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Happy Birthday, Gitta!


Dear Gitta,

This is the third time I have the pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday. I asked my little assistant to bake you a cake. As matter of fact she made 5 cakes which was a good thing - 4 of them just vanished.... May I also offer you a glas of my best champagne? 

I hope you can hear me singing!   

 Our best birthday greetings to you! 

Your humble servant Herr Ober and all my friends in the Knuipe  

Hello dear Frollein Gitta! Since you remembered my birthay last year I want to give you something real nice - a huge salmon! My lady friends in Berlin told me a salmon isn't a suitable birthday gift but I'm sure you'll like it .... but just in case, I brought you some roses, too!

Happy Birthday!

Your pal Lars




Happy Birthday!


Dear Frollein Gitta!

Again it's my great pleasure to wish you a happy birthday! As you see I have gifts for you - pink champagne, a rose and a cake. Yes, I have a cake for you this year. Auntie Mervi said she doesn't trust me as a cake delivery bear so she hired a secret agent to watch the cake. I must say I feel very offended - and hungry. Maybe you could spare a slice for me?

Anyway - on behalf of all the Knuipians I hope your special day will be a day to remember!

Your humble servant,

Herr Ober

Happy Birthday, Gitta!

Dear Gitta!

May I call you Gitta? I only use the word 'Aunt' when I'm talking to old ladies...and you look so young!

Let me tell you that the cake was delicious! Ooops! I didn't mean to say that because Mervi gave me strict orders not to make any quality control today. However, I couldn't risk you, dear Gitta, eating something that might be bad so I deciced to taste a little. I swear I don't know what happened - suddenly the cake had vanished!! Don't worry - I've ordered four more cakes - you can have one of them. You must admit that I'm a generous kind of fellow.

There are some bottles of champagne, too and mind you, I haven't tasted anything!

Roses are red, violets are blue
Sugar is sweet and so are you!

Your humble servant, The Waiter

PS. The whole Knutian Family (assisted by the Beatles) is singing 'Happy Birthday' for you!


GITTAS GEBURTSTAG by Teddybärenmutti

- Bussy, Bussy, Bussy Gitta!

- Viel Glueck Gitta!

- Darf ich dich umarmen Liebe Gitta!


- Ich weiss es nicht?

- Nicht im Eiskeller?

- Nicht im Weinkeller?

- Nicht im Garten?



- Wir sollen hier Gittas GROSSEN TAG feiern und Herr ober ist verschwunden?

- Wir arme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



- Herr Ober! Herr Ober!

- Darf ich an euch meine Freundin Fräulein Flocke vorstellen.

- Fräulein Flocke! Herzlich willkommen!!!!!

- Bitte setzen sie sich hier an Gitta und Dusty.

- Sekt`?

- Lieber Knut. Meine Pfoten sind schon etwas so und soo..... so viel Sekt heute.

- Liebe Flocke! Ich bin stark. Tatze in Tatze. Natuerlich trinken wir Sekt fuer Tante - öööpsch- Gittas Freude.

- Prosit Gitta! Prosit Frau Gitta!

- Entschuldige uns, bitte, aber wir wollten so gerne - nur wir alleine - eine romantische Abend feiern.

- Natuerlich. Wir können hier Selbstbedienung organisieren.

- Winke, Winke. Seien sie gluecklich!!!!!!!

- So schön. Unser herr Ober ist so --- snif... nyyyh... snif...Hoffentlich wird er ... sie snif.. gluecklich.

- Wie romantisch!!!!!!



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