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Happy Birthday, Sarah!


                                                                         Dear Sarah,

On behalf of all the Knutians I wish you a very happy birthday with lots of presents and a yammy cake - not to mention a bottle of really expensive French wine!

The gang and I had a delicisious cream cake for you but we thought we ought to taste a little just to be sure.... Well, the gang loved the cream and I had a teeny weeny slice myself. Can you imagine how surprised we all were when the cake suddenly just vanished!! Amazing things happen!

Now we meow and brumm a Happy Birthday song for you. Can you hear it?

Greetings from

Your humble servant, the Waiter, the Chelsea Gang and all the Knutians in the whole world


                Special greetings from Luisa, Star and Tommy



Happy Birthday, Sarah!



Dear Sarah!

What a great pleasure it is for me to wish a very happy birthday! I'm sure my good friends - Tommy, Gussie and Sydney - will arrange a great party for you. I've heard - from very reliable sources, of course - that they've already made a cake with prawns! They were quite worried about the freshness of the prawns so they just had to make a thorough quality control. My wild guess is that you'll have a prawn cake without prawns this year.

Anyway - I hope you enjoy the wine while listening us singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Your humble servant, the Waiter and everybody in the Knuipe