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Die Knuipe

Let's be grateful for the sweet miracles!

Posted by Mervi on April 13, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Collage by Mervi, Knut by Doris Webb

Dear friends! The Spring doesn't mean only trees turning green and the fruit trees blooming. It's the time when the young polar bear cubs introduce themselves to us. Juno, Lili, Nick and Simon, Cora's baby still without name when I'm writing this - how adorable they all are! And, of course, we mustn't forget the cubs born in the wild either! Let's be grateful for these miracles!

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Reply AndryFesse
2:45 AM on January 17, 2018 
Reply knuti-judi
7:26 PM on May 7, 2016 
Hallo, dears....

It is another cloudy and
rainy day here...has been
like this all week...I have
weather envy! So glad
someone has a sunny day!

Isn't it amazing that pandas
have such tiny babies?!
And your snail story is sweet...

Enjoy your gardening!

Hugs all around...💛🌷💛
Reply Chris
6:28 PM on May 7, 2016 
Schlaft alle in Frieden! :)
Ich wache noch ein wenig...
Reply Brgit
6:24 PM on May 7, 2016 
Christine - How is Nadia coping with the loss?
An adoption sounds like a good idea. Go for it.

Chris - Thank you for introducing Rumpenheim.

Mervi - Meanwhile the plants made it back into the house, all is quiet in the house (not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse....stop this has to wait for a couple of months :D ) and I feel it's about time to hit the mulch.

Sweet dreams!
Reply Chris
5:38 PM on May 7, 2016 
MERVI - yes, it was nice and in the end we had a nordic beer at the Kneipe.
Here is a photo of the Rumpenheim Castle from the other side of the river:
https://flic.kr/p/ip6YvN :) right of this view is a "Stadttor", there is the Knuipe.
Under the castle you see the cars, waiting for the ferry to the other side ;)
( o.k., now everything is green and summerlike, this photo is from wintertime )
https://flic.kr/p/61iEZX Schlosskirche, dahinter ist der Park, links das Schloss.
In the little yellow building left of the church there is a culture club, they have
concerts and other happenings - there are also concerts inside the church! :)

Oh, WE play against the Finns tomorrow - that will be a hard match... ;)
Reply Mervi
5:31 PM on May 7, 2016 
Brgit - Good luck with the plants!

Christine - It's good you can think of the happy, lovely memories of Mistaya. I find the idea of getting a companion to Nadia very good, too.

Chris - No, Finland didn't play today. Uncle Sergej is just teasing me. :D - It sounds like you had a great afternoon/evening.
Reply Chris
5:24 PM on May 7, 2016 

Weve made a spontaneous trip to Rumpenheim in the evening.
They have a little castle there, with a wonderful park. The "Br-
lauch" had blossoms and smelled fantastic. There es a fairy
protestant church nearby, the so called "Schlosskirche". Ive
seen, that there is a nice concert next week, so maybe well
come back then. There is a little cosy Kneipe directly at
the ferry station, where you can cross via Maintal. :)
Its not far away from us and belongs to Offenbach.
I try to find photos in Flickr. :)

Ich trinke etwas mit CHEERS. :)

Ludmila - I had to water my plants the whole week.
Wind and sun dry the pots out very fast. ;)
Please insert a photo of the new pool, if its ready!

Mervi - why Hockey Horror, did the Finns loose? ;)

Brgit - es lohnt, auch die anderen Filmchen
anzuschauen - besonders Columbus mit Nora! :)

Knuti Judi - I am sorry, that you have the bad weather.
In Alberta they prey for rain and the rain dont reach. :(

Christine and Sarsam - sorry for you too... :roll:

And now movie time :
"The Untergang" with Bruno Ganz.

Christine - its a good idea,
to adopt a companion for
Nadia - I am shure, Mistaya
would like it from her cloud
over in the rainbowland! :)
Reply Christine Chinni
5:17 PM on May 7, 2016 
Bargit, thank you for asking. We are slowly thinking more of happy memories of our lovely boy, and less of sorrow. Also, we are thinking that perhaps we should move towards adopting another dog to be a companion to Nadia.
Reply Brgit
4:24 PM on May 7, 2016 
Hello Dear Alle!

Mervi - Hockey Horror tastes super after the hot and sunny day.
I finally convinced myself of getting the 'Balkonksten' planted. Now I'm waiting for sleeping Rasband ot wake up again to bring the plants back into the house in order to avoid shocking them of a possible night's cold :D

Chris - Die Lilly Filmchen waren witzig.
Die anderen Links habe ich noch nicht geffnet.

Christine - How are you today?

Dmba - Lettuce lady with a heart of gold.
How is Mr. Cough doing?
Reply knuti-judi
4:23 PM on May 7, 2016 
Hallo, dears....

It is another cloudy and
rainy day here...has been
like this all week...I have
weather envy! So glad
someone has a sunny day!

Isn't it amazing that pandas
have such tiny babies?!
And your snail story is sweet...

Enjoy your gardening!

Hugs all around...💛🌷💛
Reply Christine Chinni
3:46 PM on May 7, 2016 
Hello, dear alle, and happy Saturday.

We share the lousy weather with k-j and sarsam.
Reply Ludmila
2:41 PM on May 7, 2016 
Reply Mervi
2:38 PM on May 7, 2016 
Ludmila - Uncle Sergej wanted to tease me and made a drink 'Hockey Horror'. It's, of course, served with lots of ice. :D
Reply Ludmila
2:32 PM on May 7, 2016 
The story with a snail is lovely
Die Nacktschnecken sind eine Plage im Garten.
Our cats are still outside. The weather is wonderful
I wish you a nice trip
We have the wonderful weather. We have to water the plants.
It is great that you can visit Doncaster
Uwe is still not ready with the second pool for Speedy. We do not want to let her out because there is no water in the second pool. Speedy can fall inside. I hope tomorrow the pool will be ready. The cats have a lot to do in the garden. Wasja is the whole time next to the door in the living room. He is afraid of Ferdi.
What for drink did Uncle Sergel creat for us?
Reply Chris
12:14 PM on May 7, 2016 
MERVI - Lea and Lori are also sleeping.
But they are on the sofa in the living room.
Its too hot on the terrace. I think, Lea will
go out later, if the sun is down... ;)
Reply Mervi
12:03 PM on May 7, 2016 
Filomena - Whatever the surprise will be it will be great! Both Heidelberg and Karlsruhe are worth visiting. I wish you a wonderful time tomorrow with your two- and four legged friends!

Chris - I hate the penalty situations but the game has to end in one way or another. The German team did a good job and got one point anyway! - It's quite warm here, too. Mimmi and Nalle are enjoying the sun in the balcony. They're lying there like cat statues. :D
Reply Chris
11:51 AM on May 7, 2016 
O V E R T I M E and P E N A L T I E S :)

What a pity - the game get lost in the end.
But it was an extreme fair and good game. :)

Nearly no breaks or powerplays - the teams
always had to change "im fliegenden Wechsel".
So I am not sad - the Jungs have fought well! :)
Only one team can win... ;)

FILOMENA - Heidelberg would be a great surprise.
So you could visit Ludwig and say hello to him.
Karlsruhe also would be nice with
Vitus, Larissa and Nika! :)
Viel Spa morgen!

Ill go out in an hour or so...
But only in the shadow of the wood.
The green is so fresh and nice there!
On Saturday evenings you have peace. :)
Tomorrow on mothers day itll be crowdy again.
Reply Filomena
11:43 AM on May 7, 2016 
Dear SARSAM happy birthday and good wishes to you, dear gretings and big paw waves

dear Christine it is good you were with Mistaya in his last hour, you will never forget your lovely dog, soft hugs to you

Mervi and dear Alle I wish you a cosy Saturday and send dear greetings to all
here we have so many little markets and I have to go with neighbour women, tomorrow my girlfriend is coming and we drive with her car to her doughter and then we will go together maybe in a Zoo I do not know which, it is a surprise, I think we drive to Karlsruhe or to Heidelberg, I am looking forward to
Reply Chris
10:58 AM on May 7, 2016 
The second period was much better! :)
Were leading 2:1, 2:2 now before the
last period starts. But the power play
has to be more effective in the future!
The Jungs will come in shape from
game to game, I think. :)
Reply Mervi
10:50 AM on May 7, 2016 
Knuti-Judi - I just posted a jar filled with warm weather to you. :D

Chris - Denmark is leading 2-0. It's tough between Germany and France - my fingers are crossed for your team. Hopefully it will help. :D