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May 2008



GOOD EVENING FROM Mervi's Fireside Cafe!!!

Last night was the biggest and best party we have ever had at The Cafe! The celebration of sweet Thomas returning to Zoo Berlin was nearly an all night party!

Our tall white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears insisted upon carrying in Thomas from the limo. Thomas, being the shy man that he is, turned beet red as he entered The Cafe being carried on a red velvet chair. None other than Wolfgang von Rottweiler and Dusty carried the other end along with Bogie! Behind Thomas came the Wilde Herd. They were in rare form, dancing and singing throwing in a few high steps of the CanCan dance. Luisa being completely healed, seemed to be kicking the highest. At one point, Luisa's shoe went flying into the air like a rocket and bounced off the head of Viktor. He is now officially a member of the Wilde Herde since he was beaned by a shoe of a member of the Wilde Herde!

The guests were all seated and dinner began! Serving was done by our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears, Wolfgang von Rottweiler, Dusty and Bogie. Feet/paws were flying at record speed as they went back and forth on skate boards with trays of food. It seems there was a small mishap with a tray carried by Wolfgang von Rottweiler. He's got such large feet/paws and the front one caught on the leg of a table. Gee, guess what happened then . . . you got it . . . the Rottweiler went flying one way and the tray went flying another each landing in a different part of the room. Woofie landed in the lap of Mervi with a lobster on his belly as he landed on his back with all four feet/paws up in the air and a juicy medium rare steak landed on our dear Lady Maraen Bear's head. There she sat, a steak slowly oozing down past her lovely ears onto her shoulders and down into the clevage of her Summer frock. Our Waiter did not know whether to reach in and retreive it or allow her to get it. Her sweet Kitty solved the problem as she reached in with her long paw and brought it back into the light for her Mutter. Our dear Thomas did not let that faze him at all. He started eating as though nothing happened. What a sight!

After dinner speechs were give by several of the Wilde Herde telling Thomas how glad they were to have him back and well! Knuti-Judi, Dumba, Yeo and Gitta sang a lovely song they had written just for Thomas, too. Then the dancing began. We all danced until the wee hours of the morning! Sore feet and blisters were found everywhere on all feet! Everyone danced many, many times and lots of champagne was consumed by all. To end the evening . . . our Waiter and Thomas danced a very well know German dance that had all on their feet cheering! A great time was had by all as the evening came to a close!!! As everyone walked outside, shades of pink and red were seen in the distance in the sky.



GOOD EVENING from Mervi's Fireside Cafe!

Today has been a fun day at The Cafe. As you know, today is knuti-judi's birthday and we had fun making her birthday cake today. Well, except for the little "fracus" over who will lick the bowl. Lady Maren Bear's Kitty decided that she, and only she would be the one with the bowl So . . . to keep the tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears, Dusty and Woofie out of it, she jumped into the bowl and sat down in the middle of it! Yes, she had chocolate batter all over herself, but she licked the bowl and herself completely clean. Well, the boys were not too happy about it so they started chasing her around the kitchen slinging chocolate batter everywhere.

The Lady Maren bear was mortified by her behavior. I just had to laugh, it was funny. After her bath (given by the Lady Maraen Bear herself) she was banished from the kitchen and place up in the tiny apartment upstairs for the duration of the cooking. Poor little Lady Maraen Bear was so embarresed but I kept trying to assure her that it was okay and not to worry! What Kitty didn't clean up, Dusty and Woofie made clean, straight away with their big old tongues! After that, both boys were on their best behavior, too. So there was no trouble when it came to making the frosting and placing it on the cake. They both patiently waited until they were each given a nice lick. I limited their intake since it was chocolate and that's not good for dogs.

We had a lovely luncheon for Knuti-Judy, too. Most of the ladies from the Die Knuipe and the RBB came to celebrate with us. The luncheon menu was light and delicious! We had cracked, iced crab, shrimp cocktail with a spicy cocktail sauce for dipping, a lovely vegetable tray with many bite sized samples of all the Spring veggies. And trays of succulent baked chicken with a lemony/lime sauce. We also had plates of steamed asparagus, both white and green. And two sauces for the asparagus, one a light white wine sauce and the other a delicate cheese sauce. Then . . . the tall, white, fuzzy waiter, with the cute ears, flanked by Dusty and Woofie brought out the Birthday Cake for dear Knuti-Judi.

We did not put candles on the cake since a Gentleman never asks a lady her age. Finally, the champagne was brought out and we all drank a toast to the Birthday Girl and wished her many, many more Happy Birthdays!



Dearest Waiter: you look so handsome in your cap for your graduation photo! And to think you completed it in record time! Your Papi taught you well!

As we presented the cake to our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears, there was not a dry eye in the house. All the Knutians cheered, roared and clapped until their hands hurt! The proudest of all was Papi Dorflein! Yes, he came for the celebration and brought a special bucket of fish for our stunning Graduate. There were tears in his eyes as he presented Knuti the fish. He shared with us all his memories of the first days with Knuti and finished off the talk with "and look at him now!"

All the Knutians helped make this a very special day. Everyone pitched in and worked very hard decorating the Die Knuipe and setting out the food for the celebration. The champagne fountain was place next to the cake and at the end of the table of food. We did have to keep an eye on the champagne so that the tiny ones did not partake. Knuti was allowed one glass of champagne since it was his graduation celebration. He looked quite stunning holding up his champagne glass in his hand/paw as the toast was made to him by his dear, dear friend and neighbor, the Lady Maraen Bear. He looked like the debonier Polar Bear that he is with his glass in one hand and his cap slightly askew on his darling white, fuzzy head! He had a sly smile on his face that reminded us of the actor, Clark Gable, when he was young.

The menu was light and tasty with an assortment of fish, shrimp, oysters and Arctic pumpkin. There was a special request for a pan of King Ranch Chicken, which we made and Retta brought some of the most delicious, tiny mushroom sandwiches and ham salad on crackers. Luisa brought the largest pan of paella that I have ever seen! Rosemary brought several arrangements of the most lovely flowers in many Spring colors, too. All of the greenery came directly from Gitta's garden to the delight of the Knutianers.

And last but not least, Dusty and Wolfgang von Rottweiler came directly from KaDeWe with several bags of gourmet chocolates for all the ladies! Dusty and Woofie presented Knuti with a handsome, black leather briefcase to carry his books in when he goes off to further his studies. His initials, K. D. were engraved in the corner of the briefcase in golden letters. Near the handle his name, Knut Dorflein was engraved also.

The dancing continues as does the eating and will probably go long into the night!


Congratulations to our dear KNUTI!!!



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