Keeping up with keepers! :D

Have a great TDT! Take care! I'm off to the ski tracks in Obersdorf - and there's also biathlon in Nove Mesto! :D
Reply Ludmila
3:27 AM on March 4, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Ich glaube die andere Laender machen einfach nach dem Alter. In anderen Laendern ist Astra-Zenecca fuer alle ab 18 zugelassen.

We have a winter weather again. Herkules is ready
Reply Britta-Gudrun
3:07 AM on March 4, 2021 
Guten Morgen!

Die Frauen und Herren Politiker haben neue Regelungen fuer die Lockerungen im Lockdown beschlossen, da kann man nur das beste hoffen, dass die Inzidenzien sich an "diesen Fahrplan" halten, ich bin skeptisch.
Ich frage mich sowieso, was und wie machen es die anderen Laender in Europa mit den Prioritaeten bei den Impfungen?
Mervi, habt ihr schon einen Termin?

Patricia, ich vermisse dich und hoffe, du bist wohlauf.

Leti, hast du in Tessaloniki etwas von dem Erdbeben bemerkt? Hoffentlich bist auch du wohlauf. Corona macht uns schon genug Probleme.

Ralph, dein Besuch bei Uncle Sergej war wieder recht unterhaltsam. Ich frage mich, wo geht Madame Nini einkaufen, wenn doch alle Geschaefte noch geschlossen sind?
Reply Mervi
4:35 PM on March 3, 2021 
Britta-Gudrun - I'm glad to hear your appointment with your doctor went reasonably well.

Ralph - What a nice stop you had in the Knuipe! It's good to know Uncle Sergej is always here - and with any luck we can even meet Madame Nini and the kids. :D - I love to publish photos of the polar bears in Novosibirsk - especially in the Winter. What luck our friends Anna, Arkadi, Oksana and Nina are so generous with their photos.
Reply ralph
2:16 PM on March 3, 2021 
Today was my day for walking up to the shops.It was cold and rather grey. But as it was dry I was able to have an open air breakfast fron the Greggs bakery shop. I did my shopping and later on bought some fish and chips to have at home.
I was enjoying the Novosibirsk celebrations of International Polar Bears day.
Uncle Sergej was behind the bar when I came into an empty Knuipe. He was admiring Kai and Gerda too. "They are such a nice couple" he looked up at me.
The rest of our conversation was drowned by a series of huffs, yips and sniffles as Uncle Sergej's family arrived. Madame Nini wad laden down with shopping bags but still found time to go up to Uncle Sergej and exchange the open mouth and nose sniffing of Polar Bear greeting. I discreetly drank up my Staropramen and made my way home.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
4:46 AM on March 3, 2021 
Mervi, almost Pasch!

Dumba, ich mag Alpakas auch gerne. Sie haben so ein ausgepraegtes Ohrenspiel und sehen nach ihrer Schur mit ihrem Kopfschmuck so verwegen aus.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
4:40 AM on March 3, 2021 
Guten Morgen!

Vielen Dank fuer eure guten Wuensche. Das Ergebnis war nicht berauschend, aber auch nicht ganz so schlecht, wie ich es befuerchtet hatte. Dennoch besteht kein Anlass uebermuetig zu werden.

Yeo, Knieschmerzen teile ich seit einigen Wochen mit dir und hoffe, dass der langersehnte Termin morgen beim Orthopaeden mir Linderung verschafft.
Wir beide halten das Lazarett hier auf Trab.

Teilt die Woche gut mit lieben Gruessen in die Runde!
Reply Mervi
4:39 AM on March 3, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Another foggy day here but baby bear don't care.

Dumba - The alpacas are lovely animals. When we visited the zoo they were the first we said 'hello' to. Now they've moved but it's good to meet them in a video anyway. :D - I wish Bibi's baby girl all the best. - Maybe it's safer for Shorty and Frauchen to stay by the sea side. I hope the Oma will recover soon!

Yeo - I wish you pleasant moments reading in the garden. Please, mind your knee!

Ludmila - It's always great to scent the fresh Herkules. :D

The Novosibirsk Zoo has not the best possible enclosure for their polar bears but the keepers certainly do their very best to keep GERDA, KAI, SHAUNA AND NORDI happy. This time the International Polar Bear Day was celebrated with many surprises for the white family. You can see Arkadi's photos from the celebration in KWM - and, you can also see pics of Gerda and Kai together again!

Have a happy Hump Day! Take care!
Reply Dumba
3:31 AM on March 3, 2021 
Guten Morgen (hier wieder ein sonniger nach anfaenglichem Grau :-) )

Yeo - Du hast meinen vollen Respekt fuer Deine Anstrengungen! Ich kann Dir nur wuenschen: Mach weiter so - mit der gebotenen Vorsicht, aber ohne Angst! Nur: bitte nicht uebertreiben - das waere sicher kontraproduktiv . . .

- - -

Zu Eurer Erbauuung am Mittwoch
Ein kleiner netter Film ueber die ALPACAS auf dem Erweiterungsgelaende des 'ZOO BERLIN'
Christian Moeller (Revierleiter ERWEITERUNGSGELAENDE):

Schoenen und gesunden Tach!
Reply Yeo
3:21 AM on March 3, 2021 
Good morning dear Knuipians!

Here in Berlin is the weather sunny and cold.
Yesterday I made a little bycicle tour.
Aber dann hatte ich doch ziemliche Schmerzen, auch im Knie.
Am Nachmittag habe ich mich dann ausgeruht. Es war noch sehr schoen und warm und ich konnte im Garten sitzen und lesen.

@ Britta-Gudrun
Hast du alles gut ueberstanden? Ich hoffe, deine Werte waren zufrieden stellend.

@ Mervi
I send you and Vesa a lot of greetings!

I wish you all a pleasant humpday!
Reply Ludmila
2:55 AM on March 3, 2021 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
The night was cold, but now the sun is shining. Herkules is ready