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Happy Birthday, Teddybärenmutti!


Dear Teddybärenmutti! 

It's a great honour for me to wish you a Happy Birthday from me, Flocke, Raspi and all the Knuipians! And a lot of teddybears, too!! We all love you!

I hope your special day will be very happy filled with joy and lots of presents (I have reminded Risto!!)

Maybe you know that some mysterious things happen to all the birthday cakes I deliver. This time I made a reserv - a Knutsteiner cake! I hope you like it.


There will be a great party at the Knuipe and I've done my best to make it unforgettable. I must admit that I'm a little tired so I just take a little nap before the party begins.

Sydämelliset onnittelut synttäripäivän johdosta! Viettäkää sitä asiaankuuluvin juhlallisuuksin! Me olemme hengessä mukana Berliinissä ja juomme maljamme päivän sankarittaren kunniaksi.

Mervi, Vesa ja Miffe