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Happy Birthday, Conny!


Dear Conny,

On behalf of all the Knut friends all over the world I wish you a very happy birthday!

Even our dear fluffy bear angel wants to wish you a day filled with joy and happiness!

I wish you health and energy to keep on running the Knutitis forum which isn't always so easy. Thank you for all your efforts to keep Knuti's memory alive!

Bear hugs from Mervi 

Hello Conny! It's me - Tonya! How about some champagne with moi?


Happy Birthday, Conny!


Dear Conny,

 On behalf of all the Knutians in the world I have the great pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday. Unfortunately there was a little mishap with the delivery of the cake but I have some beautiful roses for you. I have asked your friends to bake a new cake for you. Maybe it's better I won't deliver it, hihihiii......  

Look, my Finnish friends in the Moominvalley have arranged a party for you. I hope you know the Moomins - if not now you have a chance to meet them all. They are very nice .....hmmm, what are they? Well, they are very nice anyway! I hope you can hear us singing for you!

I hope your special day will be filled with happiness and laughter - and of course, lots of gifts and hopefully a yammy cake.

Your humble servant, Herr Ober and all the Knutians