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Will the Spring be Spring like this year?

Posted by Mervi on March 4, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Gudrun

Dear friends! After the non-existing Winter it's Spring time again. Let's hope that at least this season will be more 'normal' than the Winter was!

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Reply Ludmila
4:13 PM on March 30, 2020 
Yes, it is true about the Jurassic Park. It is easy to imagine a dinosaur in this nature.
The video is wonderful. Flocke is a very good mother, the cubs are cute.
Reply Mervi
4:11 PM on March 30, 2020 
Dear friends! I'm too tired to write anything but I just have to insert this link to a wonderful video of Flocke and her trio. I hope the link works!


I'm sure we will all have sweet dreams after watching! :D Good night!
Reply patricia roberts
3:57 PM on March 30, 2020 
Ludmila, is this really true about Jurassic Park???? I must confess that when I saw your pics they immediately reminded me of that but never thought it would so close. Nevertheless, the nature is extremely beautiful.
And this evening, i saw my little birdies again, little blue tit and little big tit. But it appears that both brougth their girlfriend/boyfriend with (or as we say in Dutch: ze hadden hun lief meegebracht). Nevertheless, when I compare them to the other tits (blue or big), they all four are really small, but they do not quarrel like the others.
And now, I need my bed and guess what else I also need?????
Reply Ludmila
3:13 PM on March 30, 2020 
Jurassic Park was filmed on the Island Oahu at Hawaii
Reply Ludmila
3:10 PM on March 30, 2020 
Die Zirkusse sind jetzt pleite, wie alle andere private Firmen. Bevor du dich darueber freust, denke an die Tiere, die im Moment auf der Strecke bleiben. Die Zoos und Gnadenhoefe haben jetzt genug eigenen Problemen.
I am afraid the first month will go well, the second month will be disaster.
You are right about a financial massacre.
We need a strong drink tonight
Reply Britta-Gudrun
2:13 PM on March 30, 2020 
Mervi, ich bin sicher, dass die grossen Zoos von ihren Bundeslaendern ebenfalls finanzielle Hilfe bekommen, bei den vielen kleinen Wildparks habe ich allerdings ernste Bedenken, weil sie keine "Prestigeobjekte" sind und oftmals in privater Hand sind oder von Ehrenamtlichen betrieben werden, wie wir aus einigen Berichten von MoniK erfahren haben.
Bei dieser Gelegenheit denke ich auch an die Zirkusse, die leider immer noch Tierdressuren vorfuehren und hoffe, dass dort jetzt endlich ein Umdenken stattfindet - die Sprache des Geldes verstehen selbst die ansonsten Uneinsichtigen...
Reply patricia roberts
2:10 PM on March 30, 2020 
Good evening Dear All,
Yeo, it is almost impossible to believe to have snow and yet, today, I was having the feeling that snow is/was in the air. Na ja, Winter is not over yet and til Mid May, we may expect strange weather, isnâ??t it. Hope that everything will soon goes better with you. And yes, maybe, it is a blessing that the very old ones amongst us do not realize what is happening.
Dear All, reading that Annemarieâ??s new kitchen is installed is like music to my ear. Heaven knows what kind of delicious things we may expect from now on.
I do not know how the situation is in your home countries, but here in Belgium, a lot of people are now technically unemployed. This means that the government is paying a kind of replacing income (for the time being). Also, a lot of self-employed people are without income because they had to close their business (restaurants, pubs, hair dressers and so forth). Also for them, there is the same temporarily solution. But we all know that this may not take too long. Last Saturday, I read an article in my newspaper about people living in such circumstances and the tenure was always the same: we can manage the first month, we will have to be very careful during the second month, we will have troubles during the third month and we dare not even think about the fourth month. I hope that it will take that long. But one thing is for sure: whatever happens, it will end in a financial massacre for all of us.
With regard to Zoos: here in Belgium, they got subsidies, but of course, their main income is based on visitors. And that brought me to Gnadenhof für Baren: they do not have subsidies but only survive on the basis of donations. And I am afraid that a lot of such institutions will face serious problems.
Like Mervi wrote: we may not complain, we have everything we need (compared to former times and present). By the way, Mervi, I saw that Inge has posted a comment in KWM. Hope she will find the way back home.
by the way, Dumba, you know that I adore my kersenpittenkussentje, isn't it.
Reply Mervi
1:54 PM on March 30, 2020 
Dumba - I'm glad somebody thought my news from Copenhagen were good .... :D

Ralph - I hope you had a nice chat with your friend. I'm sure Staropramen is a good 'engine' for talking. :D

Yeo - Oh bear, it was snowing in Berlin! Some snow is predicted here, too, but during the night so I guess I won't be seeing any of it. - Please, let your knee rest!
Reply Yeo
10:49 AM on March 30, 2020 

Hello dear Knuipians!

Heute hat es hier in Berlin geschneit! Es blieb sogar eine Weile liegen und auf den Bäumen liegt der Schnee immer noch.

Mein Mann hat gestern mit seiner Mutter telefoniert und ihr zum Geburtstag gratuliert. Sie wusste gar nicht mehr, daÃ? sie Geburtstag hat. Sie hat ihren Sohn mit "Gute Nacht und schlaf gut" verabschiedet. Ich bin froh, dass sie nichts vermisst.
Heute hätte mein Papa seinen 91. Geburtstag.

Ich bin froh, nicht aus dem Haus zu muessen. Das Laufen geht noch schlecht.
Ich wuensche euch allen einen guten Abend.
Bleibt alle gesund.
Reply Yeo
10:42 AM on March 30, 2020 
Reply ralph
10:26 AM on March 30, 2020 
It is great that Denmark will help its zoos. Unfortunately Yorkshire Wildlife Park is a private company and will have to raise money from Banks or investers. The UK Government is already massively overstretched trying to pay money to all the people who would lose their jobs. The Highland Wildlife Park is somewhat luckier as it and Edinburgh Zoo are in Scotland where there is a separate system. Zoom in Gelsenkirchen and Wildlands Emmen may also find it hard to get money from their areas.
Today the weather was so grey and cold that I have not gone outside at all.
I am speaking to my friend on the phone as BN has suggested we open bottles of Staropramen and speak on the phone at 1800. I will be along later for my Polarona.
Reply Dumba
7:53 AM on March 30, 2020 
MERVI _ That's really happy news. Thank you. Hopefully the Governments of other countries, e.g. also Germany, will follow this example . . .
Reply Mervi
7:42 AM on March 30, 2020 
Ludmila - Of course, i know many people have no money and have lost or will loose their jobs but I'm glad that Denmark hasn't forgotten the zoo animals either.
Reply Ludmila
6:39 AM on March 30, 2020 
Many people lost their jobs. They have no money and do not know whether they will have a job or not in the future.
Reply Mervi
5:38 AM on March 30, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Tag! Today I'm glad to bring you some good news. The government in Denmark has decided to cover the financial losses of all the zoos and animal parks due to the covid-19. The animals need food, medicines and care even in these days the representant for the Danish government said. I say 'hurray'! :D

Ralph - I've been thinking a lot of the situation during the war, too. I once visited an underground shelter in Berlin and after seeing how people had to stay there when the bombs were falling I think our staying at home is a very humble 'sacrifice'. I don't understand why so many people are complaining because we have everything we need - at least so far.

Ludmila - Thank you for the new photos from Hawaii in KWM!

Dumba - I'm glad even you are writing here! Due to the problems we lost some bloggers but I hope even Inge and Filomena will come back soon!

Patricia - I can imagine that your move to Everbeek was a wise decision. You have Ronald and Karine near you and you have all that fantastic nature near you, too!

Britta-Gudrun - Thank you for the news from Annemarie! I hope both you and Django are doing fine.

Annemarie - I don't know if you read this but I wish you 'happy cooking' in your new kitchen! :D

Now I wish everybody a happy Monday and a good week!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:19 AM on March 30, 2020 
Guten Morgen zum Wochenanfang!
Kalt und sonnig ist es auch hier und selbst fuer einen Gang durch den Garten zu kalt.

Patricia, jetzt koennen die Tauben deines Bruders rein zum Vergnuegen durch die Luefte fliegen - beneidenswert!

Ralph, ja, jeder hat sein eigenes "Karma" mit Corona - auch beste Freunde trauen sich nicht mehr, mich zu meinem Rheumatologen in eine entfernt liegende Stadt zu fahren, aber die Taxifahrer fahren noch und profitieren bei so grossen Distanzen ganz kraeftig.
Ich erinnere mich noch sehr gut an die Erzaehlungen der Erwachsenen von den Kriegsereignissen. Auch die Corona-Pandemie wird in die Menscheitsgeschichte eingehen.

Mervi und Dumba, liebe Gruesse - Annemaries Kueche wurde trotz Corona erfolgreich geliefert und installiert!

Ich wuensche einen guten Start in die neue Woche!
Reply patricia roberts
4:07 AM on March 30, 2020 
Good morning Dear All, again another sunny but very cold day. Ah well, I think that I rather prefer this kind of weather than grey rainy skies.
Dear Ralph, I can understand your frustrations but be assured. When all is back to normal, there still will be zoos and they will be glad to welcome their visitors.
It is like Ludmila wrote: we can only hope that it would not last very long and that we all go through it without health problems.
I am also realizing now that I am more than happy to live here in Everbeek next to Ronald and Karine. If I would still have been living in Leuven, it would have been a hell of loneliness because friends/neighbours cannot come to visit and the only living creatures to talk to would have been my cats.
Yesterday, Ronald told me that due to this corona virus, everything with regard to pigeon racing had to stop until the end of June (at the earliest), which means that for him and his pigeons, the season is over.
Here in Belgium, the production of new TV series has completely stopped for the same well-known reason.
On the other hand, we all now can be happy to have internet and social media helping us to keep at least in a virtual manner contact with each other.
Reply Dumba
3:59 AM on March 30, 2020 
Have a pleasant new week in full health and in 'summertime' ALL/e!

It's good to learn from 'between the lines' that there are still some contacts in the background which means that not all of the people we appreciated and loved are completely lost. May be one or another will come back for one or another short comment and reason once in a while IF those strange and dangerous times will allow it! . . .

It's a right pleasure to meet PATRICIA ROBERTS rather often here lately. You should have seen my broad smile when I discovered the "kersenpittenkussentje" popping up in 'Die Knuipe' some days ago! . . .A special hug to "our always busy Lady in Belgium" :-)

As others - among others - I still miss SARSAM and RALPH is right that it's most possible we will never get to know what happened. It's the same with RETTA.

KNUTi-style hugs all around. Keep goog care of yourselves ALL/e!

btw: In the CCC there is actually another sunny day after lots of sunny days prior to yesterday's grey and slightly rainy (that's good!) Sunday. So we know that there is still always also a reason to be happy about!
Reply Ludmila
3:18 AM on March 30, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Today is very cold, about -4°C.
We went all through the same times as you. Now the situation is different ant it is hard for as all. We can only hope that it would not last very long and we all will go through without heath problems.
Herkules is ready
Reply ralph
5:03 PM on March 29, 2020 
I am drinking a Polarona while listening to the latest gloomy forecasts on the radio.
Like most Brits of my generation I had to sit through a succession of worthy old films about people in Britain during World War 2.We also sat through endless conversations between parents and grandparents about life in those days already over a quarter of a century in the past. It seemed another country.
We lived in a present of boundless possibilities but also the shadow of a possible death in a nuclear war that might, as various TV programmes warned, start at any moment and be over in days.
The idea that a Prime Minister would be writing to tell me not to leave the house for months (just being discussed on the BBC) was not even described in the pages of Science Fiction.
So, yes, like those people in England in black and white films I am keeping myself sane by planning what I will do when this "ruddy" war is over..
But like the people in "On the Beach" I am trying to forget that when the war is over there may be no more Zoos....
Sorry,I am not Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner but I wish I had their courage.
I need another Polarona.