Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy Birthday, Risto!


Hello Mr Tiger!

Do you remember me, Oski? We had such a good time in Orsa together - didn't we? I also remembered something else - it's your birthday today.... so I wish you the best birthday ever!

Your pal Oski

Grüslet, Risto!

It's me - Wilbär! It was a bit chilly when this photo was taken - that's why I'm wearing a warming hat. As you see I have the champagne ready for you and I can quarantee it's ice cold!! Enjoy your special day!

Yours, Wilbärle

Myös meiltä lämpimät synttärionnittelut! Eiköhän me juhlita niitä vähintään yhtä paljon kuin syntymäpäiväsankari itse!

Mervi, Vesa, Mimmi ja Nalle


Happy Birthday, Risto!


Koska ilmassa on tänään suuren urheilujuhlan tuntua aloitamme reippaalla rallilla joka päivän kunniaksi on muuttanut nimensä Turkulais-Tamperelaisten marssiksi.

Dear Risto,

As you see I have a jutesack filled with gifts for you - for instance Beluga caviar and French champagne from Flocke and Raspi. I bought you a huge salmon although it isn't so huge anymore .... I really don't understand what happened .....


I have also taken singing lessons to be able to sing you really nicely. I'm sure you'll love my barython voice! The old ladies - Tosca, Nancy and Kati - say I need to take many more lessons but I'm quite satisfied with myself. And look what Teddybärenmutti has for you - singing teddies!

Have a great birthday, Risto and come soon to visit me again!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober

PS. Mervi, Vesa, Mimmi, Nalle and all the Knutians are singing with me:

Paljon onnea vaan, paljon onnea vaan .....

Happy Birthday, Risto!


Dear Risto,

What a great pleasure it is for me to wish you the best birthday ever! As you see I've done my best to make your day very special. There are balloons, champagne and a nice cake ....well, I made a little quality control of the cake but the crumbs are delicious.

I have another surprise for you. I know you like nordic walking but this time you must do some nordic climbing to get your ice cold Knutsteiner, hihiii....How do you like my Finnish outfit? I look very sporty don't you think? See you on the top of the hill!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober - and the whole Knutitours

Herra Eläkeläinen!

Saanemme toivottaa oikein rattoisaa syntymäpäivää!

Mervi, Vesa, Nalle ja Mimmi


Happy Birthday, Risto!


Dear Risto!

May I call you Teddybärenvatti? I know you like bears very much because you're married to Teddybärenmutti!

The whole Knutian community wishes you all the best on your 60 year birthday! Can you hear me brumming Happy Birthday to you?

I wish you and 'Mutti' a pleasant stay in Tyrol. May your special day be filled with joy and happiness!

Your pal, The Waiter and all the Knutians



Hei Karhunkesyttäjä!

Sydämelliset onnittelut ikääntyneelle isännälle täältä Malmösta! Oikein hauskaa synttäripäivää ja rentoa lomaa teille molemmille!

Vesa, Mervi ja Miffe