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Happy Birthday, Birgit!



Dear Birgit,

 Since it's your birthday I decided to surprise you with a personal visit. However, I can't read that stupid map.

Well, I'm a bear who always finds a solution to a problem so I invite you to a beach party - just you and me. Doesn't that sound great? And look what I've got for you - a big cake and a magnum bottle champagne!

On behalf of my fans I wish you the best birthday ever!

Your humble servant, Herr Ober






Happy Birthday, Birgit!


Dear Birgit!

What a great pleasure it is for us - Giovanna and me - to wish you a very happy birthday in the 'Aussenposten'! We have baked a delicious cake and bought some beautiful roses for you.

Krhmmm.... I don't know how to tell you this but the cake accidentally vanished on the way....We really don't know how it could disappear!! I hope you like the roses anyway. We wish you a happy day with lots of joy and laughter... and lots of presents... and maybe a cake, too!

Your humble servant

Herr Knut



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