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Happy Birthday, Frauchen Miezehumpf!


Dear Frauchen,

Again it's a great pleasure for me to wish you a very happy birthday!

Hmmm, chicken is always yammy but where's the cake? I'm waiting.....

Accidentally I found the cake and also happened to eat it but here's a new cake for you. Oh, please, I couldn't eat a single bite more.... or maybe just a teeny weeny slice....with whipped cream!

Best birthday greetings from your Miezehumpf

We wish you the best birthday ever!

Mervi and all the Knut friends in the whole world


Happy Birthday, Frauchen Miezehumpf


Dear Frau Miezehumpf,

We wish you a very happy birthday! We made a delicious cake of salmons, tuna fish, sardins and macerels but somehow the cake just vanished ..... we really don't understand what happened! Miezehumpf has promised to bake you a new and he also promised he won't touch it. Isn't he a jolly good fellow?  


I'm so glad you visit me so often so I bought you a bouquet of beautiful roses since it's your birthday today. I hope you like them. Although I like the smell of salmons most I think the roses smell quite good, too..

On behalf of all my fans in the world,

Your humble servant Herr Ober

Happy Birthday, Frau Miezehumpf


Dear Miezehumpf's Frauchen!

Miezehumpf sent this card and wanted to surprise you. Isn't it a lovely card?

All the visitors in the Knuipe and Knuti's Weekly Magazine wish you a very happy birthday!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober

Happy Birthday, Miezehumpf's Frauchen!


Dear Miezehumpf's Frauchen!

The whole Knutian world and I wish you a very happy birthday! May your day be filled with joy and lots of presents!

Your humble servant,

Herr Ober in der Knuipe (alias Knuti)