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Happy Birthday, Inge!


Dear Inge,

I decided to come to Copenhagen and celebrate your birthday with you. I think Tivoli is just the right place for a great celebration. Don't you agree? I'm waiting for you by the gate....


Nancy and Katjuscha sent some balloons - can you see them?

Yours faithfully, Madame Tosca

PS. Also Mervi, Vesa, Mimmi, Nalle and all the passangers of Knutitours wish you the best birthday ever!

Birthday wishes from Caren & Bernd:

Happy Birthday, Inge!


Dear Inge,

Today I want to drink 'en lille én' with you - maybe a Knuborg, too! It's my great pleasure to with you a wonderful birthday with lots of joy and laughter! I want to sing a song for you as well. Would you like to hear 'Ingelmina, she's the cutest, little girl in Copenhagen'?


Your humble servant, Herr Ober

PS. All my friends wish you a happy birthday, too!!