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Happy Birthday, Eva

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Happy Birthday, Eva!


Dear Eva!

I'm especially pleased to wish you a happy birthday since I know we have a common interest: FOOD!

I have a little suggestion for you. Why don't your write a cook book with all the wonderful recipees you have? I'll be more than willing to help you with the quality controls. I'm sure we will have a very succesful co-operation! I have already designed the cover for the book.

There's also another matter I'd like to discuss with you. I only have a little fridge in my enclosure filled with wrong kind of stuff like lettuce! Would you mind spending at least a part of your birthday with me and maybe fill my fridgre with right kind of food?

I like this photo myself so I dedicate it to you!

Happy birthday, dear Eva!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober and all my fans throughout the world

 From Caren:



Happy Birthday, Eva!


Dear Auntie Eva,

I'm proud and honoured to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of the whole Knuipian world! I had a cake for you, too but I don't understand what happened - it vanished! However, I can tell you it was delicious. Oooops - did I write that??

I know that you Texans love barbeques so I've arranged a real polar bear BBQ for you. You'd better hurry because I really have to quality control everything. I wouldn't dream of serving you bad food!

May your special day be filled with joy, laughter and happiness!

Your humble servant, The Waiter aka Knuti




Happy Birthday, Eva



Dearest Eva,

What a great honour it is for me to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of the whole Knutian world! We all love you for your marvellous sense of humour and your never ending optimism. Even when you've suffered great losses yourself you're always the first one to comfort other Knutians who are feeling bad. Personally I must say that I love your cooking, too!!

May your special day be filled with joy and happiness. I tried to save the cake but something funny just happened - yes, it disappeard....

Can you hear me and the Wild Herd singing Happy Birthday To You?

Bear hugs from your humble servant, the Waiter

PS. Here's a special song for you: