Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy Birthday, Ralph!


Dear Ralph,

Although you've lately given me reason to be worried by visiting the young polar bear lady in Tierpark I wish you a very happy birthday!

I'm trying to keep an open mind but sometimes a girl can't control her feelings..... so, please, stay away from young bear girls! I'm sure you don't want to cause me grey fur.....

However, it's your special day and Tosca, Nancy and I are singing 'He's a jolly good fellow'.

Your Kati

These merry gentlemen represent all the polar bear friends throughout the world. Have the best birthday ever!

Mervi, Vesa, Teddybärenmutti, Teddybärenvati and everybody


Dear Ralph,

we wish you a year full of beary happiness and health.

We guess you're having a big party with all your bears and your mother Ursula.

Bear hugs from Caren & Bernd



Happy Birthday, Ralph!


Dear Ralph,

What a great honour and pleasure it is to me to wish you again a very happy birthday!

Don't you think we look gorgeus in our elegant hats and we're wearing same kind of furs, too.

Auntie Kati has sent you two cards - she wants you to know that she's really happy to have a fan like you.....

Our best greetings to you,

Your humble servant Herr Ober, Mervi & Vesa, Caren & Bernd and all the polar bear fans in the world



Happy Birthday, Ralph!


Dear Ralph!

 It's my great pleasure to wish you a happy birthday again. Since your special day also happens to be the Lucia Day Fräulein Flocke wanted to be your Lucia. Doesn't she look lovely?

I know that you recently visited the original Knuipe in Bärlin. Our friend Raspi sent this photo to remind you of a wonderful evening. He's quite an entertainer isn't he!

In the Knuipe we are all raising our glasses for you. May your birthday be filled with joy and lots of presents- maybe even with piano music!

Your pal Herr Ober

Happy Birthday, Ralph!

 Dear Ralph,

Thank you for your entertaining posts on Knuti's blog and your wonderful zoo reports from Berlin and Gelsenkirchen!

Since it's your birthday I suggest that we two gentleman have a Knutsteiner together. I always enjoy beer (and bear) in good company!

Even the Wild Herd has asked me to deliver their best birthday wishes to you! Unfortunately there's no cake - it didn't make it through the quality control but on the other hand - there's lots of beer!!

Your pal, the  Waiter