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Knuti and Lars by Viktor


There's still a little difference in size but both look gorgeous!!


The feeding 06.09.2008




Knuti goes to Knutiversity


Today was a big day for Knuti and many other celebrities in Finland. He took his examen and got his white student cap. He's ooing to continue with studies in bearology at the Knutiversity in Bärlin. Here Knuti's posing with a Finnish ice princess Kiira Korpi. Don't they look beautiful together?


A Step To The Right Direction



A message from WWF:

 The U.S. Department of the Interior has listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, which gives the bear important new protections. More than 16,000 WWF supporters spoke out for this icon of the North during the public comment period on the proposed listing.

The polar bear was listed due to the threat from climate change-induced loss of its sea ice habitat. Based on current ice models and projections for polar bear populations, experts believe that two-thirds of the world's polar bear population may be lost by 2050. While the Endangered Species Act listing is an important step forward, urgent additional action is needed by governments and societies to reduce our carbon footprint.

Knuti 17 months young today


Today our Knuti is 17 months young! He started the celebration yesterday evening by visiting a discotheque where he was dancing all night long with his friends.

  The Disco King was photographed by Hartmuth

Vappu in Finland


When Teddybärenmutti told Knuti about the Finnish 1st of May Celebration - in Finnish we call it Vappu - he immediately decided to find out all about the celebration! Even if he doesn't believe bears can fly he booked a ticket at Finnair and took a flight to Helsinki. Here are a couple of pictures of Herr Obereisbär having fun....

  This orchestra called Retuperän WPK never plays a tune right but who cares....

   Knuti's wearing the special student cap - he's now an Honorary Student in Finland!

Look, I can fly, I can fly - the UFB (unidentified flying bear) - it's me. Luckily Sanna had her camera handy...I can fly, I can fly.......


Little Willbär meets his fans today



Last week it was Flocke who came out to meet her fans in Nürnberg Zoo.

Today is a big day in Stuttgart. Little polar bear baby Willbär meets his fans for the first time!

Before going out Willbär likes to relax near mommy Corinna. She's so warm and fluffy....

Knuti sends his best wishes to his little friend!

Knuti stamp released today!


The beautiful Knuti stamp is released today! All the Knutians are eagerly waiting to get one! It's also a great to day to little Flocke who will be introduced to all her fans today.



Prosit, Knuti!


Today we celebrate our kleenet Kinds 16 months birthday! Many happy returns to you, buddy. The Wild Herd wishes you the best Saturday ever with lots of visitors. Gigantic bear hugs to you from us all!



Knuti 15 months young


Photo: Hartmuth

Birthday again! Today our Knuti is 15 months young!! What a lovely teenager he is! The Wild Herd sends you the most beariest hugs and thousands of kisses right on your lakritznase!

Good News from Stuttgart


From Ilona and Nene on the rbb blog today:

In der Wilhelma in Stuttgart wurde auch ein Eisbärenbaby geboren. Es ist ein Junge und heißt Wilbär. Er wurde streng geheim gehalten bis jetzt, da er in ruhe bei der mutter aufwachsen soll ohne dass leute versuchen, bilder zu machen. Es geht im sehr gut, und er lernt gerade laufen, wie flocke. Geboren wurde der kleine ebenfalls im dezember.

I just heard that the zoo S
tuttgart also has a little polar bear baby. It has been top secret, so that the little bear can spend the first months in complete peace without people trying to make pics. The little bear was born in december, and is now learning to walk, just like Flocke. He is growing up with his mama-bear Corinna. She was born in 1989 in Copenhagen Zoo.

Pictures: http://www.pz-news.de/Home/gid,25_regid,1_puid,1_pageid,86.html





New Currency


May I introduce the new currency in the Knutian World.

1 Knutian Dollar = 5 croissants

For Knuti 1 Dollar = as many croissants as he wants!

14 months


Today our Knuti is 14 months young! We will, of course, celebrate the big day with lots of croissants and suitable, bubbling beveridges!


Here's a birthday poem to you, Knuti 
by Doro II

Ach, wie strahlst du jugendlich,
guckst so richtig g'sund und frisch!
Ganz zu schweigen vom Profil,
das steckt voller Sex-Appeal.

Eine Nase wie Lakritze,
Augen wie zwei schwarze Kohlen
und ein plüschig’ Hinterteil,
eingebaute dicke Sohlen
in den Bärentatzen. Gut,
dass du da bist, lieber Knut! ♫♪

             Photos: Nene