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February 2008

04.02. 2008

GOOD EVENING from Mervi's Fireside Cafe!
Today has been very busy. Someone brought in a TV with a satelite connection and they have been watching the Super Bowl from the
. It's just like the local soccer matches all over again. The yelling and jumping up and down! I thought the lights in the dining room were coming down at one point. And the game is not over yet. I finally had to "bail out!" I left the Cafe in the capable hands/paws of our tall, white fuzzy waiter with the cute ears and Retta. I am going somewhere that is peaceful and I can put my feet up and have a cup of tea and relax!

We had a rowdy bunch in today for lunch. Maybe it's football fever! Would you believe, adults had a food fight in the dining room! Ham hocks were flying like hockey pucks. Poor Mervi was beaned in the back of the head with one and one landed in my pocket of my apron after it bounced off my chin. There is still one stuck up in the ceiling. I will have to get someone to get it down tomorrow before it does any more damage. It took our very helpful waiter to clear out the rowdy bunch. You know he is quite large and very tall. Well . . . he took several of the "men/boys" by the scruf of the neck and seat of their pants and hurled them out the front door into the snow and threw their coats out after them! I couldn't hear what he was saying (probably good anyway) but he was shaking his paw at them and I heard these loud roars coming from his mouth. He sounded like a bear that was roaring. Truly, he did! Well, it's off to my secret, quiet place until tomorrow!



GOOD EVENING FROM Mervi's Fireside Cafe:

Today at lunch was a hoot! Retta was at the Fireplace, Luisa was in the dining room and Doro II and Dumba were in the kitchen with me. Of course, the tall, white fuzzy waiter with the cute ears was back and forth between the dining room and the kitchen. Suddenly, on the Docking Station arrived Yeo with a group of Knutians. It was sooo good to see Knuti-Judi, Gabi, Afroditi, Allyson, and Catherine! All the talk was of the album of Knuti-Judi and the handsome keeper of the bears. Questions were like "How did it feel to have his arm around you?" "Did he answer all your questions about Knuti?" "Did he tell you anything about himself?" All the questions we all want to ask, too. Knuti-Judi blushed the brightest pink while thinking how to answer and not get herself in a mess with her "better half."

So, luckly, at that time Luisa broke the ice by dancing into the CanCan with Retta, Afroditi, Allyson and Catherine. WoW! Those girls can certainly high kick. In fact, so high that one of them lost her balance and bounced around on her back-side for several feet! We all helped her up, dusted her off and sent her into the kitchen to rest. I won't name her but she has a white kitty sitting in her lap now. HeHe.

The flower pots on the outside window sill are showing signs of plants breaking thru the soil. I don't remember what was planted there but we will find out in a few days. I hope no one planted an "unknown" substance!

I have been thinking about changing the menu again. Especially when the temperature rises a bit and lighter food would be more accepted by the guests. I will check the long term weather reports before I make any changes though. The split pea soup with the ham hocks is still a favorite but I think people are growing tired of the ham. Perhaps a good roast beef or a good pork loin. We shall see.

Our dearest friend, the Lady Maraen Bear, is doing well. She seems to love sitting by the stove in her rocker with her Kitty in her lap or sometimes Kitty curls up on her pallet. Seems Unkle Ronny built a little bed for Kitty and some of the ladies here made a pretty little cushion with a matching blanket for her bed. And of course, the Lady Maraen bear loves the hot food she gets when she's here visiting us. Well, it's about time to go and check things in the kitchen and get ready for the dinner crowd. Until next time . . .


GOOD EVENING from Mervi's Fireside Cafe:


Like they say "love is in the air!" I have seen more hugs and kisses today than in the entire year! It seems everyone wants a hug and a kiss from the tall, white fuzzy waiter with the cute ears. He has gone beyond blushing today! He is pink all over! All the ladies were given a rose by our dear waiter as they walk in and the gentlemen have gotten a rose for their button hole given to them my none other than Mervi herself! Today we had a special menu of an escarole salad with truffle oil, either prime rib or salmon steak sauteed in butter and with a touch of garlic, roasted whole baby carrots and tiny red potatoes along with a touch of thinly sliced truffles. For dessert there was a choice of strawberry cheese cake, Cherries jubilee or a rich fudge chocolate cake. We served complimentary glasses of champagne to the adults and for the children we had sparkling cider. At each plate there was a tiny red satin box of chocolates for each guest, too. There was a problem at first, seems the waiter went around collecting them after Retta placed them on each plate. He thought they were for him and had them tucked into his apron. Luckly they were noticed before the guests arrived and he placed them all back just in time! In front of the fireplace we had a string quartet playing softly for the dinner guests.

Several couple took to the dancing after their dinner. And . . . we had a very special guest come and sing a few Elvis songs as a special treat. He will remain un-named but . . . he did have long hair and a golden earring. Oh, you should have seen our dearest friend, the Lady Maraen bear. She was quite smashing in red taffeta gown that swished when she moved. She had on the tinest little red sandels you have ever seen, too. Well, wouldn't you know, Kitty had matching red taffata bows on her ears, too just like her Mutter. Our waiter kept blowing kisses to her from across the room and she started to giggle after her glass of champagne. She was so adorable tonight!

   Wolfgang von Rottweiler as teenager

Our Herr Wolfgang von Rottweiler was decked out with a black top hat and large red bow tie and red cumberbund, too. There seemed to be a contest between Wolfgang and our waiter as to who could plant the most kisses on the ladies hands. I believe it was a tie! Well, the night is over and I am tired. Think I will go early and let the crew finish cleaning up and lock up for the night. Our sweet Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty are staying up in the apartment tonight so I'm sure our tall white waiter with the cute ears will be staying the night in the kitchen in case she needs anything. I'm off to Die Knuipe for a relaxing refreshment and a visit. Happy Valentine's Day to all my dear friends and all our customers!


GOOD AFTERNOON from Mervi's Fireside Cafe!

The dining room is buzzing with the lunch crowd. Today there has been many requests for the Westphalian ham with potato salad. Many diners also want the sliced cucumbers with sour cream to go with it. The apple strudel is the top favorite today for dessert. I will be changing the menu soon to a more Springtime fare.

On February 27th we will have a celebration honoring the Polar Bear Day! There will be a special menu and I am working on getting a very special singer to entertain that day also. If this singer is available that day, well, he is the greatest lover and supporter of Polar Bears and well known by all!

It has been brought to my attention that Retta's talents are being wasted washing potatoes up the spiget in the kitchen. Since I have had to get the plumber out twice this week already (potatoes getting stuck in the pipe) it may be time to promote her to another position. With her lovely personality, bubbly sense of humor and certainly her beauty I am going to offer her the position of Official Greeter and Hostess of Mervi's Fireside Cafe. Since she has lost all her finger nails washing potatoes, I will send her for a professional manicure and "make over." She is a beautiful lady and will be perfect to greet and represent the Cafe to our diners!


I believe Mervi knows a special designer who will make her several stunning outfits, too.
It is time to check on the diners and the food! Our busy waiter that is tall, white and fuzzy with cute ears is skating at top speed today bringing out all the trays of food to our guests. Seems everyone is in a hurry today. Gee, I certainly hope there are no accidents with the food trays today!
Until later . . .






Good Afternoon from Mervi's Fireside Cafe.

It has been very subdued and quiet here today. There has been gentle weeping throughout the entire Cafe by many heartbroken diners and certainly by the staff, me included. All the joy has left our Cafe and our people here! Our dearest friend, the Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty came for lunch today and are resting in her rocker by the stove in the kitchen. She wanted to be near her family here at Mervi's Fireside Cafe to feel the love and warmth that she no longer feels at the Zoo Berlin. She stated that the entire Zoo is quiet, all the animals have been seen and heard wimpering off and on today. I think she will probably stay the night, too.

The tall, white fuzzy waiter has been openly crying as he is trying to deliver all the trays to the dining room. Our Hostess, Retta, has placed several boxes of tissues by the front door for our guests as they enter. I am not sure who is using more, Retta or our guests. My heart is just not into the cooking today. I have done what is necessary and that's about all. When I went out back to check on the feeding of the animals in the forrest I too heard wimpering and at times, sobbing. It seems the whole world of humans and animals are broken hearted and many, many tears are flowing. I saw big, strong Alpha Wolves crying unashamed in the forrest. I did address all the animals that were near and tell them I and all the other humans who love Knuti and Thomas are doing all we can to rectify this horrible, tragic happening. And asked them to pass it on to those who were not there. I think I will get a cup of tea and go sit with the Lady Maraen Bear for a while. Until later . .


Good Evening from MERVI'S FIRESIDE CAFE!

Tonight the celebration was in honour of all Polar Bears and especially our KNUTI! The menu was designed specifically for Polar Bears and Knutians! We had Tuna from
Alaska, Salmon from the Picific Coast, Shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, Frog Legs from Louisiana, Conch from the Florida Coast, Lobster from Maine and Crabs from Maryland. They were baked, broiled, boiled and fried! There were giant bowls of boiled ears of corn slathered with melted butter, bowls of coleslaw and pots of boiled red potatoes. Several kinds of salads, of course croissants and for dessert there were platters of fresh strawberries, pots of cream and chocolate for dipping and Midori cake, German Chocolate cake and pound cake with lemon curd. Our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears outdid himself tasting all the succlent foods. I believe he ate more than he served to the diners.

Since it was International Polar Day, we insisted that he allow us to serve him for a while. He was delighted and accepted our offer with great pride. The Cafe was packed tonight with Knutians to honour our beloved Polar Bears. There was a candlelight dinner served at the Polar Bear Exhibit at the Zoo Berlin for the three ladies and Lars. The ladies were each in soft satin in colors of softest blue, lime green and a magnificant lavender. Lars had on a bow tie and cumberbund of the most exciting colors of the rainbow. Lights were strung around the outter portion of the moat and a three piece group of musicians played gently in the background for the three lovely ladies and the one gentleman. The food was served on platters so they did not find it necessary to dive into the water and spoil the lovely attire they had on for the celebration.

 The Babes are planning what to wear this special evening. Photo: Christina M

At the Cafe we had a group playing classical music for the diners enjoyment, too. It was so good to see all our friends eating and celebrating International Polar Bear Day. Mervi and I even dressed for the occassion. Mervi in a lovely gown of midnight blue and I in a gown of magenta. Last but not least the Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty celebrated in an adorable gown of soft yellow satin. And a fun time was had by all.









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