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Happy Birthday, Retta!


Dear Retta,

A year has gone since your last birthday - well, it usually goes a year between birthdays, hihii..... 

This year Giovanna and I decided to visit you in your home town. Unfortunately neither of us is very good in reading maps so we're not quite sure we found the right place. We're in the right country anyway. Can you come and meet us? 

I'm trying to trace her..... 


As you know by now the cakes always vanish in a most mysterious way but we have some beautiful roses for you ... and of course, ourselves!

Mervi, Vesa, Mimmi and Nalle send you their best birthday greetings, too .... and so does the whole Knuipian community!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober  

 From Caren & Bernd: 


Happy Birthday, Retta!



Dear Retta!

It's such a great pleasure for me to send you the best birthday greetings from Bärlin!

May your special day be happy and filled with joy and laughter....and lots of presents, of course!

Maybe you're wondering where the birthday cake is? I accidentally happened to do a very thorough quality control so it vanished. I bring you beautiful, red roses instead. I hope you like them.

Now all the visitors in the Knuipe and me are singing 'Happy Birthday to you'.

Your humble servant, The Waiter