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The Lion Gate at 6 pm on Saturday

07.02.2009 by Teddybärenmutti and Caren
Images by Mervi, Translation into English: Patricia Roberts and Mervi
Originalphotos: Manuela R, Viktor, SpreewaldMarion

Duipiduu, dampidi duu. Du, Du, Du, Du. Du ....Now I must make myself presentable! Ah, girls, girls, girls...duubuduu, dudubidooo, tralalaaa. dubidoo, girls!!!

- Isn't the water in your pool awfully cold?

- Knutschen Herr Postman! No, it's very warm here. Would you like to swim with me?

- Certainly not! I have a letter for you from Nuremberg. I guess you've been waiting for it?

- From Nurember? Please, put it in my mail box. 

- Dubiduuu, plitsch, platsch..duubidoo. Now I'm a superduper clean bear and ready to meet the Mädels! 

- Dubiduu. Plätsch, Plitsch, Plitsch Duibiduu!!! Jetzt bin ich supersauberfrisch die Mädels zu treffen. A letter from Nuremberg? Hmmm, Does the Ruskie want something from me? I already answered his letter. A real nice and friendly letter, too...Oh, it's from Flocke! FLOCKE, FLOCKE, oh dear, my Flocke has written me....usually she sends emails or calls me with her cell phone...

My dearest Sweet Knut,

Aaaahh, thank you so much, you understand how dearly I am missing my pacifier. I may even suck on your velvet paws? Hmmm, wellll, I do not know … Knutie? Do you also write such things to the girlies? I don’t want you to meet these girls. You should meet me, I want to be your first and last love, Knutie I will be there on Saturday at 6:00 p.m., there at the Lions’ Gate (ahem, is it dangerous, with these lions around???). Rasp will accompany my during my trip to you. He can have a Vodka while only the two of us meet and talk. Knutie, and we really have to talk.

Here in Aquapark, we have had a small discussion with the Boss. But Raspi and I needed the knuputer to write you. Raspi is having big paws and now the keys are scratched. And then, he had licked the screen but he was still having some mackerel in his mouth. And I also wanted to try the screen (has no taste at all !), but had forgotten that I just had eaten toast with fish oil and carrots soaked in honey. Well, at this moment, the knuputer doesn’t look so good anymore, and the Boss is looking pretty sour now. I also found his handy because I reeeaaallly wanted to call you. I have hidden it in the pool, beneath the ice floes. But it only makes bubble noises now, funny thingie this handy of the Boss. I hope that the Boss is not giving us stable arrest now and that is still possible, Knuti. But I really really want to come to you on Saturday. Please, wait for me at the Lions’ Gate at 6:00 p.m.

Raspi, Dimitri, Raspumir, all bizarre names, Knutie. HE cannot help it or do anything at it, most of the time, it makes him very unhappy and says, my name is POLARBEAR. Hm, I think that I must ask to have a look in the Family Book.

Raspi really appreciated you letter, also that you allow him to have a drive in you sweet, little, cosy red car. I bearily enjoy our trip, Wilbär already knows that we are coming to the Wilhelma. He is saying, so what, but I don’t believe him. He is now acting beary supercool, bwaaah. Apparently, Sweden brought him already in the moods, the little Schwaben. In Vienna, they are looking forward to meet us. Shall they kiss my hand? “I kiss your paw, Madam”, WAAAWW

Can we also make a small detour to Aalborg? You know, my paaaatchwork family is living there and I namely wanted to know whether my youngest family member is a girl or a boy, so that I finally know whether I, Flocke, the future researcher of the deep oceans, is having a brother or a sister. Do you understand that, Knut? And maybe, we can then also meet my father Felix, I do not know him yet and he doesn’t know me? Wonder whether he is knowing Vera?

We can discuss this all on Saturday, me sweetest Knutie, at 6:00 p.m. !!! And please, be nice to Raspi, OK?

Your eternal beloved, Flocke, Ice Princess of Nürnberg

Aquapark, Tiergarten, at the right

My dear new friend Knut, I will bring the adorable Fräulein Flockowskaja to you on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the Lions’ Gate and am already looking forward to our mutual family tripwith the greatest pleasure. Yours truly, Rasputin, c/o see above.

MEIN KNUTT. MEIN KNUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Russian has broken the keyboard of her knuputor with his big, clumsy paws. The cell phone is under the ice...what's going on there??


I already have a date with the Mädels! AND MY DEAR FLOCKE IS COMING, TOO!Aaaaarhgggghhhh...What shall I do now? Flocke's cell phone is under the ice so I can't call her...

- Knut, Mein lieber Söhnlein! What a mess! You've really cooked a soup now!

- Lieber Papi. PAAPIII!. I don't want any soup. I'm NOT hungry!


- What shall I do? Please, tell me -what shall I do? Flocke with the multinamed Russian and the Mädels - at the same time!!!

What will Flocke say when she sees I'm meeting other girls? What will the girls say when they see that Flocke's here, too? I have to disappear!! But where? To Papa and Mama?

- Knut! Are you a coward? A Mami's baby??

- Yes, I mean no. I'm an expert in make-up. I'll make myself a brown bear and then I hide in Bernie's enclosure - no one will find me there....

- Knuut. Don't you want to meet Flocke, Raspi and the Mädels? Do you want to be single all your life?

- Yes, I prefer to be a single!!!

- It's almost 6 pm now. You must go to the Lion Gate. You can't just run away and hide!

- Poor me, oh, poor me! Why can't anybody help me?


- Raspi - this is the Lion Gate and it's 6 pm. Where's my dear Knuti? I think I can smell him but I can't see him...he must be here somewhere...

- Flocke, there's a zoo employee - we can ask him.

- Excuse me Mr Zooman, have you possibly seen Herr Eisbär Knut?

- No, I'm sorry, I don't know where he is. 


- I don't know. I know nothing...

- Knut, this is Raspi.

- Flocke, I thought your friend Knuti is a polar bear but this is a brown bear or rather a black bear.

- Knut, why are you acting so strangely? You have invited me and now you behave in a most peculiar way? 

- Did I invite you? Nooo, can't remember that I did....

- Oh yes, you did - five times! 

- Five times? You must be kidding! 

- I'm serious! I've got five letters from you.

- From me. That's not possible.

- Hihihii. Knuti - I am Ms Unknown, Sweet, Merry, Shy and Faithful, hihiii...

- You??????

- My dear, thick headed Knuti. Don't you understand that we belong to each other. You're mine and I'm yours!

- But the letters ...I don't understand...

- Aunt Mervi, Aunt Annemarie, Aunt Knuti-Judi, Aunt Caren und Aunt Teddybärenmutti have helped me. They wanted to play the part of Amor and they posted the letters! Auntie Annemarie even travelled to Heidelberg to post one of the letters!

- Mein Freund Knuti-Multicolor. I think you need a glas of Russain wodka?

- Thank you, Raspi! I certainly need that!!

- NO, you don't need any wodka! If you drink wodka you will only sleep and snore the whole evening and I would be alone here. Knuti, what you need is a shower and lots of shampoo!!!