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Knuseau investigates

Where have all the croissants gone? 

It all started when very reliable sources told me one of my guides had been seen in KnuDeWe purchasing Hawaii shirts and flower patterned Bermuda shorts.

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels 

It all started when the newspapers wrote a lot about the coming Sylvester Ball in Berlin. All the very important persons and celebrities were, of course, invited. The Chief Crime Scene Investigator Knuseau was reading the newspapers very thoroughly and I could see there was something going on in his head.

What happened to the Snowman?

It all started when Knutland Yard got a letter from Tobias, a 6 year old Berliner boy.  He wrote that he was very sad because he suspected that the snowman he made yesterday had been offer for armed robbery. His carrot nose had fallen off, his hat was missing and he had become very thin.

The Nightmare

It all started when Super Crime Scene Investigator Knuseau received an emergency call from Berlin Zoo. It was Knuti, the famous polar bear, who was very upset because by his feeding time noboby came with the food. What a disaster, what a catastrophe!

The mysterious case of a closed door

It all started when Herr Ober in the Knuipe couldn’t open the door to the visitors. No matter how hard he tried the door remained closed and the poor visitors were freezing outside. Something had to be done and quickly!

The Mystery of the Lost Appetite

It all started when Knuti had lost his appetite. He could barely manage to eat 8 croissants for breakfast. This was clearly a serious case for Knuseau!

                        Image by Bauz