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Happy Birthday, Knuti-Judi!


Dear Knuti-Judi!

Oh my, it's time again to celebrate your 25 years birthay! Look what I've got for you - the finest chocolates! I know you have a little weakness for chocolates.....

so I bought the best Anton Bergh collection but ...hehe, hmpf, a little mishap happened when I was delivering the chocolates to you. They vanished! I came to think about my great-great-great grandfather Oscar Wilde who said: The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it....I'm sure he was a polar bear - who else could have found such wise words?


Anyway, dear Knuti-Judi, I have a flower or at least something green for you and I know you will appreciate it - we are both keen gardeners aren't we?

 Your humble servant, Herr Ober and all the Knuipians

... and here's something from Caren and Bernd:



Happy Birthday, Knuti-Judi!


Dear Knuti-Judi,

I'm one of your biggest fans because you've come to celebrate my birthday all the way from Connecticut - twice!!!That's why it is my great pleasure to wish you in my turn a Very Happy Birthday.

BaoBao wanted to join our greetings, too. What I don't understand is why Flocke is watching over that Hello Kitty cake all the time....she murmured something that I'm not to be trusted. Such nonsense - don't you agree? Please, don't blaim me if the not-quality-controlled cake isn't good!

Now we are all singing to you (Raspi has been practicing the whole week!) and wish you once again a happy day with lots of joy and many presents!

Your humble servant, the Waiter and all his friends throughout the world