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April 2008


It has been too long since I've give everyone an update on the happenings at The Cafe! Luisa is back and practicing her CanCan, Retta has gotten her new Spring outfits for greeting customers, our tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears is in rare form, he now has a skate board along with his roller skates to take the trays of food out to the tables. Our dearest friend, the Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty are doing well, visiting almost every day with us. Mervi has been working hard getting things together for the up coming Summer. Wolfgang von Rottweiler and Mama Jabber have been guarding the kitchen since we have the new menu. Our sweet friends from the forest are enjoying the mild days and nights.

Many new babies are being born and the Mutters and Papis have been bringing them to "show them off" as proud parents. Knuti-Judi, Doro II, Dumba, Clydene, our photo Aunties Christina, Liesel and our photo Uncle Victor have been to dinner several times. Since Easter, we have not seen Ronny or his family at The Cafe. We had Doc Schuele and our handsome keeper with the golden earring come once for dinner. We heard that Marcus wants to come to dinner but was afraid that he would catch much flack from his posted comments. I sent word to him that he is always welcome and I will not allow anyone to be rude to anyone else at The Cafe. I have instructed Wolfgang von Rottweiler to deal severly with anyone who is rude!!! And we all know what that means! He does have lovely teeth! However; his bark is far worse than his bite. HeHe.

And I took a quick course in German cooking to help make my food more authentic since we are in Bearlin. We have been missing some our original customers, I hope it was just the bad weather that has kept them away. I issue an invite to all to come and try our Spring menu. I will come up with a much lighter menu for the Summer. Lots of fresh veggies, grilled meats and lighter desserts. There will still be some favorites, but Summer is hot and heavy foods just are not too appealing. So, until next time, and I promise, it will not be so long between posts, it's off to the kitchen for dinner.

Eva G, Super Chef
Mervi's Fireside Cafe

P.S. Our staff would like to congratulate Flocke on her debut at the Nuernberg Zoo yesterday! We invite her and her staff to come to Bearlin and dine with us!
Our compliments, of course!



This morning I am sitting here having my coffee with the Lady Maraen Bear and her Kitty and of course, the tall, white, fuzzy waiter with the cute ears! The pots are simmering on the stove, the pans are baking in the oven and the kitchen smells with many different fragrances. The other day I attempted to plant some strawberry plants in the back yard, but they were just too much temptation to the squirrls and bunnies. So, I will now plant a few more plants in the pots on the screened-in porch. We will see what happens.

Last night we had a small floor show in the dining room. Luisa, Dumba, Mervi and Yeo were doing their CanCan routine. Then Yeo was paged and went up to the roof and took off in the Starship. She was mysterious when she left but when she came back she brought with her Al Pacino. He and Retta had planned to surprise us with an encore of their dancing from the Winter. They danced around the dining room, feet flying, arms waving, skirts billowing high and wide. They were quite spectacular until Al caught his sleeve on the spoon coming out of the tureen of braised red cabbage with apples. Red cabbage was flying like confetti thru the dining room, when the dancing stopped it looked like the entire room was bathed in red and pink paint. The diners who had blond hair now had red hair and the rest of the group looked like something from a slasher movie.


Being the good group that they were, they looked at each other and laughed long and loudly. And our waiter, well . . . he is now a tall, pink, fuzzy waiter with cute ears. And as you all know, red cabbage is a stinker to get out of anything, especially fur. So, for a few days, please do not laugh at our pink waiter. He is a little sensitive about being pink now. Our diners were much more understanding than he was and promised not to boycott our establishment. Actually we agreed to pay for all cleaning of clothing and a complimentary dinner next time they visited. So, all were satisfied. Well, Al decided it was time to take the Starship home and we covered the seats in the Starship for Yeo so she would not have red stained seats. All were happy when they left. So goes another night at Mervi's Fireside Cafe.



Tonight we have had the most beautiful dinner for two wonderful people . . . our Mervi & Vesa to celebrate 30 great years together! The Cafe was decorated with full blooms of red roses and canna lillies. In front of the table for the special couple was an archway with tiny pink rose buds and many white artificial doves with pink ribbons in their mouths. There were twinkling tiny white lights along the archway and on the table. The chairs were covered in white damask chair covers and the table with a matching tablecloth. Silver bowls were place in several places on the table with roses floating in the bowls of ice.

Our lovely Mervi was dressed in a long velvet dress with puffy sleeves that tapered down to fit the wrist tightly. The bodice was a deep curve showing off her creamy cleavage. Her purple velvet dress was adorned with a single large silver broach on the left shoulder. This was a gift from the Wilde Herd to Mervi to celebrate her special day. Vesa was smartly attired in a black tie and tails with a top hat and cane. The cane had a silver head on it that matched her broach which was the gift to Vesa from the Wilde Herd, too. Their dinner started off with large shrimp mixed with chunks of crab meat in a cocktail glass on a bed of red tip lettuce.

The dinner was grilled rib eye steaks, with a pink center, steamed asparagus and tiny red potatoes with tiny slivers of truffles stuffed inside each potato. They chose for dessert a rasberry mouse topped with creme freche. The drink of choice was a Magnum of DP chilled to perfection and served by our tall, white fuzzy waiter with the cute ears. The waiter was also dressed in the formal manner with a silver bow tie, silver and black vest and the towel drapped over his arm was silver lame. The lovely couple dined by candle light with background music played by a roving violinist and a flute player. They did look like someone we knew but could not place at the time. The man with the violin had a golden earring in his left ear and the man with the flute had reddish hair and was tall. The Cafe was closed to the public for the evening as we all wanted the couple to have a very special night to remember. They were brought to the Cafe by a stretch black limo and taken to the Palace Hotel for the night in the limo.

Mervi & Vesa, we all hope you have had a night to remember!!!



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