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Die Knuipe

Will the Spring be Spring like this year?

Posted by Mervi on March 4, 2020 at 6:35 PM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Gudrun

Dear friends! After the non-existing Winter it's Spring time again. Let's hope that at least this season will be more 'normal' than the Winter was!

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6:50 PM on August 20, 2020 
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Reply Mervi
5:36 PM on April 2, 2020 
Patricia - I hope you don't have to act as a 'referee' so often. Try to hold on!

Ralph - I've seen 'Last of Summer Wine' and I remember Norah Battie and her stockings very well. :D

Ludmila - It's great to have a good team with the same goal!
Reply Ludmila
4:37 PM on April 2, 2020 
Our Institute is not closed. We can work sometimes from home, but it is more for the people with children.
We are allowed to go out for sport or walk alone or with family.
Ar work we do not have quarrels. Sometimes we have the different opinions. In general we do not fight about this, because we are a small working groupe and we have the same goal.
Reply ralph
4:27 PM on April 2, 2020 
I like the idea of a Finja. Nora is a name in Britain associated with ferocious old ladies. For many years a trio of retired old men were featured in BBC tv series called Last of the Summer Wine filmed in Yorkshire. They were often told off by a lady called Norah Battie.
Reply patricia roberts
3:53 PM on April 2, 2020 
Mervi, a Micky Finnja or a Mighty Finnja, all fine for me, as long as it is not stronger than a glass of white wine.
I also only worked a few times from home before, but the situation was different then.
Ludmila, I do not know what the rules are in Germany, but here in Belgium, it is just not allowed. If one can work from home, then one should stay at home. And the fines are not low, believe me. And whether you want things or not or like it or not, when the need and the importance is there, you just have to obey and follow the rules, for yourself and also for others. That is a matter of basic respect and common sense.
Ludmila, you know me now for 12 years and you also know that I am often not an easy person and certainly not a friendly person. But you cannot imagine how many quarrels and fights I already had to stop between colleagues via telephone and email. Luckily that I am the eldest person on the office and the one who with the most years of employment, which makes that they listen. But in the end, it is very exhausting and making me sad. And most of all, even though my cats and Ronald and Karine are around, I am feeling very lonely. But there is no other choice than doing my best and to continue, isn't it.
Reply Mervi
3:09 PM on April 2, 2020 
Ralph - I think it's very wise to stay indoors if we don't have to go out.

Patricia, Ludmila - I liked to work at home even though I didn't do that very much during my working years.

I think the drink of this evening is a Micky Finnja! :D
Reply Ludmila
2:57 PM on April 2, 2020 
I am very glad to drive each day to work. I do not want to be locked at home. I do not want to work from home.

We can drink something nice tonight
Reply patricia roberts
1:16 PM on April 2, 2020 
Good evening Dear All,
Working day is over. Well, working from home is having its charms, but it is not always easy and very time consuming.
Yeo, good luck with your visit tomorrow. I think that nobody is envying this kind of visit.
Ralph, as long as you do not have to out, it is much safer to stay in the house. The bears will keep you busy. On Tuesday, I had a difficult day. Being locked up for more than 2 weeks and barely seeing a living soul became a little hard. Luckily, we have sunny weather and most of all, luckily, I have nice colleagues with whom I can have a little chat in the Evening.
And now, I go to KWM to enjoy Finja.
Reply ralph
10:05 AM on April 2, 2020 
Thank you Mervi for the lovely report from Vienna
Thursdays used to be such a busy day for me outside. Now I am trying to do many things indoors
I no longer dare even to think about the day after tomorrow. It is all too much. I dont have to go out to the shops until well into next week. I am still having the same sniffly cold that I have had all Winter it seems.
I am going to the Back Room to look at Dumbas collages.
Reply Mervi
8:37 AM on April 2, 2020 
Yeo - Good luck with the 'devil in disguise' tomorrow! :D

Britta-Gudrun - Evi was in Vienna some days after Finja's first outing. She was lucky to visit her so quickly - who knows how long the zoos will be closed.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:05 AM on April 2, 2020 
Guten Tag!

Yeo, viel Glueck bei der Behandlung. Zahnaerzte sind ganz besonders gefaehrdet und tun dennoch ihren Job.

Mervi, ich frage mich, wann war Evi aus Tallin noch in Hellabrunn trotz Corona?

Ich wuensche einen schoenen Tag. Hier scheint die Sonne bei 15 Grad.
Reply Yeo
7:14 AM on April 2, 2020 
@ Ludmila
Vielen Dank, aber der Termin ist erst morgen. :)
Reply Ludmila
7:10 AM on April 2, 2020 
Ich hoffe es war nicht sehr schlimm beim Zahnarzt
Reply Yeo
5:21 AM on April 2, 2020 
Guten Morgen allerseits!

Eben kam im Fernsehen ein Bericht über den Berliner Tierpark. Es gab ein Interview mit Michael Horn, dem Oberpfleger und auch mit anderen Tierpflegern. Es wurden auch verschiedene Tiere gezeigt. Leider nicht die Eisbären.
Die Corona-Krise ist ein gro�er Verlust für die Zoos und Tierparks und auch die Besucher sind unglücklich, weil ihnen die Besuche natürlich fehlen.

Seit einigen Tagen habe ich etwas Zahnschmerzen und jetzt sogar eine hei�e Wange. Mein Zahnarzt arbeitet nur noch halbtags. Zum Glück habe ich für morgen Vormittag einen Termin ergattert. :D

Ich wünsche euch allen einen schönen Tag und bleibt alle gesund!
Reply Mervi
4:28 AM on April 2, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!

Dumba - Thank you for the nice posts in the Back Room! I hope you're doing fine and that the situation in the CCC is as good as possible in these days.

Patricia - I hope your 'kersenpittenkussentje' made you sleep like a knuby! :D

Chris, Ludmila - Let's hope even the zoos will get financial help so they can get through the rough times!

Even today I have the great pleasure to offer you lots of cuteness in KWM with Jutta's excellent photos of FINJA AND NORA!

I wish everybody a pleasant TDT!
Reply Ludmila
3:51 AM on April 2, 2020 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
Es ist schon eine ernsthafte Situation fuer die Zoos

Auch der Zoo Hellabrunn ist besorgt

Herkules is ready
Reply Chris
3:58 PM on April 1, 2020 
https://tinyurl.com/tvjv4yb :(

Der Verband der Zoologischen Gaerten
hat wegen der Corona-Krise ein Soforthilfe-
Programm in Hoehe von 100 Millionen Euro
fuer mehr als 50 Zoos in Deutschland gefordert.
Ein einzelner Zoo muesse in der aktuellen Krise
einen woechentlichen Umsatzverlust von etwa
einer halben Million Euro verkraften. Insgesamt
werden 56 deutsche Zoos vom Verband mit Sitz
in Berlin vertreten. In den Einrichtungen werden
mehr als 180.000 Wirbeltiere gepflegt und ge-
zuechtet. Viele von ihnen sind bedrohte Arten.
Reply patricia roberts
3:23 PM on April 1, 2020 
Good evening Dear All, this evening, I will not try any preparation of Uncle Sergej but will go straight to my bed with my beloved warm kersenpittenkussentje. Most probably, I have asked a little too much of my forces during the last two weeks, and now I am feeling very tired.
Nevertheless, I had a good laugh reading Britta-Gudrun's posting: "Auf dem Friedhof kann man nicht einkaufen gehen, deshalb ist dort auch nicht viel Betrieb, also ist dieser Ort ziemlich vierenfrei." I kow all and everything about a Friedhof. When I was still living in Leuven, the residents of the Friedhof were my best neighbours. Always quiet and peaceful.
Reply Dumba
3:18 PM on April 1, 2020 
Schoenen Guten Abend - Good Evening All Around

Wenn Ihr eine kleine Monats-Kalender-Uebersicht brauchen koennt, findet Ihr einen kleinen Ã?berblich im BACKROOM // Should you need a small overview of the month of APRIL you can have a look into the BACKROOM.

Good Night - Sleep tight!
Reply Mervi
3:11 PM on April 1, 2020 
Dear friends! Let's make a toast for all the polar bear mothers and their kids. They really help us to keep ourselves in a good mood even during this difficult time. - Oh my, there's a war but this time the whole world has the same enemy!