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Happy Birthday, Bernd!


Dear Bernd!

 I have the great pleasure of wishing you a very happy birthday. I was going to suggest we would go skiing together but since we have slightly different ideas about alpine skiing I have another suggestion. You do the skiing and I'll be waiting for you in the valley with a large, ice cold Knutsteiner! What do you think? Yes, I knew you would like the idea!

On behalf of all the Knuipians I wish your special day will be filled with joy and happiness. I'm sure Auntie Caren has made a yammy cake for you. It's a little embarassing but the cake I should deliver to you just vanished....

Your humble servant, Herr Ober

 Oh, look - there's another card for you from Nürnberg! 

Dear Bernd!

We just received an sms from Herr Knut in Bärlin and he told us today is your birthday. We want to thank you so much for for visiting us so often with Auntie Caren. Enjoy your special day with a yammy cake and maybe a glas of Danziger Goldwassser!

Fräulein Flocke and Herr Dr Raspi