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Die Knuipe

Last of the 'Glühwein'

Posted by Mervi on February 21, 2018 at 5:30 AM

Dear friends! We can soon wave goodbye to Old Man Winter although some of us never met him. Let's enjoy the last of the 'Glühwein' before we want cold drinks! :D


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Reply Ludmila
11:39 AM on March 20, 2018 
Das Bild habe ich am 29.3.2013 aufgenommen :)

Reply Dumba
11:22 AM on March 20, 2018 
Reply Dumba
11:22 AM on March 20, 2018 
* * *

Ts, jetzt hatte ich nach Lesen von 4:06 PM meinen Link geloescht.
Das weiter unten war aber etwas ganz anderes!
Also setze ich den Link wieder rein:

* * *
Reply Ludmila
11:15 AM on March 20, 2018 
I am sorry that you have to go through the second step surgery.
I am sending soft hugs to you
Leider kam dann Frost im Mai und wir hatten keine Kirchen mehr.
Reply Chris
11:06 AM on March 20, 2018 

MERVI - über Nacht war es frostig und jetzt schneit es.
Sowas hatten wir hier überhaupt noch nicht um diese
Jahreszeit - immerhin ist jetzt Tag und Nacht Gleiche.
Normal müssten wir 20°C haben... :roll:
Letztes Jahr um die Zeit blühten bereits
die Kirschen und Magnolien...

https://tinyurl.com/y89qxlbc :)

Den Pinguin hatten wir morgens schon...
Reply Mervi
9:19 AM on March 20, 2018 
Ludmila - I should have had the 'step 2 surgery' today so it was not just a check!!

Dumba - Old Man Winter is very stubborn this year and refuses to retire. Let's hope the Easter Bunny's prayers will be heard! :D
Reply Dumba
8:15 AM on March 20, 2018 
LUDMILA - WASJA ist klasse wie er so ausgebreitet auf dem Tisch liegt! (ich komme gerade vom 'Knuipe-FORUM' :) )

- - -
At my end of town, day started with red sky at 6AM, then continued with nice sunrays.
One hour later winter was back! . . . However, Easter bunny is eagerly waiting for spring . . .
BUT: it's continuously SNOWING :) .. . https://tinyurl.com/EasterBunnyPraysForSpring

Make the best out of YOUR day, whatever weather may be at your ends . . .

- - -
PS - 01.25 PM cet
Fine to see BAERGIT and TOMMI are back!

- - -
PS - 01:30 PM cet
Have to agree: the PANDA-VIDEOS from ZOO TORONTO are very funny and cute!
Thanks to DAVE and to TORONTO ZOO
Reply Ludmila
8:07 AM on March 20, 2018 
Hello friends at coffee time!
The sun is shining!
I think your appointment is about checking. If you do not have the problems or pain, it is not a problem to wait :) Let us drink Herkules together.
How is Tommi doing?
How is the weather in your region? Our cats were angry about the snow and cold wind. They are happy for the warmer weather today.
Reply Mervi
6:11 AM on March 20, 2018 
Britta-Gudrun - Thank you for the good wishes but my appointment with the dentist was cancelled due to illness. Now I have to wait two weeks for the 'fun'. :D - I agree, Anita's videos are wonderful!
Reply Ludmila
6:09 AM on March 20, 2018 
Du hast recht, ich meinte Hochbeet
I hope your visit is without pain
Reply Mervi
6:09 AM on March 20, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen! Dear fluffy angel - the weather gods obviously have no idea of what season it is!

When I woke up and looked out of the window I thought I was still dreaming. The landscape looked like a Christmas card. It had snowed a lot during the night. Well, I started to prepare myself for the dentist visit when my phone rang and I was told my dentist is ill so my appointment had to be cancelled. Hmm, I took it with mixed feelings. On the other hand I was glad to 'escape' from the appointment, on the hand this means further delay with my 'dining room make-over'. - We could do our grocery shopping anyway!

What luck we took Mimmi to the vet clinic yesterday because today the small roads are snowy, icy and slippery! Mimmi is doing fine again. She eats and drinks well and behaves like a queen. :D

Bärgit - Mimmi and I certainly are toothless tigers at the moment but we're filled with girl power anyway! :D

Dave - I'm glad you could enter the Back Room, too. Sometimes we get messages of a site being unsecure even though there's nothing wrong. - I hope you can rest a little after climbing all those stairs and steps. - I try to find the Dippers in the sky, too. They are a great comfort! - I'm sure the visitors will miss the sweet pandas but usually these black-and-white cuties are only a loan.

Dumba - Watching sleeping polar bears - both babies and adults - is always balm to my soul.

Chris - The penguin chick is very cute taking it's first swim. I think it made it with great brilliance! :D

Ludmila - Obviously Minka is doing fine again. I'm glad to hear she's speaking to you.

In KWM it's Quintana and Giovanna time again! I wish everybody a very pleasant Tuesday!
Reply Britta-Gudrun
5:55 AM on March 20, 2018 
Guten Morgen lieber Fruehling, der hier mit ein paar Schneeflocken beginnt!

Mervi, ich wuensche dir einen schmerzfreien Zahnarztbesuch und Mimi weiterhin gute Besserung.
Die beiden Videos von Quintana im KWM sind herrlich, vielen Dank!

Dumba, das traeumende Eisbaerchen ist allerliebst und die Pandavideos von dir, Dave, sind die schoensten, die ich je von Pandas gesehen habe. (Dave your Pandavideos are the most beautiful ones I've ever seen)

Baergit, fein, wieder einmal von dir und Tommy zu lesen.

Ich wuensche allen einen schoenen Fruehlingsanfang!

PS. Ludmila, deine Radieschen wachsen in einem Hochbeet - in einem Hochbett schlaeft man.
Reply Ludmila
5:38 AM on March 20, 2018 
Good morning! Guten Morgen!
It is interesting that the young pinguins have the other fur and are not able to swim.
Minka is speaking with me again. She comes to me in the night if I use a bath. Then I allowed to pet her :)
You have a lot to do with moving your mother and your brother.

Herkules is ready
Reply Chris
12:28 AM on March 20, 2018 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK1xFh-Y2rs :)

Reply Dumba
6:23 PM on March 19, 2018 

Have pleasant dreams.
BTW: Do you know what polar bears are possibly dreaming of??
Reply DAVE
6:16 PM on March 19, 2018 
Good Evening.

Mervi - I just posted in the test forum. Everything works fine, except a window pops up when signing in saying that the site is unsecured.

The weather is cold and usually cloudy except today it was sunny. Saturday I was out of town helping a friend move. This was arranged long before my mom decided to sell her condo. Twelve steps to climb to move out of the basement apartment. Sixteen steps to move into the new second floor apartment. Yesterday my legs were very stiff and sore.

This Saturday we will move my brother's belongings out of my mom's condo. He will stay until next Tuesday. Then it is cleaning day on Wednesday with Thursday March 29 being the day to hand over the keys to the new owners. I will be glad when all is done. Three moves in 4 weeks is too much.

I remember some of the events from 1968, but I was four years old. Can't believe it was 50 years ago.

Knut's passing was quite a shock. I spent that weekend in Northern Ontario and I clearly remember thinking how much Knut would enjoy the deep snow, frozen lake and icy temperatures. Then he was gone.

I look for the Dippers in the skies wherever I go and I will toast him tonight when the stars shine.

The four giant pandas have left the Toronto Zoo and head for Calgary for 5 years. I am sorry that I didn't get to see the cubs that much, but my time is not my own these days.


Have a Good Knight.
Reply Bärgit
5:30 PM on March 19, 2018 
Mervi - Sweet non-dentist dreams! May Raspi hold your paws and tell the dentist to behave :D
O bear, it seems at least two of you share similar problems. Tiger-ladies need good tools for tasting, chewing and purring!
Dir und Mimmi gute Besserung!
Reply Chris
5:24 PM on March 19, 2018 
MERVI - not forgetting Martin Luther King and the May revolution in Paris...
in Frankfurt and Berlin there also where struggles with the students in 1968.

Viel Glück beim Zahnarzt - Daumen werden weiter für Mimmi gedrückt ! :)
Reply Mervi
5:14 PM on March 19, 2018 
Leti - Thank you for your get-well-wishes to Mimmi!

Ralph - Even after his passing Knut is a guiding star in our sky connecting people all over the world.

Chris - The year 1968 was a very special year in many ways. So much happened during that year.

Bärgit - Great to meet you here again! - Oh yes, we've been located in the Knuipe and in a virtual tent but we've been together year after year.

Ludmila - Is Minka speaking to you yet?

We've been keeping an eye on Mimmi all evening and finally she ate! Now I'm tired and I'm going to bed early because tomorrow I have something very funny on the schedule: an appointment with my dentist! I wish everybody a good night and sweet dreams!
Reply Chris
5:13 PM on March 19, 2018 
Hier in Hessen machen sie das gerade...aber nur freiwillig.
Es langt aber nicht, um den Lehrermangel zu beheben. ;)