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Die Knuipe

Parliamo italiano!

Posted by knutitours on August 7, 2009 at 1:14 AM

Originalphoto by Gina, Knuipe by Viktor

Photo by Simone R

Dear friends or should I say amici? You've all heard rumours about a certain Italian babe coming to Berlin. I don't know when but I guess it will be in September. I've started to learn Italian and can already say 'Ciao bambina'! Do you think I need to learn more? It's tough with all these languages....and I have another problem. There's a turtle in my moat - which language does a turtle speak? Turtlish??

Oh well, it's still summer and me and my pals have had a wonderful vacation in our summer cave. Teddybärenmutti has been with us all the time. We never go anywhere without our secretary! There were a lot of things to attend to before we could start our lazy holiday...but now I'm talking far too much - you can read all about it in Mutti's report. Arrivederci! Your Knuti


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Reply Velvet
2:42 AM on August 14, 2009 
caren says...
ich teile Deine Bewunderung f?on, ich habe ihn schon einige Male in Stuttgart besucht. Ich schaue fast t?ich in Jens' Blog (ich kenne ihn pers?ch) und hinterlasse auch immer entsprechende Kommentare, durch ihn habe ich schon viele Eisb?n "kennengelernt". K?est Du vielleicht irgendetwas missverstanden haben? Anton ist ein Prachtb? er tat mir in seinem winzigen Gehege leid, so allein, auf dem gro?n Felsen. Ich glaube, er war echt froh ?ilb?s Abreise, weil er dann endlich wieder zu Corinna r?onnte. Das Schicksal der Eisb?nv?r!

Hey, Caren, wa nur Spass (hab doch extra viele " ;) " drunter gemacht... )
Aber "hen-pecked", also weisst du *aufpluster*, das hab ich dann doch nicht auf meinem absoluten Lieblingsbaeren sitzen lassen wollen (*zwinker*).
Ich hoffe, wir treffen uns mal in der Wilhelma, vielleicht kann ich mal ein paar Stunden freischaufeln.

Just to set this right: my statement about Anton was very much tongue-in-cheek ~ he certain IS my top-of-the-list polar bear.

The most fascinating thing for me about Anton is that one moment he's the cutest Knuddelbear you can imagine and next second he's a gorgeous predator, fast and like a steel spring.

Gruessles Velvet
8:16 PM on August 13, 2009 
MUTTI - When did I write to the hotels I waited for an answer for public transportation, was it it what I obtained at the hotels of Germany and in Venice I will be in Veneza Mestre not in the island, because the hotels in the island are a lot of expensive, and coffee to 25 euros??? My God I need to win a lot of times in the lottery for that. Thank you for the clues.

EVA - I am taking advantage of to know some cities in Germany, and other countries (Austria,Czech Republic Theca and Italy), but Knut and Knutians is the " high point" of the trip. I knew that Prague is a very beautiful city, I will have some pictures to show later.

CAREN - I will arrive Munich 13, almost certainly to 12:30 PM. As I have Europass I don't need to buy the ticket, I need to find out if I need to reserve the seat.

BEA - Thank you for the tip about Prague, I will be in a Botel (ship hotel) near to Charles Bridge and it could visit the city walking, and certainly I will find a bus or tube that me light of the station to the hotel.
Reply caren
6:28 PM on August 13, 2009 
as you see, you're not alone here. Knuipians can even overcome time differences.

Fruitcocktail is very good.

Good Night, Sleep well
Reply Ludmila
5:50 PM on August 13, 2009 
Caren, Eva
Fruitcoctail is very good. Cheers
Internet works.
Reply wolfgangsmama
5:38 PM on August 13, 2009 
CELINNE: You helped me to remember something my Omi used to make . . . onions and candy sugar. UGH! She strongly believed it in, too. I also got a "hot toddy" when I was really, really congested. Sure did make me feel "warm!" HeHe.
Reply caren
5:19 PM on August 13, 2009 
we certainly drink here something different. How about an Elderberry or Knusecco or a Fruitcocktail???
How did Uwe and your daughter manage yesterday with the internet?
Reply Ludmila
5:08 PM on August 13, 2009 
We gave the medicine to our children. We cut onions in small pieces and attaced the sugar and then waited of juice. The taste is very strong, but the smell is not better.
Let us drink something different!
Reply caren
5:01 PM on August 13, 2009 
I am glad that you know that medicine. Bernd was shocked when he saw what I was cooking, even more when he heard that I liked it, or let's say, I found it not so bad.

I am reliefed, Raspi feels better although he was not disappointed that he didn't get any doped cough syrup!
Well, do recommend this old folk recipe to your Mother. I can strongly recommend it, but the taste is rated very differently.
Reply Ludmila
4:45 PM on August 13, 2009 
Good evening friends!

I am curious. I know fresh onion with candy sugar. It tastes awful, but it helps again bronchitis.

Have fan tomorrow!
You are right, you can only live AWT, not buy.

Thank you for the ?PEAR BEAR? story. It is very accurate describing.

We have to wait two weeks. Yeo has holidays. She will fetch our cats with her ship and bring to London.

Your theory with cough syrup is very interesting. Lisa has forgotten that whole thing. She was happy with Michi and Lars is very handsome man.

It is really awful. I hope you get the coke.

It is fine that your cats will come to London. Minka can not wear hear ribbon. She loses all.
Reply Teddybärenmutti
4:35 PM on August 13, 2009 
Ein schnelles Knusecco und dann ins Mulch.

Reply celinne
4:30 PM on August 13, 2009 
Caren - Well I am going to suggest that candysugar and onion recipe to my mother who likes to experiment with folk remedies. Raspi says he's feeling MUCH better thank you and won't impose on you for the candysugar and onion medicine. Just thinking about it has cleared his sinuses and lungs.

Mervi - The consenus opinion is that Lars suffers from narcolepsy and Grandma Lisa who wants more grandbears like her beloved Knut plans to walk with some-sized giant gongs from Munich - you know the kind that can be heard about two miles away when banged. That way, she'll bang these gongs to keep Lars awake during his intimate moments. During winter she'll be gonging regularly to keep all the Berlin bears awake during hibernation so they can listen to her talk incessantly about her multitude of ailments both real and imagined. She also plans to gong Knut and Gia if she suspects any hanky panky in the corners.
Reply caren
3:54 PM on August 13, 2009 
your theories/conclusions are really great and very resfreshing after a stressy day. Laughter is guaranteed. Thanks a lot.

it's no joke, the worst bronchitis disappeared after the cooked onion in candysugar. That's a very old recipe from my grandmother and it works and doesn't taste so bad
Reply Mervi
2:54 PM on August 13, 2009 
Celinne - Your theories made me fall off my chair - now I'm just rolling on the floor with laughter!
Reply Mervi
2:51 PM on August 13, 2009 
Caren, Caren - Cooked onions in candysugar?? What a cruel woman you are :-) Poor Raspi was hoping for cough syrup. Oh my, he said he's suddenly feeling much better.....By the way - Angelina Jolie has heard about the AWT and is willing to pay a fortune to know the secret. The poor woman doesn't understand AWT is something no money can buy - it's a very special life style!

Bea - What an awful awakening! But tomorrow it IS Friday so relax. The Waiter is coming with your coke and an ashtray especially designed for us by Flocke. No need to tell you the colour.
Reply celinne
2:46 PM on August 13, 2009 
Hi Everyone!
Bea - I am good. Hope you are having a pleasant day with a sweet thoughts of bears!

Mervi- So that is why Raspi has been emailing and calling Grandma Lisa. He's too young to buy cough medicine over the counter and he knows she has cases of Nyquil and other brands well secured in her medicine warehouse....er....I mean medicine cabinet. That Raspi needs one of Granny Lisa's boring lectures about the lack of morality among young generation of wayward

Caren- If you give Raspi onions with candy sugar, are you certain, you can handle the repercussions? That boomsie could turn into a mini volcano!
What really happened with Lars.....did the poor fella really fall asleep during an intimate moment?
Maybe he suffers from narcolepsy? Or is just overdoing it with three wives to "keep happy"? Maybe he needs to phone the elderly Manasse and find out his secret for staying awake ( and alive I might add) during those times of passion? Maybe Lars is just bored with the whole process and is contemplating celibacy and Zen Buddhism?
Reply sarsam
2:38 PM on August 13, 2009 
Hi Everyone,

I want to share a few sentences with you from Poulsen's book "Smiling Bears" : She is talking about obesity in captive polar bears--"But obesity is a problem for a polar bear when she does not have enough lean body mass (muscle) to hang her fat off of. If, when the bear stands up on her hind legs, her body fat drops down and hangs like liquid in a plastic bag around her hips, giving her a pear shape, then she is obese and under-muscled. The "PEAR BEAR" phenomenon is quite common in captive polar bears, who are given the same diet throughout the year, regardless of the season or their ability to be active."

I love that term "pear bear"--I guess Katy would be classified as one.... :-))

FILOMENA -- It is very good to hear you are feeling better after the visit to the dentist. Those visits are always traumatic for me!!

SARAH and CHELSEA GANG -- Sam et al. would like to accept your invitation to the party. Since they cannot fly on their own :-), they want to know if Yeo's starship could transport them and their gifts for the gang!

CAREN and KNUTI-JUDI and TBM -- Great avitars!!

PATRICIA -- Yes we have been trying to see the Perseides but it has been cloudy every night so no luck. We did see them several years ago and were thrilled with the fantastic show.

VELVET -- Thank you for all the info on Anton and the links. I think it is fair to say that the handsome Anton and beautiful Corinna produced a very fine, handsome bear cub who obviously was well raised and has been able to form a good relationship with Ewa.

Bear hugs, Sarsam
Reply caren
2:37 PM on August 13, 2009 
I very much like toi join you for a drink and pink fag. Well, I also heard about Flocke and Raspi being very keen on the masks. I wonder when I can take the first pics of them celebrating the Venecean Carneval. That will be great fun.

we also love the old German Krimis. Every Sunday night after 23:00 there is the Kommissar on 3SAT. Very enjoyable, no blood, no violence, just strategy to find the evil. And the actors, seeing them when they were young,. Meanwhile they are old as they don't know about AWT...
Reply BEA
2:21 PM on August 13, 2009 
Good evening dear friends

Mervi, I need a icecold coke to become wake again.i am so tired today. Only one more day and that it is weekend.This morning I jumped out of my bed with a " yeah,fryday" Than i realized that we have tuesday.Can you imagine that it was a very hard day for me?

Teddybärenmutti, dein Bild ist sehr gut.

Knut - Judy, the new suitcase must be pink, whatelse ? Lets stay together in berlin.We will find a nice place near the enclosure to built a new home.

Luisa,I was several times in Prague. The city is so beautifull.The buildings are so gorgeous,the small roads so cosy,full with little shops and of course the cosy restaurants with the excellent typical food and beer. And if you are not there on a saturday please visit the old jewish cemetery.
Please take care of the czech taxi drivers.A lot of them try to guyp tourists.Special the drivers at he central station.You can go by trolley,and also by tube. But Prague is also very good to walk.The view from the castle is spectacular.

Velvet,Anton is a beautifull bear. well,not the most beautifulliest,but he is in the top of my charts.

Filomena, glad to hear that you now are without toothpain

Agi,I saw the Alpenzoo yesterday in Knutitis. It looks very beautifull.

Caren, I heared that Raspi will be a part of the venecian carneval next year. And Flocke is hooked because she loves the amazing costumes and masks.

wolfgangsmama,it is such a pity. We always miss eachother. When I enter the Knuipe I always look for some of your delicious food.But not one crumb is left. The kitchen is spic and span.

Ludmilla,Celinne, how are you?

And now a icecold cola please and a big hug dear waiter. The last days were so busy and the weather so crazy.My blood pressure is like a roller coaster.But good enough for a pink fag.Caren,Mervi,teddybärenmutii and all the other smokers. Do you join me for a fag or two?
Reply caren
1:14 PM on August 13, 2009 
It was very embarrasing for the zoo when "it" happened, as you can imagine. Lisa could have been fallen asleep (may be that's within the family) and the "matchmakers", too.
Raspi is not singing today, he seems to have caught a cough. We won't give him any cough syrup, instead I cook onions with candysugar, that's without any dope and I am sure it'll help very very soon. I know, you'll give warnings soon to Raspi's flatulence..(sorry).. :D

you are right, time difference is disturbing in Knuipe. But on the other side, this cosy place is therefore crowded over nearly 24 hrs.

parlo italiano soltanto un pocetino, pero hablo Espanol un poco mas. Tu has olvidado Espanol en tu lista.

did I get it right? You're feeling well after the visit at the dentist? Can you please publish the dentist's address here? Mile grazie e cari saluti
Reply Mervi
12:51 PM on August 13, 2009 
Hello folks! Dear Waiter, it's Thursday and life is beginning to feel wonderful again because it means tomorrow's Friday!!! Tomorrow is also the start for the annual Malmö Festival. About 30 000 people will be eating cray fish and drinking schaps in the City Square. Of course, there will be lots of music and dance, too. I think, though, we're having our own festival at home - I don't feel comfortable when the city is so crowded.

Luisa the Globetrotter - I wish you happy planning. I have always said planning a trip is half of the fun. I'm sure you will find your hotels everywhere.

Celinne - I hope Raspi didn't hear you talking about the big amount of alcohol in cough syrup. He's been sending messages to Grandma Lisa and he's really determined to make a good impression on the old lady. I certainly hope he does it for the right reasons and not for the cough syrup!

Filomena - Congratulations! You've been very brave today and your reward is that the tooth ache has gone. I must confess that I'm a real coward - I always try to find excuses to cancel my appointments with my dentist.

Eva - Prague is a very beutiful city - especially the Old City with Charles Bridge. I hope the cosy 'kneipes' are still there. Unfortunately they are disappearing and becoming modern coffee shops and bars. I hope you can visit Prague - you will love it.

Agi - Oh, I'm so glad to hear my Fritzl is still in the Alpenzoo - and he's got a girlfriend, too. When I met him it was a really hot day and I didn't feel like walking a lot so I sat on a bench and Fritzl sat in his pool and we 'talked' quite a while with each other.Next time you visit him - would you, please, say hello from me?

Caren - Tu parli italiano molto bene! Io lo parlo soltanto un pocetino....How many languages do we speak here: German, English, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Greek,....have I forgotten something?

Ludmila - I'm a great fan of German Krimis. I remember der Alte, Derrick and now my favourite is KDD (I think it's Kriminal Dauer Dienst). It's extra interesting because everything happens in Berlin! I wonder if Chiefinspector Knuseau works for them?

knuti-Judi - Some people travel light - some people travel pink!

Bea, Patricia - How about a nice glas of wine or beer or maybe coke??

Teddybaerenmutti - Harjoittele pois vaan. Hyvinhän se sujuu. Minä olen oiken 'imponeerattu' kun sait tuon awatarin paikoilleen. Oletko kuullut matkatoimistosta mitään?