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Pleasant Summer yes - extreme heat no!

Posted by Mervi on June 20, 2018 at 1:15 PM

Collage by Mervi, Original Knut by Monika aus Berlin

Dear friends! It's already Midsummer so I thought it's time for a new thread. Let's hope the rest of this Summer will bring us pleasant temperatures instead of the extreme heat or awful storms!

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Reply knuti-judi
6:19 PM on July 22, 2018 
Hallo, dears...

Another fine ☀️☀️☀️ Day here....

❗️ TGIF❗️

Reply knuti-judi
6:19 PM on July 22, 2018 
Hallo, dears....

A nice Saturday here...
Not too hot....

Yesterday we enjoyed
a ride upcountry to our
favorite farm stand....
First delicious tomatoes
of the season!❗️ Yum❗️🍅🍅🍅

Hugs all around...🍅🍅🍅

I'll be in my garden if
you're looking for me😎
Reply knuti-judi
6:19 PM on July 22, 2018 
Hallo, dears....

A 💦🌧💦🌧 Sunday....
No sun today....cool, too.

It's hard to lose another
dear bear, isn't it...
She will be remembered....

How is everyone today?

Hugs all around...🌻⭐️🌻⭐️🌻
Reply Bärgit
3:48 PM on July 22, 2018 
Mervi - Tommi has set up certain rules :D
Whenever he finds the tour too long, he just puts his brakes on, turns round and waits until I understand it's about time to hit the road back :D
In the house he loves cools off on the tiles.
Often, he surprises me by joining me in full sunlight. That must be his urge to supervise my daily chores like watering the plants, reading the papers, preparing the meals etc. Yes, he even joins me in the kitchen, which at times, is a pretty hot place :D
Reply Mervi
3:31 PM on July 22, 2018 
Patricia - Leaving a home where you've been living for 30 years is a big decision but I wish you best of luck. I hope there will be a good solution even for the cats. Moving is very energy consuming but maybe the 'new start' will be good for you. Whatever - good luck!

Bärgit - You're very lucky because you've had some rain. I'm still waiting and hoping. How's Tommi coping with the heat?

Ludmila - Congratulations to you, too, because of the rain! :D
Reply Ludmila
3:01 PM on July 22, 2018 
Wir haben auch Wasserschalen für die Igel im Garten.
Wie geht es Tomi?
We had an interesting adventure with the sled dogs on holiday :)
Reply Bärgit
2:59 PM on July 22, 2018 
Ludmila - Ich 'freu' mich auch schon auf die gemeldeten 30°C+ ab Dienstag.
Mei, mei, mei, der Garten und die Tiere draußen in der Natur.
Ich stell unseren kleinen Gartenbewohnern vermehrt Wasserbäder und -tränken zur Verfügung.
Reply Ludmila
2:36 PM on July 22, 2018 
It is a lot of work to move from one house to the other. Your decision sonds very good. I hope everything will be as you want.
We got a strong rain today, now it is warm again.
I keep my fingers cross that the fires will be drenched. My thoughts are about the all animals in the forest.
Reply Bärgit
2:18 PM on July 22, 2018 
Hallo Ihr Lieben!

Alle - Long time no see but you've been always on my mind and in my heart!

Mervi - So sad to learn about Corinna's passing.

Again she teaches us that we just have this once-in-a-lifetime-chance to live up to your potentials.

Dumba - Sorry, I'm a bit late but here I am!

Patricia - It seems you're going through tough times.
I'm sorry to read that you had to let Lady Crocodile go. May the long good golden days you all shared be bringing sunshine and comfort to cope with the new situation.
Moving house is a great change. And it doesn't sound like you are doing it voluntarily.
Wishing you all the best,
Pawwaves and gentle hugs

Well we've had the second day of decent rain before the temperature is about to climb up again. I'm not the only one around here who is glad about the rain.....

Excuse me for not really being up-to-date since I haven't had the time to browse through the posts.
Reply ralph
1:25 PM on July 22, 2018 
The tribute to Corinna in KWM is beautiful and everyone here should see it.
Patricia First of all hoping that everything works out with the move and finding a way for the cats.
I agree with you that the rules online needed tightening up.I am fortunate that Mervi had a system like most UK blogs where one sent one's e mail address and a password and a day or so later one could blog. I have used this since 2008 except when my knuphone would not allow it. Fortunately my new ones seem OK.
Reply Mervi
12:38 PM on July 22, 2018 

Dear Ralph, I have the same problem when I try to visit a blog of the former days. Luckily, there are a few where we are welcome in a normal manner. This is a result of the implementation of the GDPR. But, believe me, I understand the importance of the GDPR and respect the consequences and actually, it should have been in force more than 10 years ago. The abuse and misuse on social media became way too big and there was very few to no mutual respect.

But here, we are in The Knuipe and KWM, belonging to a small group and here we are safe. Via KWM, we are still able to ?visit? other blogs?.

And then dear Ralph, you are belonging to the lucky ones. You are still able to write directly in The Knuipe. Unfortunately, I always have to bother Mervi with an email.

Dear All, there are a few serious changes in my private life. After living 43 years in Leuven and 30 years in this little house, I am leaving Leuven most probably by the end of this year to move to my brother?s village. I will live there in an apartment above the bakery of his son. Apartment having the same size as this house. With regard to my cats, although there is a big roof terrace, my brother and his son Owyn do understand that we need to find a solution so that they can reach the garden in a safe manner.

Living here in the house and in Leuven came to an end for me since quite some time and it was making me very nervous and sick. And even for the time being, it is not a perfect solution (well not yet for the cats), it is the best that could happen to me. The coming months will be very stressful for me but I suppose that I will survive it. And as long as my cats are happy, I am a happy person.
Reply Mervi
11:44 AM on July 22, 2018 
Ralph - I was also surprised when I didn't get access to Jens' blog without signing in. I have a WordPress account because of KWM but didn't manage to get in anyway. I hate all kinds of registrations - thats why I try to keep my blogs easy to access. Well, I haven't been very succesful either ....
Reply Mervi
11:41 AM on July 22, 2018 
I've made a MEMORY ARTICLE OF CORINNA AND ANTON in KWM. Of course, even WILBÄR is present.

Britta-Gudrun - Molly Merrow wrote in FB that Corinna had died peacefully in her sleep. She just didn't wake up anymore yesterday morning. It's comforting to know she didn't suffer. This information comes from a regular visitor in Wilhelma. The zoo haven't informed in any way as far as I know.

Chris - Sweden has special airplanes but not enough because there are so many big fires.

Knuti-Judi - It's hard to loose our friends - no matter if they're humans or animals. Life is life and always so precious!

Patricia - Isn't it typical - it usually rains on special days like the National Days but, of course, not this Summer. Very soon I'm going to declare war against the heat!! :D
Reply ralph
11:36 AM on July 22, 2018 
I am not in a good mood. Various German blogs like Chris's and Jens's tell me I cannot even look at them without signing up to something called WordPress.com
and then requesting something through them. I fail to see why I should give my e mail address to this third party. If this is the EU's idea of making my life safer and easier they can ....
Fortunately other blogs do not ask for this so I will keep on using them
Reply Mervi
10:43 AM on July 22, 2018 

Hello Dear All, so sad to hear about Corrina?s passing away. According to me, she was one of the most pretty polar ladies and I always loved the pics of her licking Anton?s ear.

Here in Leuven (and actually in Belgium), it is still very hot. On Friday evening, in Leuven we got a few rain drops, but only a few and before they reached the ground, they were damped. I was hoping that yesterday, July 21 (our National Day), it would give us the traditional ?drach national? (a good rain shower) but unfortunately, nothing of that. And it seems that most parts of Europe are suffering of the heat. For the coming week, there is again a new heat wave predicted. OJEE, and tomorrow is my first working day again.

Take good care of you all.
Reply knuti-judi
10:21 AM on July 22, 2018 
Hallo, dears....

A 💦🌧💦🌧 Sunday....
No sun today....cool, too.

It's hard to lose another
dear bear, isn't it...
She will be remembered....

How is everyone today?

Hugs all around...🌻⭐️🌻⭐️🌻
Reply Chris
9:07 AM on July 22, 2018 

Es ist jetzt leider wieder sehr schwül und heiß. :roll:
Die nächste Woche soll noch heißer werden mit 35°C.

MERVI - ich hatte mich gewundert, das Schweden
keine eigenen Löschflugzeuge hat. Die internationale
Hilfe ist sicher sehr willkommen, hoffentlich nützt sie.
Reply Britta-Gudrun
8:15 AM on July 22, 2018 
Guten Tag, den ich mit langem Ausschlafen begonnen habe.

Mervi, an die vielen Wildtiere denke ich schon die ganze Zeit in der betroffenen Region.
Es ist sonderbar, dass man im Netz nicht einmal von der Wilhelma etwas ueber die Todesumstaende Corrinas erfaehrt. Seit 2016 wurde immer mal wieder die Eisbaerenhaltung dort bemaengelt. Deshalb ist das jetzige Stillschweigen besonders befremdlich.
Ich wusste nicht, dass außer Nancy noch ein Eisbaer so gerne die Ohren lutschte, wie auf dem Foto von Dumba im Backroom es Corinna auch macht.

Hier ist es heute auch heiss und schwuel.
Habt einen geruhsamen Sonntag!
Reply Mervi
5:30 AM on July 22, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - the heat goes on and the forests are still on fire.

Firemen and vehicles from Germany, France and Poland were welcomed to Sweden this morning. There are already special airplanes from Italy. They sure are more than welcome - all help is needed. Some fires have been stopped but there are some really bad fires still. I'm especially worried about the area in Dalarna where the greatest population of brown bears in the wild in Sweden live. Please, keep your fingers crossed the bears will make it! People can be evacuated if needed but the bears can't.

Teddybärenmutti - I don't know any details about Corinna's passing but it's very possible that the extreme heat has contributed to her collaps.

Gudrun visited the zoo in Berlin right after her home coming from Hungary. Her report is now in KWM.

I wish everybody a cosy Sunday!
Reply Teddybärenmutti
8:18 PM on July 21, 2018 
Lieber fluffiger Engel!

Tante Corinna ist bei Dir und Papi. Es tut uns soviel leid, Hoffentliech geniesst sie mit anderen
Regenbogen Bären.
Ich bin sehr traurig..War es die Hitze zuviel.??