Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Happy Birthday, Jens!


Dear Jens,

Herr Wilbär asked me to send this card to you and he's sending his best birthday greetings to you from the north.

Have the best birthday ever!

I'm sure all the admirers of your fantastic photos will join me.



Happy Birthday, Jens!


Dear Jens!

It's a great pleasure for me to wish you a very happy birthday! Corinna and Anton asked me to forward these cards to you. They are so glad you visit them so often. 


Corinna would be very pleased to give you a birthday kiss so maybe next time you visit them..... Hihii.... take care of your ears.....  


Of course, I want to send my and all the Knutitours travellors best wishes to you. I thought maybe a magnum bottle of champagne and a huge salmon are suitable gifts to a polar bear friend.

May your special day be filled with joy and happiness ... and maybe polar bears!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober from the Knuipe

PS. Thank you for visiting me!



Happy Birthday, Jens!


Dear Jens!

 This is Herr Ober from the Knuipe writing birthday greetings to you. This time I have something very special for you: 

Grüssle, Jens! Ich bin's - Wilbärle!

Ewa and I made a nice cake for you but it disappeared when we just took a little bite! We don't understand what happened! We hope you like our present to you - a nice snowman!

With the best birthday greetings

Ewa & Wilbär