Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy Birthday, Simone!


Dear Simone,

this year we decided to arrange a birthday party for you in the Knuipe! How about that? We have lots of yammy food and of course, a cake and a magnum bottle of champagne!

You can only see four of us in the picture but all your fourlegged (and twolegged!) friends will be there!!

A fluffy bear angel sent you this photo and asked me to deliver his best birthday wishes to you.

A little bird told me that you're going to spend your special day in the Hannover zoo. We all wish you a great time there! Enjoy and have fun!

On behalf of all your friends,


Happy Birthday, Simone!


Dear Simone,

I'm so glad and honoured to wish you a very happy birthday. You really are a faithful friend - thank you so much for visiting me as often as you do. Thank you also for helping Mama Gudrun with her Bollerwagen. Me and my friends in Bärenhofen appreciate the food deliveries very much.

Of course, you deserve a birthday gift and I've got a secret parcel for you! I hope it doesn't contain food because I just might want to do a thorough quality control..... no, just kidding, hahaa....

On behalf of all the Knutians I wish you a happy birthday with lots of joy and laughter!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober


Happy Birthday, Simone!


Dear Simone,

Again it's my great pleasure to wish you a happy birthday. Today it's my turn to stand behind the camera....

Oops! What's the matter with this camera... oh, how embarrassing, sorry, I guess I have to look at the display when I'm video taping....

Jippii, I made it! Isn't that a nice photo of you?

I hope your special day will be filled with joy and happiness!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober

PS. The whole Knutian world is singing for you!


Happy Birthday, Simone!

 Dear Simone or should I call you Frühlingsstern?

It's a great honour and pleasure for me to congratulate you on behalf of the whole Knutian world. We are all so grateful for your beautiful pictures of me - I mean Knuti. You make it possible for even the non-Berliners to take part in the happening at the Berlin Zoo. Thank you once again!

Hmm, I don't know how to say this but the cake vanished again. I don't understand why all the cakes just disappear when I take care of them...

Anyway, I have a bunch of lovely roses for you and I hope your special day will be very happy and filled with joy!

Your humble servant, the Waiter