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March 2008



GOOD EVENING from Mervi's Fireside Cafe:

It has been busy today in the Cafe. My first full day back and I feel like "the new kid on the block." It was so good to be with the tall, white fuzzy waiter with the cute ears and Retta and the others who stopped by to say Hi. Our dear Lady Maraen Bear did come for lunch with her Kitty. She is feeling a little better but will be so glad when Spring arrives. She said there was a flurry of activities on Sunday after Knut's Premiere. Many people visited like last Summer.

Lunch went off without a hitch. Many luncheon guests enjoyed the regular fare of The Cafe.

Dinner was busy and the tall, white fuzzy waiter with the cute ears was in top form. He buzzed around on his roller skates, back and for and back and forth . . . then OPS! Well, seems Ronny came for dinner and brought his 8 children, who took over the dining room. The middle child was running around the table just as our Waiter came thru carrying a tray of split pea soup and an order of good old Westphaian ham. The child (who is quite sturdy like his Papi) blocked his way and the child went one way, the Waiter another and the split pea soup and ham all flew across all the children landing on Ronny. There he sat, ham on his shoulders, split pea soup running down his head and soaking his lap. Actually, his wife looked kind of cute with a slice of ham on top of her head. Of course, we all ran over to the table with towels, mopping off the children and assessing the damage to the two adults. Ronny being the good hearted soul that he is, just laughed and said "Well now, that's what I call a meal!" We offered to cover all cleaning costs and any damage but Ronny said that was not necessary. So the very least we could do was give them all complimentary dinner. Which Ronny really liked. The Waiter turned every shade of pink and red possible. Of all people to spill food on, his friend Ronny.


After that, the room quited down and the diners continuted to eat. There was quite a roar of laughter while it was happening as chairs were being overturned by screaming youngsters and Ronny is yelling at the kids in German. So goes another night at Mervi's Fireside Cafe. I am working on the Spring menu and will post it when I complete it. Time to go to Die Knuipe for a cup of tea and some rest.

 Even the Waiter needs a little rest!
 Photo: Nene



21.03.2008 23:16

Hallo to All: I am glad to know that it is not my knuptor that is broken! I have not been able to post today until now.

GOOD AFTERNOON from Mervi's Fireside Cafe:
Just a quick break for a cup of tea and a short rest. We have been in the kitchen cooking for Easter celebration all day. Also trying to keep up with our daily menu. Oh, if you could smell the flavors wafting out of the back door of the kitchen. The poor animals in the woods are drooling! Of course, you know they will have a little extra tonight since they have suffered smelling the goodies all day!

Last night Dusty and Wolfgang von Rottweiler had a night on the town! They went to several clubs to watch the shows, had a lovely dinner at the fine dining establishment across from the Zoo Berlin in the Palace Hotel. They were going up to the top of the glass building but Herr Wolfgang von Rottweiler remember the last time he went and fainted, dead away and had to be carried down by the group. They decided to take a ride down the Spree River on the boat at night. Seems they met two lovely ladies who were also visiting Bearlin. One was from the Zoo Bearlin and one was from England. The lady from the Zoo Bearlin was a white Wolf with the most beautiful, long, white shiny coat and her eyes twinkled in the night light stars. At least that's the way Dusty described her. Wolfgang said they did make a stunning couple together. Dusty with his shiny long, black fur and she with her beautiful fur that looked soft as angels breath. And the lady from England was an Irish Setter with the deep red, most breath taking coat he had ever seen. Wolfgang said her eyes had a hint of green in the moonlight and he would swear that they had stars twinkling in them. They went for a nightcap at the bar down the street from Mervi's Fireside Cafe and wound up staying until closing time. I believe dates have been made for tonight for a snack and stroll thru the Tiergartens tonight. We will keep a close eye on those two gentlemen! Well, it's back to cooking. Talk to everyone later.

P.S. Monsour Knives has brought several outfits for our Retta to wear over the Holiday weekend. She does look quite stunning! I hope none of the gentlemen diners become too smitten with her!

23.03.2008 02:36

GOOD EVENING FROM Mervi's Fireside Cafe:

I am a very tired cook tonight but things look great for tomorrow! Our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears will be putting up the decorations when all the diners finally leave. Dusty and Wolfgang will help him and Retta is tending to the final decorations that will be put on the tables and chairs. Her lovely outfit is hanging in the dressing room off the kitchen ready to outfit her beautifully.

Our dear, sweet Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty have arrived. She called and asked if she could come spend the night here so she could be here early to help with tomorrow. So, our Waiter took the car to pick her and her Kitty up. I think she is lonely and does not want to be alone this Holiday. She is always welcome, she's like family to all of us! She does not know it yet but Mervi had Monsour Kneves design an Easter outfit for her and her Kitty. Just a little surprise for her. She asked if there would be an extra seat just in case she had a guest. I said certainly, we would make room. I wonder . . . ???

Our last large table was reserved by none other than Ronny and his family. That should prove to be interesting. Things have gone very smoothly today, well, there was that little incident with the legs of lamb. Retta got extremely creative and instead of putting fluffy paper skirts on their legs, she put fishnet stockings on them. And you know the steamship round of roast beef, well . . . they now have bunny ears, large bunny ears. And the shrimp, well, they now have streamers off the tails. And God love her, she meant well but forgot her training with the potatoes. She washed each piece of potato in the augrating potatoes and I had to make the sauce over again. I do believe it was Luisa's idea, they both had their heads together over that one. I guess I should have checked more closely as to what they were doing, but you know how it is when you're busy and think "Naw, nothing can go wrong at this point." Ah, I need a good, stiff drink! But . . . Mervi went home with the keys to the liquor cabinet and I don't have the heart to ask her to come back. I know she is still tired from her trip. Well, until tomorrow . . .

24.03.2008 01:29

GOODEVENING FROM Mervi's Fireside Cafe!

WoW! What a celebration! First of all, the dinner was well received by all the diners. The lamb, roast beef and seafood were all equally popular. Even those who did not care for lamb enjoyed it.

Retta look devine in her Easter frock of lace and cotton in soft pastels of pink, lime green, yellow and pale blue. The lace over blouse was white and the pale colors shined thru. It was constructed in a Summer type dress with short puffy sleeves, scooped neck and knee length hem. Her pumps were matching colors of dyed satin. Our precious Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty were dressed in a soft blue and white light cotton garment that looked exactly like SpringTime. Kitty had a tiny wrap of the same fabric to match her Mutter's dress. The Lady Maraen Bear had none other than Ernst as her guest. She thought it was time for him to learn the ways of being a gentleman and partake in fine dining. Well, Ernst being Ernst, he was definately a wild child. Up and running around, touching other plates, playing under Retta's skirt until Wolfgang and Dusty hearded him off to the kitchen to have a talk! Don't know what they said but he came back pouting with a "long face" but did not get up from his chair after that!

Ronny and his family (wife and 8 children) were dressed in Easter attire looking quite handsome. Thank goodness for Dust and Wolfgang! The children were crawling around on the floor under the tables, pulling on table cloths, almost spilling a magnum of champagne and generally being most unrully. Ronny was chasing them with a switch and reaching out and swatting each one as he got close. Little Ronny dumped the entire container of red Seafood sauce on his little brother which made him cry and he took out after little Ronny with an entire leg of lamb trying to hit him with it. Dusty stepped in and with one paw swatted him knocking the leg of lamb toward the door, which hit Knuti-Judi in the head and with the other paw grabbed that child and drug him back to his parent's table, tying him to the chair with a leash. Knuti-Judi had a bit of a headache but otherwise she was okay.

 As Ronny got up to go after little Ronny he tripped the tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears sending the tray of food flying into the air and landing in the middle of Luisa's table. I must admit, Luisa looked cute with bits of augratin potatoes stuck to her dark brown hair and Star looked stunned as she licked gravy off her beautiful white fur that was no longer white but a tasty shade of brown.

 As a surprise for the diners, a tall, long haired singer with a beautiful golden earring in his left ear sang Elvis songs to the breath taking delight of especially the ladies. We were able to convince none other than our beloved Thomas Dorflein to come to sing for us as a special treat. At the end of dinner, our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears came out with Easter baskets full of chocolates and dyed Easter eggs dressed as The Easter Bunny himself! Mervi & I also dressed in Bunny costumes to amuse the diners. Mervi with her flaming red hair peeking out from her Bunny ears was a sight to behold! Some of the smaller children asked why the Bunny had red hair. She told them that Bunnies come in all colors and all sizes, too. Just like children do!

After dinner Doc Schuele and Miss Judy's Delight played for the guests and some of the lovely couples danced to the tunes. Mervi was honored for all her efforts in putting on a fun-filled dinner by dancing with our dear Herr Dorflein. She had a glazed look about her eyes and I don't think her feet have touched the floor since. I was able to dance with our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears. What a couple . . . a very tall slim Bunny with a short, round Bunny.

We finally were able to meet Dusty and Wolfgang's lady guests, too. The lady with Dusty was very refind, a true classic beauty from Germany and the lady with Wolfgang was a raven haired beauty from England. We didn't get to spend much time with them, they are leaving tomorrow to go home and wanted to spend as much time as possible with Dusty & Wolfgang.

After all the diners left, we gathered up all the left overs and took them out to the forrest for our homeless animals. They never dreamed they would get what we all had dined on, the lamb, roast beef and seafood. We told them how important they were to us and how their eggs and baskets were the hit of the dinner. We reminded them that we loved each and everyone of them and just because they were homeless, we would never treat them any differently. They were our friends. So, a good time was had by all, many wonderful plates were enjoyed and everyone was looking forward to the next holiday already.


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